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Scott County Wrestling: Wicked Ways Review

by Alexander McCarthy @AlexMc7489)

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First off, I want to thank everyone who read my results of Supremacy. It was my first review, and it was a blast to write. Now, onto Wicked Ways. Before I start talking about the show, I want to say that this show had probably the best match I’ve ever seen in person. A lot of people talk about the moment they fell in love with wrestling. I cannot do that. I honestly don’t remember not loving wrestling. My first memory is my third birthday party, and I already had a well established passion for the sport of professional wrestling. I’m 27 years old, and I’m pretty sure I’ve known wrestling was scripted for at least 20 years. It was ok for me to believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny, but my parents made sure I knew that wrestling stuff was “fake” (their words not mine). Either way, my favorite moments in wrestling are those moments when you forget it’s all being put on for entertainment. Those moments when you cringe for the safety of your hero. The moment you cry at his defeat. The moment you jump in exaltation when the good guy comes in to save the day. The utter shock when the move you were sure killed him wasn’t enough to put him away. During Shane Hollister’s last match with Marek Brave, I experienced all those moments. For a good while, my notepad was on the floor. I was out of my seat, and I was seven years old again screaming at a professional wrestling show. The purpose of any creative endeavor whether it’s art, music, theatre, or pro wrestling, the objective is to make the person experiencing your art feel, and I felt a magnitude of emotions tonight. It is my honor to share them with you.

I will start out by noting that the crowd trended a little older tonight. There is a lot of buzz about tonight being Shane Hollister’s last match. Even at the bar, I overheard a woman saying this was her first SCW show, but she had to be there because it was Shane’s last show. Speaking of the bar, I’m assuming that you’re reading this because you have some mild interest in Scott County Wrestling, and you may want to sometime venture out to the Walcott Coliseum. If you do, and you should, I have one HUGE piece of advice for you. Do NOT eat before hand. The food at the Walcott Coliseum is incredible! It’s reasonably priced and delicious. I did see a tweet before the show that Mark Storm, the regular color commentator, would not be in attendance tonight. However, SCW Original and former SCW Champion, Knight Wagner, filled in, and I thought he did a great job. He had impeccable chemistry with Timothy Regal and both men did a nice job calling the action.

Adrian Alexander came out first. The crowd didn’t seem sure how to react to him. He turned on his former partner, Bodie Van Zant last month in a shocking turn of events. He made a comment about how the Walcott Faithful chanted for Mr. Alexander to hit his partner with the snap bulldog one more time. He then informed the crowd that he didn’t care what we wanted. He then further established his unreliability as a friend and a human being in general when he announced a change in name! He was no longer Adrian Alexander, he was now Xander Killen. At first, I thought he said he was Xander Killings, and I couldn’t help but wonder what was up with that, but I’m glad I got it straightened out. Mr. Killen said he was aware that people would probably want to see him face Bodie Van Zant tonight, but the fact of the matter was, he wasn’t going to face him one on one. Instead, he was going to face him in a six man tag team match. He brought out his two friends, Gyasi Wayne and Joe Acer. I’m happy for Acer. Last month, Storm said Acer was a bit of a loner, but he has clearly befriended Wayne and Killen. I can’t help but wonder if he has been using the ten foot long handknit scarf he was wearing after the matches to sneak out at night and hang out with friends. Bodie Van Zant came with Zicky Dice and Dante Leon at his side. I’m hoping Van Zant and Leon transition into a tag team. I think they could be a great good looking white meat tag team. I enjoyed the team of Van Zant and the artist formerly known as Alexander (It’s a great name, man. Trust me. I know.), but Van Zant’s old partner kept them from being good looking. Xander Killen has a face that even a mother might want to punch and an attitude to seal the deal. Zicky started the match by using a red cloth to inspire the ire of Acer who chased it like a bull. Zicky also managed to make the cloth float back to him through midair after Acer tried to use it as a tissue. It looked like real magic. There was nothing fishy about it at all. The match started out with fast paced action which came as no surprise. One of the things that stood out to me early was Xander’s insistence on engaging with the hecklers in the crowd. Though if he had to choose between the teenage bro with the beats in the front row and Bodie Van Zant, I can’t exactly say I blame him. Leon delivered an excellent hurricanrana to the floor early in the match which looked awesome. The action went back and forth until Bodie dropped Acer with a brutal looking back body drop. Finally, it seemed as if the two former partners were about to collide. Killen, however, is a man on the run, and he tags Wayne into the match. After shenanigans on the apron and the floor, I end up with Gyasi Wayne standing on the chair right in front of my second row seat. Dante Leon ends up in trouble as the match moves on. Xander hits him with a very nice dropkick. He then cheapshots Zicky off the apron. If Leon wants to get a tag, he needs to find BVZ. Killen and Leon both go down with a double clothesline. Both men then reach the apron for the double tag. Van Zant hits a spectacular dropkick to Gyasi. He cements his control with a side headlock takedown. From the apron, Dante looks like he’s been severely rocked. Acer gets taken down with an incredible rope assisted sit out powerbomb. It was truly a spectacle. Bodie follows up with a DDT. Ultimately, it was a corkscrew senton from Dante Leon that brings the trio of Leon, Van Zant, and Dice to victory. The two partners fight for a bit before Bodie lays him out with a Falcon’s Arrow. The crowd is behind this man.

