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SCW Thriller Review

by Alex McCarthy (@AlexMc7489)

Photo credit to (@QCBanditPhotog)

I made my first trip to Donahue, Iowa tonight, and of course, I was there for SCW Thriller! I have to say it was a very intimate setting. It may have been the first carpeted wrestling show I had ever been to. It was, as usual, a great family atmosphere. I did notice the members of the security firm SCW hires out were setting up more seating in the section I was in to accommodate the loyal fans who came to see the show.

It’s always great to hear Frank Sinatra at a wrestling show until Eddie Machete comes out. Old cue ball was coming out to face Zicky Dice. These two had my favorite match at the SCW show they did battle at back in September, so I was ecstatic to see them getting a rematch right here in Donahue, Iowa. While Machete was waiting for his opponent, the lights when out! The Magic Man himself, Zicky Dice, used his unique brand of smoke and mirrors to jump Machete from behind! He rubs the crystal ball dome of Machete to tell his fortune, and he predicted that things didn’t look good. Machete tried to get control of the match, but he was cut off by Dice. He finally gets control, and he begins to unload with closed fists. The official stops it. Machete hits a vertical suplex for a one count. Machete responds to some heckling from the crowd, and it costs him control of the match. Eddie cuts off the Dice man’s comeback. A fireman’s carry into a knee only gets him two. Dice gets tied up in the ropes André style, and the official doesn’t do anything about it! It was a true miscarriage of justice. However, it was a snake eye for an eye as Dice got the roll up for the victory with a handful of tights. The number of questionable officiating decisions tonight made me wonder if the local wrestling commission in Donahue has a different set of rules. You would think Scott County just had its own rulebook, but I guess that remains to be seen.

Connor Braxton comes out to a nice reaction from the crowd. He challenges “The Fashionista” Marek Brave to an SCW Championship match. (NOTE: “The Fashionista” would be in quotes even if it weren’t the grammatically correct thing to do.) Brave comes out, and this is when I realized that a lady in the front row dressed like Marek Brave. Now, I also need to point out she was on crutches. This leads me to believe that she sustained a head injury in addition to whatever caused her to be on crutches. That or she hates children and wanted to terrify them by dressing up in that horrifying, hideous, unfashionable get up. Brave says he understands the champion must defend his title every month, but Krotch is the number one contender. Braxton hasn’t earned that right. Morrow made a deal. He would allow Brave to pick Braxton’s opponent in exchange for it being a Number One Contender’s Match. If Braxton won the match of Brave’s choice, he would get a title shot at a future date. Brave agreed to the conditions, but he said he was going to make the fine folks at Don’s Pub wait.

Next up we’re going to see a singles match featuring one half of the Tag Team Champions. Also, while I’m at it, props to Commissioner Sean Morrow. He’s pulling many duties tonight including money taker, ring announcer, play by play commentator, and maybe even the time keeper? I would’ve gladly stepped in to help with any of the roles, but Mr. Morrow did  the best he could. Gyasi Dwayne comes out and gives a girl his sucker. The joke is probably on her because who knows where his mouth has been. While waiting for his opponent, Dwayne was trying to get himself booked against the fans surrounding the ring at Don’s Pub. I understand trying to inflate your win loss record to increase your demand with potential employers, but I believe his entire concern should’ve been focused on his match with one half of the Tag Team Champions, Raveboy! I managed to collect two glow sticks which I didn’t throw at anyone. Prematch shenanigans started with Raveboy stealing the nose of Gyasi Dwayne. In most other circles, I believe an offense such as body part theft would result in an automatic disqualification, but at Don’s Pub, they let you fight! Dwayne did yell out “Give me back my nose!”, though. Dwayne starts the match with a sneak attack. He hits some chops and punches. Raveboy turns the tide with chops of his own and a big Irish whip. Dwayne goes to the floor where he does the Flair Flop. While I’m not sure this nod to the newest presidential candidate was an endorsement, it certainly must have been welcomed by the carpeted floor in Donahue. Raveboy takes it to Gyasi on the floor, and he even invites a toddler in the front row to take a shot of his own at Gyasi. The youngster, who was probably taught that violence was not the answer (wait…Mom hit Dwayne in an effort to illustrate what the tag champion wanted the little guy to do…nevermind) refused to hit Mr. Dwayne. Perhaps one of his parents read him the State Wrestling Commission Rulebook as a bedtime story, and he didn’t want Raveboy to lose the match on a disqualification. He was yielding glowsticks. Raveboy tried to get a high five, but the youngster wouldn’t even participate in that. I’m sure he was afraid it would be misconstrued for a deadly Nature Boy chop, and he didn’t want to hold that sort of responsibility. The hesitation with this young fan allowed Dwayne to kick Raveboy as he was getting into the ring and get the victory.

