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The Pro Wrestling Iowa Podcast: Episode 32

The boys are back at it again with the 32nd episode of the A-Show, the Pro Wrestling Iowa Podcast.  Topics discussed this week include; Impact Pro Wrestling’s upcoming events, 3XWrestling returning next weekend, who will be managing Brady A. Dezire when he comes out of retirement. EVOLVE 69, Pro Wrestling Revolver, Ronda Rousey appearing at an independent event in Cleveland, Paige, Del Rio, Daniel Bryan still talking, Warrior University, Ryback legally changing his name to Ryback, interest in a Chris Benoit bio-pic, RAW, Smackdown and so much more! It’s a great show as always so check it out!

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Dad. Nerd. Slammy Winner. #GoodBrother. Glorious Guy. Sith. Co-Owner/Creator/Producer/Host of the #ProWrestlingIowa Network of Podcasts.

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