Another new referee comes down to the ring before the next match. Next, my favorite SCW character, Vilhelm Amery takes the microphone from Zack Davison to bless the ears of the Walcott Faithful with his stupendous inspired introduction of the King of Scott County Wrestling, King Stephen Youngblood. I transcribed this entire entrance last month, but you really need to hear it live. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Amery is one of the top two or three Black and the Brave graduates when it comes to delivering a speech to the crowd. For me, he’s top five in the company overall. The Bum Booter Jackson Kelly makes his way down to the ring next. King Youngblood states that he’s not about to wrestle this Australian criminal, and instead, Vilhelm will do the job. The match starts out all Kelly. He utilizes hiptosses and scoop slams to assert his dominance on Youngblood’s dear page. Amery turns it around and hits a high point when he delivers a reverse DDT with the assistance of the ropes. He applies a nice variation of the Indian Deathlock. Despite the King manipulating the ropes to stretch, Kelly still manages to grab the ropes. He gets the break and follows up with a big spear. He hits that Bum Kick and scores the victory. Youngblood belittles Amery after the match.

It’s then ‘Hip to Be Square’ in the Walcott Coliseum when a man who always bears exciting news, Commissioner Sean Morrow makes his way down to the ring. He calls out the man who broke the heart of Walcott just one month early, the dastardly champion, Marek Brave. New music plays as Brave comes down with a new look. He’s wearing a suit. It appears he also stole Sasha Banks’ sunglasses. I’m not sure how to describe his hair. It was like brony-tail length, but it was slicked back and braided. It was disgusting. Brave has clearly had a changed in attitude. He states that the people wanted one more match last month, and that was all they were getting. Last month was his last match, and he was going to be SCW Champion for eternity. He doesn’t know why they said he was facing Shane Hollister tonight. He wasn’t going to lose the title tonight because wasn’t defending it. Morrow said people defended titles in SCW. He told Brave his options were to defend it or forfeit it. He finally agrees to defend against Hollister and said tonight Shane would do what he always did, he was going to disappoint the people. Shane came in from behind and delivered an enziguri.