The next match was a tag team match featuring some hidden gems… and Sensei Bock. With the tornado that hit the Quad Cities a few weeks ago, someone should’ve taken the fallen trees and made some nice boards for Sensei Bock to break because he certainly wasn’t breaking the two brick walls he went up against tonight. His partner, Mikey Heights, wasn’t very good at karate either. Renato Sanchez and Tyrone Stone were the opponents of the kung fu rejects. Bock tried to run into Renato Sanchez. I’m not sure why. He failed. Sanchez had total control of Bock, and then he tagged in Tyrone Stone. Stone hit some big corner splashes, and this is a guy I did not know could wrestle like this.Bock uses some karate moves to get some advantage, and Mikey runs around the ring to attack Sanchez and send him into the pole. There is total chaos in the ring until Tyrone Stone hit a STUNNER! Ba gahd! TY-RONE! TY-RONE! TY-RONE! Of course, Stone and Sanchez got the victory.

The next match saw ‘The Filthy One’ JT Energy come through. He was dancing, laying on the ropes, and generally being sleazy. SCW should look for a sponsorship deal with Clorox so we can bleach the place down after this guy comes down. Biff Malibu comes out to a great reaction from the crowd! They’re big fans of Malibu, but when he tries to get them to chant, they’re not about that life. They lock up, and Biff just powers Energy down. Mr. Malibu then shows off some dance moves of his own. There is a headlock, and then, a shoulder from Biff. He throws Energy around the ring, and he hits him with one of the biggest back body drops I’ve ever seen live. JT chokes Biff on the top rope to steal the advantage. He works the big man over in the corner some. There’s a spear in the corner, and then, a forearm to Energy. He can’t quite take the advantage in the corner. Malibu retains control for a two count. He lifts Energy up for a fireman’s carry. Energy rakes the eyes and elbows Biff in the face. I also think Energy’s long elbow pad looked like it was loaded, but I couldn’t be for sure. He gets a school boy full of tights for the victory. If you take nothing else from my reviews, kid, never trust a man who wears a t-shirt with his own face on it.

Next, we get The Finn Bálor of SCW, Joe Acer. I call him the Finn Bálor of SCW because he paints his body. While I think a lot of him, that’s the only aspect of the comparison I’m comfortable making. He’s taking on Dante Leon. I knew that before Dante came out because his name was painted on the back of Joe. I wonder if they ever considered having Joe come out second so his partner would be a surprise. Anyways, it was Dante. It starts with a lock up and an arm bar which got rolled out of quickly. There was an elbow. Now, there is a fine balance between taking good notes and actually being able to watch the match. You can probably tell I haven’t actually mastered it yet. That being said, this was a great match. It was almost my match of the night, but if it was yours, I wouldn’t argue with you. There’s a sick forearm battle. Leon hits an awesome corkscrew crossbody. He only gets a two count. Dante hits some big chops. Acer then racks him on the top rope, and Dante Leon goes to the floor.  They’re fighting on the floor. Acer picks him up and runs him into the ring post leg first. Leon manages to shift the pace despite the fact that his leg seems to be hurting. Acer takes advantage of the injury and applies the single leg Boston Crab. He manages to get the escape. He hits him with a springboard kick. Both men are down. In my humble opinion, this is the down fall of a guy like Leon, though. He gets his leg worked over and possibly injured, but his offense is very dependent on that high risk style. Sure, it usually pays off, but at what price? When they get back up, Acer hits him with a punch. Leon hits a fast paced flurry of offense. He hits a spinning forearm. Acer hits a really nasty chop block that changes the momentum of the match. He applies another single leg crab. He threatens the official when Leon gets to the ropes. I have a note about a wreckless fan, but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was about. Maybe throwing glowsticks? I just found out my Cubs are going to the World Series, so my brain is a little distracted, but I’m doing the best I can. Joe goes for a backdrop off the top rope, but it fails. Acer goes to the floor. Leon dives to the floor from the top! Dante throws him back into the ring. He hits a corkscrew moonsault for the victory. I don’t comment on the quality of matches very often, but I want to make a point of commenting on this one. These are two guys who I believe are recent graduates of the Black and the Brave, and they had an excellent match. This match truly stood out, and I think these guys could have a match like this on any card and stand out.

Next was intermission, and I tried a Don Dog. It was good. I’ve also deduced that Marek Brave has stock in a camera phone company which explains why he was encouraging people to get their picture taken with him tonight. I bet he gets a cut under the table for every phone broken by his stupid, ugly, unfashionable face.

