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Scott County Wrestling Supremacy Results

By Alexander McCarthy (@AlexMc7489)

I attended another event at the Walcott Coliseum, in Walcott, Iowa, this past Saturday night. It’s a great venue for local wrestling. I imagine it’s usually used for wedding receptions or dances, but the dance floor is the perfect size for the ring. I’ve been going to these shows off and on for a little under two years. I want to throw out a disclaimer that this was my first time doing a write up of a live show while in attendance. I tried to do it all on my phone, and I will definitely bring a notepad next time because I forgot to time a few of the matches! This was one of the less full shows of the shows I’ve been to, but I would say the coliseum was about three fourths full. Many times I’ve gone, and they have not had enough chairs set up for all of the people who show up. It’s also gotten better since Black and Brave Academy students have started being part of the show about a year and a half ago. There were, as is usually the case, many kids in attendance. A slew of boys around ten years old were seemingly having a birthday party at the show. It’s always a very family friendly crowd, but I would say this is the highest number of kids I have ever seen in attendance at a show.

Speaking of the Black and Brave Academy, I was curious how the story about a student passing away after a training session would play out into the events of the night. There was no mention of the tragedy. I suppose with the nature of the family friendly show and the number of children in attendance that would be an understandable decision to make.

Referee John Geeves  was standing by the announce table before the show chatting with play-by-play man, Tim Dillon, when a few of the boys from the birthday party went over to heckle him. I feel for the guy. Most of the boys were equal to him in height, and he was frequently called out throughout the night for his inability to count the way the crowd thought he should.

The ring announcer Zach Dail made his way into the ring to welcome us to the start of the show. He explained that all of the new champions would be defending their championships tonight. I should explain that last month was the SCW 13th Anniversary show. Ross ‘The Hoss’ Reznik was defending the Quad Cities Cup against Tank Roberts. New SCW Tag Team Champions Bobbi Dahl and Raveboy would be giving former champions Adrian Alexander and Brodie Van Zandt their rematch. New SCW Champion, Krotch, would also be defending his championship. Head of Security Tyrone Stone seemed to be paying tribute to Craig ‘Pitbull’ Pittman with his outfit tonight as he was sporting camouflage pants and a camouflage hat with his trademark black shirt. The rest of the security guards were stone faced students dressed in black who will hopefully show more personality when it is their time to shed the black dress clothes for some ring gear. Security would be earning their pay tonight as the birthday boy and his squad would have a hard time staying in their front row seats. We had a little bit of technical difficulty getting the music to start when it was time for the first match, so the ring announcer plugged the bar noting that the bartender was working over time and “she likes big tips”. I’m not sure, but I believe I saw Mark Storm cringe out of the corner of my eye from the announce table at this statement.

Match 1: Joe Acer versus Jackson Kelly: Georgian Joe Acer came out first, and he showed a lot of charisma. He was very arrogant, and the kids heckled him quite a bit. He had “Jackson Kelly” painted on his back with a red x through the name. I thought this was a pretty clever tactic, and it was one I don’t recall seeing before. I was a bit surprised to learn that his opponent, Jackson Kelly was from Australia! I suppose Seth Rollins’ reputation is drawing aspiring pro wrestlers from all over the globe to Moline, Illinois to attend the Black and the Brave Academy. Kelly had an Australian flag with a boot and a bum on it. He announced that he was going to kick Acer in the bum. The bell rings, and the match starts out with a great series of arm drags by Kelly. He starts the crowd in chanting “Oi”. If you don’t know how that sounds, listen to “TNT” by Australian rock group, AC/DC, because that’s how I learned to spell it. I initially thought he was trying to bark like a dog. It seems the kick in the bum is Kelly’s finishing maneuver. There was a great flying chop to the floor after Acer tried to take the high road. The kids in attendance are totally behind Kelly throughout the match. Acer is coming off as a bit of a chicken shit which totally contradicts all of the bragging he was doing at the beginning of the match, but I suppose it’s much easier to talk tough to a herd of fifth grade boys than it is the athletic specimen of Jackson Kelly. The commentators do a great job of giving background on the two recent graduates. Storm explains that Acer is a bit of a recluse who keeps to himself in the locker room. If he was able to paint his back by himself, I would be even more impressed. Acer manages to his Kelly with a kitchen sink as Storm manages from the announce booth. Kelly hits a spectacular discus clothesline, and the crowd starts their own ‘Oi’ chant in honor of the wonder from Down Under. Kelly hits back to back vertical suplex, and I thought it was over, but Acer manages to kick out. Joe connects with a back elbow, spins around with the front elbow, and tries to put Jackson away, but the count is only two. Acer then announces he’s going to break the neck of Kelly as he attempts a PILEDRIVER, but Kelly manages to block it running him into the ring post. Kelly then throws Acer shoulder first into the ring post. This leads Acer’s bum prime for a signature bum kick which is followed up with an intense spear that allows Jackson Kelly to get the pinfall at 6:41. The kids are quick to try and heckle Acer after his loss as Kelly returns to the back after a very fun first match.