Latin Thunder and Sentai came in for the next match. They had an impressive match last month where they defeated my boy Vilhelm Amery and King Stephen Youngblood. Tonight, they were getting a shot at the SCW Tag Team Championships. Feel Good, Inc. Bobbi Dahl and Rave Boy come down to the ring. Rave Boy was inexplicably wearing a referee shirt, so I called him ‘Ref Boy’. Ref Boy instructed the actual official to stand on the apron and told Thunder and Sentai one of them needed to go to the apron as well. He raised the titles in the air before instructing the wrestlers to start fighting. Dahl informs Ref Boy that he’s not the official, and he never called for the bell. He also chastises Rave Boy implying this wasn’t the first time he told him not to drink before a match. Thankfully, the licensed official takes over. He calls for the bell, and Dahl starts the match with Thunder. The Latin Legend takes issue with Dahl’s incorporation of mind games as he grinds on the veteran. When he realizes he’s got Thunder upset, Dahl announces he can salsa and shows off some moves. Both men end up tagging their partners.  Ref Boy takes off the zebra stripes to lock up with the masked sensation Sentai. However, before they can start, Rave Boy pulls a hood out from his trunks and puts it on to become ‘Ultimo Rave Boy’ (Timothy Regal 2016). The newly masked man exchanges some hiptosses with Sentai, but when he adjusts the mask, it’s enough for Sentai to take him down. Rave Boy tries to kip up, but nothing happens. Dahl comes in to demonstrate the kip up, but he cannot do it either. Finally, Sentai and Dahl assist Rave Boy in the kip up. All four of these men are going out of their way to entertain the crowd in a unique way. Sentai sees Boy and Dahl celebrating the successful kip up and takes the opportunity to deliver an incredible flying crossbody. Both men go down after a double clothesline. I did notice that the crowd seemed less engaged once the comedy bits stopped because I really think they were torn. They love both teams so much that they didn’t really want to see one team beat the other. Dahl got a two count. He followed up with a Baldo Bomb for another two. Now, Vilhelm Amery and King Stephen Youngblood come through the curtain. They grab the belts and run in attacking both teams causing a double DQ. The four men in the ring unite to fight the royal duo, and Youngblood takes the high road leaving Amery to take a severe beating including the wheelbarrow, lung blower, German suplex combo that is simply amazing. Interesting match. There are cool things happening in the tag team division.

Up next, we had the man with the best physique in the business come down to the ring. Ript Studwell came out with his five pound weights, his protein shake, and his beautiful gold boxing robe. Last month, Ript Studwell shocked a lot of people (not me) when he came out victorious in a Fatal Fiveway. Tonight, he faces the veteran in that match, Johnny Wisdom. Studwell informs the crowd he’s going to bodyslam the much bigger, Wisdom. He fails. He goes back to the corner to do some five pound curls. He comes back and tries again. He still fails. Wisdom drops him with a brutal bodyslam. Regal says that Wisdom dropped Studwell like a sack of garbage to which I counter if he is a sack of garbage, he’s a HEFTY sack of garbage because he’s still one of the strongest guys in the company. Wisdom then lifts Studwell practically over his head for a nasty back body drop. Studwell missed a strike and was simply thrown to the mat. Studwell then hit a tornado DDT out of nowhere!!! He grabs the protein shake and starts ripping up! He goes up top for a crossbody, and he’s caught. Wisdom turns it into a nasty vertical suplex. Studwell crawls up his veteran opponent, but he’s taken down with a lariat. Wisdom gets the win. The only thing I can think of is that someone must have tampered with Studwell’s energy shake.

Next up, we have our act one main event. It’s going to be Eddie Machete, who had one of my favorite matches last month against Zicky Dice, taking on former SCW Champion, Krotch. Krotch starts off the match with some absolute intensity. He gets him in the corner and delivers ten brutal punches. Machete has had no offense in the early goings on the match. Krotch comes off with a high crossbody which gets him back to the high flying he’s known for. Krotch delivers a whoopie cushion delivering Machete a face full of Krotch. Machete throws Krotch face first into the middle turnbuckle to turn the tide of the match. Machete also brings the intensity with his offense, but Krotch won’t go down without a fight. He grabs the tights before delivering a backdrop. He chokes him on the middle rope, and things aren’t looking good for Krotch. He starts to wield a comeback, but Machete cuts it off. There’s a huge vertical suplex followed up by a leg lariat. Krotch is finally making his comeback. He hits a nice neckbreaker knee strike combo. He follows it up with a springboard whoopie cushion. Machete throws Krotch into the middle turnbuckle to start a comeback. He throws a Fireman’s carry into a knee to get the two count. Machete is clearly getting frustrated that he can’t put the former champ away. Krotch is on the comeback train again, and he hits a drop toe hold into the corner. Bronco Buster capped off with a dropkick! Eddie turns the tide again with an overhead belly-to-belly. Zicky Dice makes his way down to the ring. He wants to do a magic trick, but he ends up throwing all of the cards in Machete’s face. (I’m really glad the program between these two isn’t over!) Krotch hits Sliced Bread #2 for the victory.

