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Pro Wrestling Iowa Top Ten: Current Best & Worst WWE Entrance Songs

By Luke Raven (@RavenLuke)

Ever since the legendary Gorgeous George came out to “Pomp and Circumstance,” entrance music has been the appetizer to the entrée that is the wrestler. The music sets the tone for who is about to come out. For a new talent, this is a very important first impression. For a talent who has been around, entrance music lets the audience know who is coming out and whether to boo or cheer. So sit back, give a listen, and let’s get into it!

Worst WWE Entrance Themes

10. Kalisto – “Lucha Lucha”

LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA! My god is that annoying. Following that up by generic luchador music does not do Kalisto any favors. Guess what part comes next. LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA! Repetitive and annoying this theme song is no es bueno.

9. Rhyno – “Tusk”

Left over from the Jim Johnston era of compositions, “Tusk” leaves a lot to be desired. Heavy on guitar with an irritating little riff in the middle this theme could be given to any wrestler and you wouldn’t know the difference.

8. Gran Metalik – “Metalico”

Maybe it’s a little too early to put this one on the list because Gran Metalik just arrived and WWE may be (hopefully) creating a new one for him. The trumpets. The awful, freaking trumpets is too much.

7. Dean Ambrose – “Retaliation”

This one I truly don’t understand. Ambrose is a top guy in WWE and this is what they came up with. Lots of distortion, no lyrics, and kind of boring. It doesn’t fit his lunatic personality either.

6. Apollo Crews – “Cruise Control”

Honestly, if they didn’t throw Crews name up on the screen so early during his entrance no one would know who’s coming out by music alone. “Cruise Control” could be much improved by some lyrics that would help define the yet undefined Apollo.

5. R-Truth – “What’s Up?”

The rare case of lyrics being a bad thing. The words change from whatever character he is portraying or partner he has at the time but the hook remains the same. Other than “What’s up?” does anybody have any clue what Truth is saying? Me either, so I looked it up and they’re bad. The worst of it being “I’m just being simple/Must be trying to hide/Cause I’m a bust you like a pimple.” Yeah, gross.

4. Elias Samson – “Drift”

Look, there is a lot of hate for Samson with fans of NXT. I get it, but the song is so much worse than the character. The easiest repetition of chords from an acoustic guitar does set the tone for the character, but the tone says, “You’re about to be super bored.” Let’s hope when Elias comes back from injury he continues to grow the character like he had been before the injury.

3. Andrade “Cien” Almas – “Making a Difference”

Maybe it’s because I don’t speak Spanish and don’t understand what is being yelled at me, but I doubt it. It’s more that the speaking comes in randomly at the beginning with no rhythm. The worst part, however, is the clapping added to the song to try and induce the crowd to join in. If you’ve witnessed the Full Sail audience anytime this music hits it is clear no one wants to clap for the wrestler or the song.

2. John Cena – “The Time is Now”

This has nothing to do with the character of John Cena, I promise. Again, too many freaking trumpets and bad lyrics. Cena, to his credit, can rap. The lyrics have not aged well in the years he’s been using this them. Dated terms make everything feel incredibly corny. “My money stack fat, plus I can’t turn the swell off,” simply sucks in 2016. Some of it doesn’t even make sense! “But, they gone fishing with no bait/Can’t your boy hold weight?/I got my soul straight/ I brush your mouth like Colgate.” Huh? I mean, I understand what he means from context, but it still doesn’t make sense.

1. Cesaro – “Swiss Made”

This theme is so bad it feels like a joke. Given that Cesaro’s nationality has nothing to do with his character it makes the European sirens even more irritating. The keep coming in and out making me want to punch my television each time I hear them. Combine those terrible sirens with the worst scratches from a blind and deaf DJ and you get Cesaro’s theme.


Best WWE Entrance Themes

10. Becky Lynch – “Celtic Invasion”

Lynch’s theme is incredibly catchy. The beginning gives something the crowd can sing along to and so does the middle. Heavy on the drums and guitar, the fast pace theme is immediately identifiable to Smackdown Live’s Women’s Champion.

9. The Revival – “Southern Proud”

Not many themes encompass a tag team as well as The Revival with “Southern Proud.” Hard hitting and in your face just like Dash and Dawson. No flash to this theme, but it tells you what they’re all about. No flips, just fists. Say yeah.

8. Bayley – “Turn It Up”

Everything about the Hugster’s entrance song perfectly fits the person. Fun, upbeat, and ready to have a good time. The rhythm allows you to clap along and dance. Try to listen to this theme and not smile.

7. Cedric Alexander – “Won’t Let Go”

Fitting someone who has consistently been underrated while being one of the hardest working men in wrestling, “Won’t Let Go” speaks to the audience. The lyrics tell you that if you have the passion, drive, and work ethic then you can achieve what you want. After listening to Alexander on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast then you can appreciate his music even more.

6. Seth Rollins – “Second Coming”

The theme for Iowa’s golden boy is very befitting. Rapid pace and intense just like Rollins, “Second Coming” also conveys a sense importance. The song goes so well with a hopefully good guy Rollins swinging a title around his head like Leatherface with a chainsaw in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

5. Finn Balor – “Catch Your Breath”

First the heartbeat. Then some distortion. Heart beat again. It builds. And builds. AND BUILDS! Then when you’re completely drawn in it hits you. It gives a sense of security then the orchestra hits with a wide “TADA!” Perfectly different for both versions of Balor and coordinated with a great entrance.

4. Sami Zayn – “Worlds Apart”

This theme couldn’t be anymore Sami Zayn than it already is. Ska as ska gets. If you know much about Zayn he seems to be somewhat of a music connoisseur with a deep love for “Ole” by the Bouncing Souls. You can hear a lot of similarities between the two songs. Another upbeat and immediately identifiable song that could only be given to one performer. LET’S GO!

3. Sasha Banks – “Sky’s the Limit”

A boss needs a boss theme and Banks has that. “Sky’s the Limit” is all about being the best and getting better. Lyrics about going from not being able to pay rent to sitting high on a gold throne with a catchy chorus are tremendous.

2. Shinsuke Nakamura – “The Rising Sun”

Somewhat spastic, but also very fluid and beautiful. “The Rising Sun” automatically gives the audience a sense of what they’re about to see. When listened to separately, the beginning of Shinsuke’s theme doesn’t like it should fit well the violins, but when brought together it is weirdly amazing. Kind of like Shinsuke; it may not always make sense, but you’re drawn in by the majesty of what you’re experiencing.

1. Bobby Roode – “Glorious Domination”

Come on. You knew this was coming. Roode’s NXT theme is possibly the most popular ANYTHING in professional wrestling right now. The piano starts and it brings the crowd to their feet. Lyrics that match the man and are easy to sing along to. Very reminiscent of something that might’ve came from Freddie Mercury and Queen could’ve played and topped the charts with. What sounds like a choir singing all of the lyrics with a great guitar solo to break things up this is a theme that we will hear for years to come.

Well there you have it! The top 10 best and worst WWE theme songs we hear each and every week. Agree? Disagree? Let us know! Follow us on Twitter @prowrestlingia or myself @ravenluke. Like us on Facebook. Comment below.

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