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The Pro Wrestling Iowa Top Ten: PWG Performers…Ever. (Part 1)

By Victor Parenza (@ParenzaBooks)
Unless your name is Jim Cornette, odds are you are a fan of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.  Now I’ll be the first to admit that some of those early shows are pretty rough to sit through, but once they found their footing around ’07-’08 they have put on more consistently entertaining shows than any other promotion in North America.
Although they’ve always run exclusively in the LA area, PWG has brought in the best of the best unsigned talent from around the world.  Many who have went on to worldwide fame today.  So let’s look at the top ten now.

10. Scott Lost


Lost isn’t a household name by any means, but he is extremely important to the history of PWG.  He was one of the “PWG 6,” which were the six founders of the company in 2003.  He retired in 2010, but not before becoming a five time tag team champion.

9. Adam Cole


Adam Cole didn’t start in PWG until 2011, but has pretty much ran the place ever since.  He won the 2012 Battle of Los Angeles, and went on to become the longest reigning PWG champion ever.  Unlike most on this list, Cole is still active on the PWG roster and will no doubt climb up higher as the years unfold.

8. Davey Richards


The American Wolf was just a little pup when he started in PWG back in 2005.  Davey really burst on to the scene once he joined PWG, and eventually made his way to Ring of Honor and the rest is history.  Davey won BOLA in 2006, won three tag team titles, and one PWG championship.

7. Super Dragon


There are many who would probably associate Super Dragon with the heart and soul of PWG.  He was another of the PWG 6, and has been in some wild matches throughout the years.  And while he has always been involved behind the scenes, he has missed significant time due to injuries over the years resulting in his number seven ranking.  Super Dragon was a former PWG Champion, and a six time tag team champion.

6. Chris Hero


Hero has wrestled everywhere, but the place he has always wrestled consistently (with the exception of 2012 when he was in NXT) is PWG.  He’s a former champion, and one of the longest reigning at that.  He also is runner up in three different BOLA’s.  You like wrestlers doing commentary?  Chris does that too.  Chris is awesome!

That’s the bottom five.  Check back next week for the cream of the crop, the top five PWG wrestlers ever!
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