Krotch grabs the microphone after the match. He says last month he said goodbye to a friend. He says he was disappointed in Brave, but he wasn’t surprised. Brave feigned a back injury and stole the title after a low blow last month for those who weren’t aware. Krotch said Marek was always going to be solely about Marek. When Brave announced his retirement two months before hand, he had the opportunity to walk away like a man. He says he’s going to let Shane Hollister do his thing tonight because Shane’s not a dick and will actually retire when he says he will. He just asks that Shane save a little of Marek for him in November 19th when SCW presents Insurgency.

We have a brief intermission before Sensei Bock takes on ‘Big’ Biff Malibu. I can’t say this enough. Biff Malibu is one of the nicest guys in the locker room. All of the SCW guys are good about talking to fans, but Malibu is one who will come up to you and genuinely have a conversation with you. He’s awesome. Now, Sensei Bock is apparently a certified instructor of DDP Yoga. We’ll see how that helps him in this encounter. Bock starts out by chopping Biff which has no effect. Malibu then mocks him by doing some ninja moves of his own. He takes him down and uses the karate master as a human surfboard. He gets back up, and Bock tries to chop him again. Nothing. Biff hits a big clothesline. He follows it up with a spinning back suplex and a drop down lariat. Nearly everyone in the crowd popped when a kid informs Sensei Bock “You failed horribly!”. Biff finishes him off with a fireman’s carry into a spinebuster. Maybe Sensei Bock should stick to fighting boards.

Next up we have some women’s action. Side rant. Can we stop using the word ‘diva’? None of the announcers did it, but I heard it in the crowd. They’re wrestlers just like the men. Angelus Layne comes out as Violet Parker’s opponent of the month. The announcers inform us that Layne has competed in New York, Texas, and I want to say Florida. Either way, she’s been around, and it shows. Violet Parker came out to a big reaction. She high fived several members of the crowd, but I was a bit bummed to see she didn’t make it to the four young girls sitting in the corner who were calling out to her. The match started with some hiptosses and arm drags. Layne brutally threw Parker into the middle rope. She retreated to the floor though when it seemed that she hadn’t been as dominant as she wanted to be. Parker called her out and said she thought Layne wanted to fight. The tide certainly shifted after that. Layne came in and turned the corner dominating Parker. She choke her on the mat, and she choked her again in the corner. Layne has a great size for the action with a clearly size advantage on Parker. She actually reminds me of Luna Vachon if Luna had the size to match her personality. Her screams and in ring demeanor totally give me a Luna vibe though. I think that’s one of the highest compliments I can give a woman, too, for the record. Luna is one of the greatest in my book, and she’s one of the most underrated. She delivers some clubbing forearms to the chest of Violet. A brutal Gory Bomb only manages to get her a two count. Parker starts a comeback when Layne misses a cannon ball. Some clotheslines are followed up by an enziguri. She throws her across the ring with a monkey throw. Violet looks like she is about to finish her when she delivers a standing moonsault, but Layne throws up the knees. Layne rolls her up with a School Girl putting her feet on the ropes. Violet gets a big reaction even in defeat.