Match 2: King Steven Youngblood and Vilhelm Emery versus Latin Thunder and Sentai: The ring announcer is about to introduce this match when he is interrupted by Vilhelm Emery. If I may renounce my objectivity for a moment, I must say that Vilhelm Emery is my FAVORITE act in SCW. He exudes charisma and fun. He dresses like he robbed the local community theatre, and he introduced the Lord of Long Grove. The Demigod of Davenport. The Monarch of Milan. The Baron of Bettendorf.  The Duke of Donahue. The Master of Moline. The Warlord of Walcott. The King of Scott County. King Steven Youngblood. Emery guides the King around the ring instructing all of the meager peasants to bow down to him. The birthday party gang causes a traffic jam around the ring that causes security to come over and ask them to sit down. Emery then manipulates the body of the security guard to bow for the King. Youngblood has his hair fashioned in the type of pigtail ponytail of a baby girl whose hair is just long enough to put up. It comes through his crown quite nicely. A Burger King chant starts which causes Youngblood to ask “What is a burger?” in a British accent. Finally, Latin Thunder and Sentai come out to a nice ovation from the crowd. The fans support Latin Thunder and Sentai as much as they detest Youngblood and Emery. This great thing about this tag match was the way it paired two veterans in Youngblood and Thunder with Emery and Sentai who are still a bit wet behind the ears despite their uncanny ability to connect with the crowd. The rookies of each team start out, and Emery has a size advantage. He manages to dominate Sentai for awhile with an arm drag. He’s quite proud of his dominance, and this leaves him susceptible to a head scissors takedown.  Sentai follows up with a flying lariat, but it’s not enough to put the Squire away. Youngblood chastises his protégé despite the fact that Emery is able to kick out. The legendary Latin Thunder then tags in as Mark Storm reminds the crowd of Latin Thunder’s book which has a plethora of great stories from his numerous years on the road travelling with some of the biggest names. Emery hits a nice flying clothesline before Youngblood demands the tag. He comes in, but Thunder manages to get the advantage on him. Emery manages to take a cheap shot. Thunder hits a flying forearm, and Emery tags back into the match. Sentai also returns to legal action shortly after this.. The masked marvels manage a double elbow, but it isn’t enough to put Emery away. Youngblood gets a blind tag before he does something I’m sure I’ve never seen before. He takes the head of Sentai and delivers the classic double noggin knocker into his own partner! Lots of back and forth tagging from Youngblood and Emery. Thunder tries to come back in, but he cannot get the legal tag. Sentai really takes a beating despite the crowd being behind him 100%. As Youngblood asserts his dominance on Sentai, he frequently makes eye contact with Thunder trying desperately to get into the head of the legend. Emery delivers a Stinger splash which lead to Youngblood missing a cannon ball. This was the opening Setnai needed to bring Latin Thunder back into the match. He hits a powerful power slam on Emery. Youngblood knocks Sentai off the top rope. Thunder kicks Youngblood to the floor. Emery goes for the superplex, but Thunder gets behind him and power bombed Emery to the mat. Setnai follows up with a senton bomb off the top. He follows up with a successful lateral press at 9:17. Youngblood berates Emery a bit after the match.

