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Bound For Glory: Impact Wrestling’s Series Finale?

by Dustin Smothers (@SmoHawk)

It’s the same story we have been hearing for years. TNA, Total Nonstop Action, or Impact Wrestling, is near death…the sky is falling, etc.  I would probably need more than two hands to count the times people have thought the doors to Dixie-land were closing.  I want to get something out of the way immediately.  I do not support the idea of TNA closing it’s doors, going bankrupt and being a memory.  I hate the idea of people losing their jobs, and not just the talent, but the office people, production people, hell…Senor Benjamin will possibly be let go.  What I do support is reality, and I think it’s finally time for this drama to play itself out and I do believe we are witnessing the final days of Impact Wrestling.

With all of that out of the way, I truly believe the only reality will be World Wrestling Entertainment stepping in and purchasing the company.  This will likely result in the purchase of the tape library, assets like rings, six sided and not, as well as historical artifacts kept by the company.  Similar to the end of WCW and ECW, the memory will live on as the future fades to black for TNA.

World Wrestling Entertainment is not the only option, as Smashing Pumpkins front-man, and current Impact Ventures President, Billy Corgan has expressed an extreme desire to purchase the company and keep it alive.  Problem is, he can’t seem to get the money together on a deal.  Bound For Glory is tomorrow night and at this point, it appears an unnamed third party has stepped up the plate and provided the financing needed to put on what has typically been TNA’s biggest show of the year tomorrow.  Questions still remained unanswered at the time of this writing as to whether or not they will be able to afford to tape television on Monday or not.

It was the New York Post than mentioned the third party stepping in today, and while WWE has made no public comment about being in negotiations with Dixie and company, it makes you wonder?  Could WWE have silently given the money to TNA to run their Bound For Glory show as a final send-off for the company, similar to what they did with ECW and WCW on their way out.  This is purely speculation at this time, but could you imagine Triple H walking out on stage tomorrow night to announce that he has purchased TNA?  What a moment, right?

There are of course a plethora of talented individuals on the TNA roster who could easily transition over to WWE, especially given the new era and lack of depth on not only the main roster, but in NXT currently.  I mentioned on the Pro Wrestling Iowa Podcast this week that I would love to see Rosemary, Broken Matt Hardy and Trevor Lee in WWE, but there are so many others too.  Mandrews, EC3, Mike Bennett, Moose, Drew Galloway, and so many more. What about guys like Cody Rhodes (who is debuting tomorrow night), or the former Damien Sandow, Aron Rex?  What must they feel right now, knowing they just left WWE and could potentially be in a situation where TNA is no longer an option for them?

Even if Billy Corgan is able to get the financing together, and purchase the company himself, is that just a Band-Aid over the wound temporarily?  Rumors suggest that the company is in more debt than they are worth, and would it really be that smart of the “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” singer to put money towards a completely up-side down company?

Bound For Glory is set to be headlined by TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley being challenged by Ethan Carter III, as well as the much anticipated Tag Team Champions bout between Decay and the Broken Hardys.  Ironically, TNA has been receiving quite a bit of praise from wrestling pundits lately thanks in part to Final Deletion and the work of guys like EC3, Aron Rex and Eddie Edwards.  A brand new championship is set to be crowned at Bound For Glory as well, as they introduce the Impact Grand Championship with a unique set of rues regarding how it is defended and competed for.  Many close to the situation have stated that Corgan has a tremendous mind and fantastic ideas about the direction he would like to take the company.  If the Grand Championship is any indication, I’d love to see his vision play out, but I just don’t believe it will happen.

As I write this, I am actually excited for a TNA pay-per-view for the first time in many, many years.  Isn’t that truly ironic?  This company that has never seemed to be able to find its own identity, is finally garnering some of the highest praise and biggest interest in what could be it’s final days.  If this is the end for Impact Wrestling, it’s been a fun ride from the days of the Asylum in Nashville to the Impact Zone in Orlando.  They’ve made it farther than anyone ever thought they could, and in the end, everyone who has worked for TNA should be proud that they fought, and fought hard for all of these years.

Will you be watching Bound For Glory?  Do you think that Impact Wrestling will find their way out of this mess and still be here next month? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @prowrestlingIA and follow us on Facebook!

Thanks for reading, and make sure you check out the newest episode of the Pro Wrestling Iowa Podcast, and check out our Impact Pro Wrestling Post-Show from this past Thursday at the Forte Center in Downtown Des Moines with a special run-in from Michael Elgin.



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