JT Energy comes out next, and this guy really knows how to get under people’s skin. The little girls in the front row were clearly disgusted with this guy. He’s dabbing and dancing and being generally repulsive. Thankfully, Quad Cities Cup Holder, Ross ‘The Hoss’ Reznik, comes in and gets right to beating him. Tank Roberts comes down to help Energy, and the double team is on. Connor Braxton comes running in to make the save! Braxton is a guy with a huge following. Sean Morrow does his best Teddy Long impression, and he puts the four men in a tag team match, playa! (Ok. He didn’t actually say ‘playa’ or do a Teddy Long impression.) Energy dabs before the match starts. Braxton works him into the corner before dabbing himself. He delivers some massive chops to the chest of Energy. He lays him over the ropes in the corner before throwing a nasty field goal kick to the midsection of Energy. He gets him up for a Fireman’s carry into a slam. Ross tags in and drops the leg for a two count. Energy tags in Tank Roberts who takes control of the match. While the team of Braxton and Reznik makes sense to me, the team of Energy and Roberts strikes me as a little odd. There’s a shoulder block from The Hoss followed by a slam and an elbow drop. Braxton comes back in delivering a huge splash. He also delivers a massive sidewalk slam. Say what you want about Braxton, but it seems to me he’s the MVP of the Black and the Brave. I mean, he clearly has the build and the size naturally, but he’s doing a lot with it. Roberts rolls out of the ring. Energy then attacks Braxton from behind. When he turns around to deal with Energy, Roberts trips him and pulls him out of the ring. Tank delivers a splash to Braxton’s lower back back in the ring. Energy comes in and chokes Connor on the rope while dabbing. The bald boys utilize quick tags to dominate the big man, Braxton. A huge dropkick leads to a double tag! Reznik comes in with one of my favorite combinations. He hits the spinning neckbreaker into the vertical suplex seamlessly. The adversaries manage the double team on the QC Cup Holder. The crowd is the loudest they’ve been so far when the official stops Braxton from breaking up the double team. Roberts applies a sleeper and stops Reznik from getting the tag. Ross turns it around and hits a side effect. Both men get the tag. Braxton uses his strength to throw Energy like a rag doll. He then drop toe holds Roberts into Energy’s…Energy source? His unmentionables. Either way, Braxton hits a black hole slam and goes for the pin, but Energy makes the save. Ross hits Energy with a TKO, and Braxton puts Roberts away with a sweet big boot. Reznik and Braxton both go for the pin, and they are award with a count of three.

It is now time for the main event. Oh what a difference a month makes. ‘The Fashionista’ Marek Brave comes out with furry boots, some multi colored pants, a blue tanktop with women’s sunglasses on them, and Sasha Banks’ sunglasses. Of course, he also still has his stupid hairdo(n’t). The best way I can paint a picture of this is…Imagine Tyler Breeze and Corey Graves had a baby, and they took their baby back to the 1970s and had ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham dress him. That’s sort of what Marek Brave looks like now. Now, the crowd is very much behind Shane Hollister for his last match. Zack Davison reminds us that this is Shane’s last match, and Mr. Hollister is, indeed, an SCW Original. Both of these men are SCW Originals, and they’re both from Davenport, Iowa. The Fashionista calls for a security guard to come take his furry vest. If said security guard really wanted to do him a favor, he would burn it. The two men have a long staredown. Brave then tells Hollister to ‘suck it’. He tells the official to hold Hollister back until the bell rings. Timothy Regal informs the crowd that this self-serving, obnoxious, badly-dressed version, is “The Real Marek Brave”. Knight Wagner informs us that this is a decade long rivalry. There are lots of crotch chops in the beginning. Hollister throws some powerful forearms. Shane is throwing Marek around like crazy, and the crowd loves it! Brave retreats back to the floor, and Hollister follows up with a tope suicida! Shane stands on the chairs in the front row, and most of the crowd is all over it. There are massive chops on the floor, and this is one of the first matches here I can remember where a lot of the crowd is on their feet during the match. They love Shane, and they love that he has control of Marek on the floor. They get back in the ring, and Shane delivers a scoop slam. He follows up with a knee drop, and the crowd just loves this man. He hits a brutal back elbow, but it only gets him a two count. He chokes him with his foot in the corner. He then nails him with a drive-by kick facewash in the corner. This match has been all Shane Hollister thus far. He holds him in the ropes while clubbing his chest. He then delivers a superplex to the middle of the ring. Brave is saying “No more” before Hollister slaps him in the face. The champion manages to turn the tide by eye gouging The Shug. Brave now has control of the match. “Is this your hero, Walcott? I don’t give a damn!”. Brave chokes Hollister in the corner with his foot. “Enjoy retirement, b*tch!”. He delivers some massive stomps in the corner. Brave has a chinlock in the center of the ring. The crowd is strongly behind Shane. Brave delivers a big punch, and Hollister fires back with a punch of his own. Shane throws a barrage of elbows before hitting the enziguri he hit Brave with at the beginning of the night. Brave rolls to the floor, and it’s on the side of the ring I cannot see. Shane goes to fight on, and Brave has a chair which he uses to hit Shane in the middle of the stomach. Shane Hollister wins his last match by DQ, and Brave retains the title.