New SCW Champion, Krotch, comes down to the ring next. The crowd passionately show their support for the “Hip Shakin’ Hero”, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Pelvic Thruster”, “The Phallic Phenom” from Cumming, Iowa. Krotch tells us that they always told him he was too weak, too skinny, and too inappropriate. He then says with the fans behind him, there is nothing he cannot do. This cues an entrance from SCW Commissioner, Sean Morrow. He says it’s a long time coming for Krotch to be champion…A long time coming. He also says no one deserves it more than Krotch. Morrow agrees with the fans when they tell Krotch he deserves it. He says the fans also deserve something, a great main event. Morrow says he knows Krotch will be a fighting champion to which Krotch replies that he’s got nothing better to do. Morrow says the main event was initially scheduled to be Krotch defending his SCW Championship against Shane Hollister. However, Hollister had a family emergency, and he would not be able to make the event. Morrow says he’s been calling around to everyone he can think of to find a new opponent for Krotch. Then, the crowd erupts as Marek Brave comes out to the ring. Last month, Brave left his boots in the ring following what I’m told was an incredibly emotional retirement. Brave says he remembers the crowd chanting three words when he left his boots in the middle of the ring. “One more match.” They start chanting it again. A woman in the crowd reminds Brave that he made them all cry last month, and he better not do it again. Brave says he needs one more match, Krotch needs an opponent, and the boots are in the truck. Krotch says he owes a lot to Marek Brave, and it would be an honor to give Marek his last match. Commissioner Morrow makes it official. Now, I really didn’t heckle too much now that I’m an internet journalist, but I did make it a point to ask Brave what would happen if he won tonight in his “last match”. He also made it a point to ignore me.

Match 3: Impromptu Match: Zicky Dice versus Eddie Machete: Zicky Dice comes out to a great reaction from the crowd. He does trip a bit while hugging a little girl. She has a shocked look on her face as he joins her dad back in her seat. I wish I could say that was the last incident of children’s safety in jeopardy tonight, but it’s not. (NO CHILDREN WERE ACTUALLY HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PRO WRESTLING EVENT) Zicky announces to the crowd that he’s not here to wrestle tonight. Instead, he’s going to do a magic trick. He needed a volunteer and picks Tammy from the audience. A young security guard also came into the ring to assist with the trick. Dice was going to handcuff himself to Tammy. The birthday brigade was berating John G as he prevented them from being able to see the trick. It seems they were among the only ones whose interest hadn’t vanished into thin air. They yell for him to be nice to children. Thankfully, Eddie Machete comes down to the ring as the trick seems to be going wrong. Machete attacks Dice who is still handcuffed to Tammy. Then the cuffs come off as if by…magic. Machete is posturing to the crowd allowing Dice to attack him from behind. Dice asks for a match. It appears it’s going to happen. The match starts with Machete hitting an intense double leg takedown before raining fists on the face of Dice. Zicky rolls them over and unleashes a storm of his own fists. This match probably wasn’t the best of the night, but I have to say it was my favorite. The fire from the two men created a real fight feel that many wrestling shows lack these days. Dice drops Machete on the turnbuckle with snake eyes. He follows up with a cannon ball. Cards shoot out of the ring post on the cannon ball. Kids rush over to be one of the fifty two lucky card bearers (some probably took more than one, and there weren’t fifty two kids there.) Machete regains control as he reverses a suplex. As more punches drop down, the announcers point out that Machete is wrestling in sweat pants. Zicky tries to drop down on Eddie while he’s trying to take him down for a sunset flip, but Machete gets his knee up blocking the reversal. Machete wins with the curb stomp in 2:54. “My Way” by Frank Sinatra plays as Eddie delivers a post match beat down to bring a short, intense FIGHT to a close. Again, I will say this was my favorite match of the night.

