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Kevin’s Wrestling Revolver Show Thoughts

By Kevin Wilder @kevwilds

Last Friday, June 10th was a big day for local independent professional wrestling. Heck, it marked an important day for the entire independent wrestling landscape. Another viable, seemingly national independent wrestling promotion has entered the fold, with Clive, Iowa being the springboard. Again, the Des Moines area was chosen as the host of a show, commemorating a new upstart promotion formed by a very talented & respected former WWE’er in Sami Callihan. This fact alone says a lot about all of the effort and buzz that surrounds Iowa, and the Midwest in general in terms of the pro wrestling scene that is being generated. The state of Iowa specifically, has went from being considered a “dead territory” or a “cold market” for wrestling, to having three thriving independent promotions (3XW, Impact Pro Wrestling & Scott County Wrestling) within a fifteen year time period. Now, as of June 10th, 2016, a new promotion surfaces with a mission of creating a buzz and leaving a good first impression…and boy did it.

The Pro Wrestling Revolver (@PWRevolver) show at the 7 Flags Event Center in Clive, IA was an example of how to put on a pro wrestling show in 2016. Professional Wrestling is a subjective art form. It is a showcase of athleticism and theater, and as it has evolved over the years, many different styles have developed. There are many flavors and tastes and it’s very difficult to appease all fans. I believe Pro Wrestling Revolver has found that concoction that appears to come the closest. This particular show had a little something for everyone. The hardcore fans, kids, couples, drunk rednecks, hipsters, snobby smarks all sat in harmony while Rhyno vs. Trevor Lee opened the show with a formulaic, brief but effective match that was completely serviceable.

You then had a match involving an 8 man melee, that had a few flavors all in one. It was like the wrestling match version of the suicide drink where you go to a convenience store and hit every single soda flavor in one Big Gulp sized cup. You had all guys brawling in the ring, which spilled to the outside. Then, a solid comedy bit in the ring involving Connor Braxton on a hover board trying to “run” the ropes into a tackle. That same match had highspots, hard hitting forearms, elbows and chops, and a holy $@@@! moment when Dave Christ dove about 20 feet from a balcony onto the other competitors.

The rest of the card had exciting brawls (Tommy Dreamer vs. Arik Cannon); a hard hitting hoss fight (Bob Holly vs. Sami Callihan); a family friendly contest (Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Manscout Jake Manning); a straight up wrestling match (Michael Elgin vs. PJ Black); & a big main event (2 former WWE’ers Billy Gunn vs. Johnny Mundo/Nitro/Morrison). A little something for everyone.

This show also had the benefit of bringing so many big names of the indie scene, past, present & future together all on one show. These wrestlers were brought together for encounters against each other for the first time (at least on a grand scale and to the fans in attendance). That scenario was not lost on me, and definitely made the show feel that much more special.

Toss all of those ingredients in the stew, and add a dash of a pre-show meet & greet with very gracious and approachable talent, and it made for a fulfilling and memorable evening of wrestling.

I would like to thank Sami Callihan, all the wrestlers, the crew and everyone involved in Wrestling Revolver for considering Central Iowa as the launching point for your promotion.  I look forward to your organzation crossing paths with our sleepy little town again.  When that day comes, I will be the first in line to be taken on that journey that is a Wrestling Revolver show once more.

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