BUT WAIT! Sean Morrow isn’t letting this thing end like that. He’s restarting the match with NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! Brave yells how this isn’t fair. Shane is making a comeback! He’s stomping a mudhole in Brave and walking it dry! Brave gets a hold of the chair again and hits one of the loudest chair shots I’ve ever heard to the back of The Shug. He follows up with a chair to the midsection. He chokes him with the chair in the corner. Brave instructs Hollister to tell Hadley he quits. Hollister responds by introducing Brave to his middle finger. Brave puts the chair on top of Shane before coming off the middle rope and jumping on the chair. Brave hits a running chairshot to the center. I must apologize though. I was really into this match, and there are times where I can’t read my notes. Brave chokes Shane with the chair. He gives him a literal kiss of death before bodyslamming him onto the steel chair. Brave then announces that he doesn’t need the chair. He goes for a superkick, but Shane catches it! Hollister hits an enziguri to the back. Shane hits a flying dropkick for a count of two. Brave ducks a buzzsaw kick. Shane blocks a superkick. Shane hits a superkick of his own. They end up fighting on the floor. Shane is kicking Brave around the outside of the ring. He brutally throws Brave into the steel stairs. He runs and jumps off the steel stairs to hit a forearm by the announcers. Most of the crowd is on their feet at this point. In all of the excitement, the camera man trips over the stairs, but he motions that he’s ok. As they get back in the ring, Brave hits a spear. He stands on Shane’s hand with all of his weight before The Fashionista heads to the top. Shane throws the chair at him! He then hits Brave with a chair that has the force of a Kris Bryant homerun! (Regal 2016) Hollister attempts a superplex while holding the chair. Brave reverses it throwing him down. He comes off the top hitting a Foley-style elbow with the chair. Brave puts the chair on Shane as he hits a leg drop. He goes for the pin. HOLLISTER KICKS OUT! Brave argues with the referee who insists it was a two count. “Let’s go Shane!” from the crowd. Hollister hits Brave with a bucklebomb made famous to global audiences by SCW Original Tyler Black who uses a different name now. Brave kicks out, and the crowd is tweaking! Shane sets up the chair. He picks Marek up by the nose. The champion reverses it. Drop toe hold onto the chair. Brave grabs Shane and stands up on the chair. At this point, I have lost all objectivity. I am standing up screaming and cursing at Marek Brave because it sure looks like he’s going to hit him with a piledriver on the chair. Turns out he was going for a pedigree. Either way, Shane blocks it. Hollister then hits a BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE CHAIR! In my notes, there is an expletive written before the word kickout here. I managed to get a picture of the chair. It was bent in a way chairs aren’t made to bent. Everything from here is mostly from memory now because I forgot I was trying to write an objective review for a website, and for the rest of that match, I was a jumping, screaming fan on my feet. There are some shoulder thrusts in the corner. There was another enziguri. Both men are on the top rope exchanging headbutts and eye gouges. They both go down, and Brave gets a roll up with a handful of tights for the three count. The crowd is pissed. Brave takes the microphone and says “If we’re being honest, you would’ve done the same thing.” He thanks him for the match, and they hug. He then kicks him between the legs! The crowd, myself included, is near riot at this point when thankfully Krotch came running down to the ring! He attacked Brave hitting Sliced Bread #2 and running ‘The Fashionista’ out of the ring. Krotch apologizes for stealing Shane’s thunder and hands him the microphone. Shane is in tears. Several heads are peaking out from the curtain. Shane says he’s been bumping in this ring since he was 15 years old. He loved wrestling since he was 5, and it was the first thing he and his dad bonded over. His dad died 11 years ago, and he always supported him in the wrestling business. He said he was getting old for wrestling, and he thanked the crowd for always supporting him and coming out to see him. The locker room emptied out, and they raised him above their heads as the crowd all stood up shouting ‘Thank You, Shane!’. It was truly beautiful, and it brings a tear to my eye just remembering it.

Thank you, Shane Hollister.

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  1. That title match was INSANE! Can’t wait for the next event!


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