Match 4: Five Way Free-for-all: Brett Hadley has taken over referee duty as we get ready for the next match. Ript Studwell comes out next introduced as the super heavyweight. He’s sporting a boxing robe, free weights, and a protein shake blender. I would have no problem believing he were a super heavyweight if he were on an elementary school wrestling team. The guy is a buck twenty at best, but what he lacks in weight, he makes up for in personality. Purple Haze hits as Gyasi D’Wayne comes down to the ring. He sort of looks like Koko B. Ware with his hair cut. Then, a guy in a light-up fedora whose name is Kourtesy. Biff Malibu was next. The crowd absolutely loves him. I’m glad to see him having a match. I’ve been to a few shows where he’s been in attendance but not working. I’m also happy to see he has some wrestling tights now instead of wearing swim trunks. I also need to mention that our friend Ript Studwell is doing squats during everyone else’s entrances. Finally, former Quad Cities Cup holder, Johnny Wisdom comes down to the ring accompanied by SCW’s Greatest Manager, Mark Storm. Studwell makes it to the center of the ring to take off his robe and reveal his little gold trunks. His glamorous unveiling is followed up by a four on one beating. They throw him to the floor before the other four men begin to brawl. Malibu uses drop toe holds and power slams to create a human dog pile in the ring before then using that dog pile as a surfboard to catch some waves. Studwell then attacks him from behind before he is taken down and used as a surfboard himself! Gyasi attacks Malibu, but it has little effect. Wisdom comes in with the intent to dominate. Malibu hits a joyous fall away slam. There’s a nice middle drop kick from Kourtesy. Wisdom gets the advantage, but I really see a lot of talent in Kourtesy. Wisdom finally takes total control of the match and announces that he is better than everyone. Gyasi takes control with a great exploder suplex along with some CM Punk style corner knees. He misses the second one, and Kourtesy hits a 450. Malibu steals the thunder by throwing him to the floor. Biff hits an Angle Slam followed up by a standing moonsault. Incredible athleticism for a man his size. He’s also a great guy. Wisdom hits a running knee. Now, Studwell shakes up his protein shake and drinks from it. I believe this is supposed to have the same effect spinach has on Popeye the Sailor Man. It doesn’t. He clotheslines Wisdom, but it has no effect. Wisdom goes to lift Studwell up for a suplex, but he reverses it into a small package! Studwell with the victory!!! This match went about ten minutes. Studwell is a guy with a fun personality that I would love to see start working some other local shows. He really shined in this match with his personality.

Match 5: Quad Cities Cup: Ross ‘The Hoss’ Reznik ©  versus Tank Roberts: Reznik is, I believe, a graduate of the Black and the Brave. Roberts is a veteran of SCW. Storm calls him one of the most underrated guys in the history of SCW. Ross has great speed early in the match. He takes total control of Tank. He hits a spinning neck breaker and picks him right back up to follow up with a vertical suplex. That was a very fluid combination that looked great. They proceeded to fight on the floor. Ross is sent right into the ring post by Tank. He sends him back into the ring where he delivers a brutal side slam, but Tank only gets a two count after a splash. It looks like Reznik is about to make a comeback, but Tank cuts it off. “You are fat” chants from the ten year old section. Roberts distracts Hadley and proceeds to choke Ross in the corner. He follows up with a neck breaker. The veteran Tank then lands an elbow drop. Ross starts his comeback with a flying shoulder tackle. The crowd is totally behind the champion. He has a bit of trouble lifting the Tank up for a backdrop, but it seems fairly effective. Tank cuts him off with a flatliner. Tank goes for the Full Nelson Slam, but Reznik reverses it into a crucifix pin…Kick out! Roberts hits the Full Nelson Slam. Reznik manages to kick out which frustrates the veteran greatly. The QC Cup holder manages to hit the TKO, and it leads him to victory. The match ran around nine minutes.

During intermission, I made my way over to the concession stands. Don’t worry about eating before you come to the Walcott Coliseum. They have a full menu of delicious bar food at reasonable prices. I picked up some mozzarella sticks which were perfect. I then made my way over to the bar for a Pepsi to wash it down with. They have a full bar run by Mary who provides excellent quick service. Kelsey was also hocking ‘split-the-pot’ tickets for a grand prize which would be drawn before the main event. I’m not sure why it’s not called ‘50-50’ anymore. I’m also not sure how ‘split-the-pot’ is better than ‘50-50’.

Match 6: SCW Tag Team Championship Match Feel Good Inc. (Bobbi Dahl and Raveboy) versus Adrian Alexander and Brodie Van Zant: Brett Hadley was out to call this bout right down the middle. I’m pretty excited for this match. I’ve only seen Raveboy one other time, but the other three involved in this match have always been among my favorites. Alexander and Van Zant were among the first graduating class from the Black and the Brave, and they have a lot going for them both as singles acts and tag teams. They crowd hates them as well which makes all of the difference in the world. Alexander has a face only a mother could love. However, no one has any problem loving the act of Feel Good, Inc. as Bobbi Dahl and Raveboy provide all of the little kiddies in the crowd with some glow sticks. Alexander and Van Zant are then victim to a small glow stick assault from some of the kids in the crowd. The match starts with the angry Alexander and Van Zant getting an early double team attack on the crowd favorites. A cheap shot and an eye gouge puts things firmly in the former champions’ realm of control. They work on the knee of the big man doing a fantastic job of cutting off the ring. Tim Dillon on play by play compares Van Zant and Alexander to The Revival who we both had the pleasure of seeing live in Des Moines the night before at NXT at Hy-Vee Hall. They truly have the ring cut in half, and the crowd wants Raveboy to come to the rescue. A plethora of quick tags have kept the luscious large man landed on the mat. The former champions are ruthless. A hurricanrana stopped and turned into a power bomb gave Dahl the opening he needed to bring Raveboy into the match. A double tag turned up the excitement to eleven. All four men end up in the ring, and the champions attempt to put the double team on Van Zant, but Alexander makes the save. The former champs have Raveboy where they want him. Alexander holds Raveboy while Van Zant delivers a stiff chop, but when he goes to deliver another, he meets his partner’s chest. Dahl grabs Van Zant in a wheelbarrow type hold, lifts him up, and Raveboy delivers a lung blower which propells him into a German Suplex from Dahl. This leads to the champions retaining in 5:47. Dahl is clearly still hurting on the way out as he walks with a limp. The losers of the match smile and hug in the ring until Alexander attacks Van Zant. He hits him with a snap bulldog (the move Dean Ambrose used to call Dirty Deeds before it was a double underhook DDT). Fans chant ‘One more time’, but Alexander is clearly not interested in giving the fans what they want. He throws an ‘X’ over his head with his arms as he goes back through the curtain. Van Zant requires help getting back to the back. It disappoints me to see this duo break up, but I hope a myriad of opportunities arise for both men as they approach single pastures.

Match 7: JT Energy versus Dante Leon: John G comes back out to referee. He makes the make it rain hand gesture to the ring announcer. JT Energy comes down to the ring and dabs. Kids throw glow sticks at him. Dante Leon comes out again. Energy gets out of the ring right after the bell rings. The kids really don’t like him. G gets to nine on the count out. Energy slides in to break the count. Leon is clearly getting antsy in the middle of the ring. The crowd is very loud through this entire thing. Energy gets control early in the match. There is a takedown, but then Leon kips right back up. Leon hits a flurry of forearms. The action is almost too close to call. There is a spinning kick, and Leon goes for the floor dive, but Energy moves out of the way. Leon follows up with a running kick. There is some fighting on the floor, and the kids chant ‘finish him’! Energy preemptively ducks before a strike and gets slapped on the back. The double count out gets to eight before they both get back in. The crowd totally despises JT. He dabs again before taking control. He chokes him with his foot in the corner. He has slowed down the pace considerably. He locks on the cravat as the crowd gets behind Leon for the break. Energy hits the rude awakening , but he misses a scissors kick. Leon goes for the school boy roll up, and Energy kicks out. Energy hits the rough rider, but it isn’t enough to put Leon away. Energy doesn’t believe it. He misses a Stinger splash. Leon smashes Energy into the turnbuckle multiple times. Leon hits the corner dropkick. Energy rolls to the floor and is met with a suicide dive! They get back in and there’s a dropkick in the corner. Leon hits the Air Raid and gets the victory at 10:04. Leon thanks the fans after the match.

Match 8: Sierra Avery versus Violet Parker: Sierra Avery throws her ring jacket at the referee establishing her superiority. The crowd loves Violet Parker who is a graduate of the Black and the Brave. Brown starts the match with an arm drag followed by a scoop slam. The match has a slower pace than I expected. Violet shows her athleticism with some gymnastic moves. She hits a belly-to-belly for a kick out. The crowd gets behind Violet. Sierra goes to the floor to avoid more damage. Parker chases her around the ring. As they’re getting into the ring, Avery chokes Parker on the top rope. Sierra then chokes her on the bottom rope. She’s in control of the match now. She rakes her on the rope and follows it up with a chest slap. She hits her with a cross body in the corner and throws her to the mat. Sierra throws her to the mat. She kicks her in the chest and goes for the pin, and she gets a two count. She applies a chin lock on Violet. She cuts Violet off when she’s about to come off the top rope. She begins to choke her again. It transitions into a headlock, and Violet turns it into a backdrop. Violet hits a plethora of clotheslines followed up with a dropkick. She lands a standing moonsault. She goes for a Gory Special, but Avery slips out. Sierra gets dropped with a DDT. Avery ends up getting a pin, but Violet kicks out. Avery argues about the count, and Violet catches her with a forearm. Violet gets a gory special into a neck breaker. Violet gets the pinfall victory. As Sierra is walking out, it looks like she took a swing at a little kid who seemed totally un-phased by it, so she must not have made actual contact.

SCW will be back in Walcott for Wicked Ways on October 8th, and they will be in Donahue, Iowa for Thriller on October 22nd.

Main Event: Match 9: SCW Championship Match: Krotch © versus Marek Brave: Before the match, the kids are chanting “Show Us Krotch”. The crowd is buzzing about Marek Brave’s last match. Before the bell rings, both men hug. The crowd is very quiet as they have such respect for both men, and they are curious to see how things are going to go. Brave does the gyrating Krotch chant before they get back into some back and forth chain wrestling. Marek applies an arm wrench and asks Krotch to give it up. He obviously does not give up. The two men seem very equal in ability, and the audience is split right down the middle. There’s a headlock takedown followed by a head scissors. The crowd is fairly quiet because they clearly respect both men. They lock up again. Marek applies the headlock. They go off the ropes. He’s hit with a shoulder. Marek blocks a hip toss and reverses it. Krotch lands a series of arm drags and then applies an arm bar. Marek goes to the floor, and when he goes back in, Krotch works on him in the corner.  Brave hits the Queen Suplex and follows up with some chops. Brave is in control and hits some major shoulder thrusts in the corner. He followed up with a side slam. He gets a two count, and he is not satisfied with that. He wants more. Brave applies the chin lock with the knee into the back. The crowd is now behind Krotch. Marek cuts off a comeback. He’s clearly in control. He delivers a big chop. Both men start to exchange hard chops. Marek throws Krotch into the turnbuckle. The champion is getting in almost no offense. Brave is showing absolute ruthlessness. Brave hits  vertical suplex, but the champion kicks out at two. He applies a chin lock, and the fans are now clearly behind Krotch. The champion breaks out of the headlock. Big punches from Krotch as he makes the comeback. He hits the springboard flying hip thrust. Brave does manage to kick out. Spin out power bomb from Marek for a two count. Krotch is clearly the underdog in the match, and Marek Brave just cannot put him away. He goes for another springboard, but it is blocked with a spear. Krotch blocks a superkick. Brave stops the Sliced Bread #2, and then, he finally hits the superkick. The champion goes to the floor, and Marek follows him. Brave throws the champion into the unforgiving steel stairs making a cringe worthy crack. All of the kids run over to check on Krotch. He manages to cut Marek off with a slap. They end up on the top rope trading blows. The back suplex off the top is reversed in midair by the champion, but it results in a two count. They crash in a double crossbody. Marek screams in frustration. He’s caught with a dropkick. It’s followed up with a Bronco Buster. Another dropkick and the challenger crawls up the champion who has made a clear comeback. He goes for the Sliced Bread again, but he gets sat on the top rope. He comes down, and Krotch hits the facebuster. He applies the Last Chancery. It looks like it could be over, and the crowd is chanting for him to tap. Brave manages to escape the hold. Krotch gets caught. A running power bomb gets reversed into a hurricanrana. Krotch hits a lungblower. Brave kicks out. “123 chant”. Krotch is gyrating. Marek is down. He’s yelling out that his back hurts. The official gets in between and Krotch backs up. The referee is talking to the ring announcer seemingly discussing ending the match. BRAVE HITS KROTCH WITH A LOW BLOW! The crowd is shocked and appalled. Brave gets the official’s attention before he levels Krotch with a superkick. The crowd is disgusted. The official gets into position and makes the three count at 23:49. Glow sticks, pop bottles, and cups from the bar are being thrown in the ring. Security is yelling at the kids who are furious. Brave spits on Krotch. “This title is mine, and you’re mine, too, bitch” comes out of Marek’s mouth after he spits on SCW’s greatest underdog. Brave walks out with the title. I guess this wasn’t his last match.

The crowd was clearly furious with the outcome of the main event. Hopefully, Krotch will get the opportunity to get his title back.

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