Next up, Kourtesy came out with a guy called Jay. They looked like your typical bros from the club. Now, I must admit I’m going to have to refrain from my normal objectivity during this match for two reasons. The first reason is that this no last name punk, Jay, had the audacity to throw his stupid Dollar Store water bottle in the direction of the section I was sitting in and committed an unforgivable sin of getting the legal pad wet.  Now, I spend my hard earned measly teacher’s salart on Bic Velocity’s (the best pens money can buy) and yellow legal pads, so I can spread the good news of SCW to the loyal readers of, and this letter of the day loser has the nerve to potentially compromise the career making and breaking tool of my journalism by throwing his backwashed water bottle in MY direction?! If I hadn’t found out that this jabroni’s ass was in the very capable hands of my main man, the Manservant of Moline, the Deputy of Davenport, the Lieutenant of Long Grove, the workmate of Walcott, the Squire of Silvis,  the Back-up of Bettendorf, the Colleague of Colona, the Subordinate of Silvis, VILHELM AMERY and Lord Steven Youngblood, the King of Scott County were going to take care of these pop idol wannabes. My notes note that Kourtesy started off the match by trying to dance, and it was torrible (I couldn’t decide if it was terrible or horrible.) They end up doing the wave before Vilhelm gets the tag. My man comes in with an amazing headscissors takedown. He hits a flying clothesline. Morrow makes a comment about how he can actually wrestle. Of course he can. Give the man a title shot Morrow. Youngblood gets the tag and hits a big scoop slam. Kourtesy ends up racking the King. Amery gets attacked trying to come in. Kourtesy tags in Jay after hitting a dropkick. My undisclosed source suggested this guy’s last name was Inglesias, but in my opinion, it’s Broni. Jay hits a big splash. He also hits a rear view in the corner. I have to admit even though he got water on my legal pad, was fighting my boy Amery, and was wearing some what are those knock off Timberlands, the guy is very good in the ring. Kourtesy comes back in and pulls Amery to his feet by his amazing hair. If I were an old fashioned wrestling guy, which I’m really not most of the time, I would take issue with the fact that Kourtesy and Jay are sporting the Dollar Store’s upcoming clothing line instead of wearing wrestling gear, but I won’t do that. They’re never going to collect the winner’s purse, so they have to take that extra money when they can. Amery tries to power out of Kourtesy’s control, but he is unable to. Kourtesy has him in the ropes, and the official isn’t doing much about it. Vilhelm hits a nice second rope assisted reverse DDT, but he is unable to get the tag. Youngblood tells the official that he, too, can cheat if his opponent can. Jay applies a chinlock on Vilhelm. Of course, he’s no Bobby Heenan, so he couldn’t put him away with it. He misses a big splash, and Amery gets the pin. Youngblood uses Amery as a battering ram twice! He then connects Amery and Kourtesy with a double noggin knocker. Youngblood hits a nice spear. When he’s not looking, Amery hits a beautiful knee strike to their opponent, and then, Youngblood gets the pin. It sort of seems like Youngblood was going to act like he did that all by himself, but he was happy they won.

Next up we get Chris Hayden who apparently lost to Violet Parker the last time they were in Donahue, and everyone in attendance wants to remind him of it. His opponent is Jackson Kelly, the bum kicker. Hayden evades the lock up. Morrow makes a point of plugging the DVD where Violet pins Hayden. They finally lock up, and Hayden gets early control. Kelly shifts the tide with a nice hip toss. Hayden takes it back by working Kelly into the corner. There’s a strong kick to the head, a big knee from Hayden, and all it gets him is a two count. Kelly regains control of the match with a backdrop. He follows up with big clotheslines, and a double vertical suplex. Unfortunately, he cannot put Mr. Hayden away. Hayden reverses an Irish whip into the corner. He misses the spear which leaves him susceptible to the bum kick. Kelly actually hits a really nice spear which gets him the victory. After the match, Kelly tries to teach some boys in the crowd Australian. He was very popular with the crowd.

Next up is my personal match of the night. Xander Killen comes out with the reaction he usually gets. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. He’s got a face even a mother would want to punch. That being said, Bodie Van Zandt comes out to a showering of love from the capacity crowd. Their lock up is filled with angst, and you can feel how much these two guys just want to fight. Killen hits some boots and follows up with a hurricanrana. Bodie starts to shift control in his direction. He hits a German suplex for two. He follows up with a backslide for two. These two guys are going too fast for me to take good notes. A typical wrestling match features a feeling out period where you take a pause between offensive maneuvers to calculate the next move. When you really detest your opponent, you’re in a fight, and you are going to take your opponent down by any means necessary. Strategy goes out the window especially when you know your opponent as well as these two know each other. Van Zandt hits some incredible chops in the corner. He follows up with an elbow. Bodie throws him with a powerful Irish whip. Xander Killen has had no offense in this portion of the match other than his face, which is pretty offensive. Xander pokes Bodie in the eye and hits a powerful clothesline. He gets a two count on Bodie, and it’s clear that he’s now in control. They exchange strikes, and Xander hits a snap vertical suplex, but it only gets him a two count. He applies the chinlock, and I think Xander Killen is, by far, the most hated man in Donahue. With the reaction he’s getting, you’d think he kicked their cat, peed in their Cheerios, AND told them there wasn’t a Santa Claus. These people hate this man. The former partners clash with a double crossbody, and this is where being long time partners pays its price because move for move, these two know each other like the back of their hand. They’re exchanging punches, and Bodie is making his big comeback. He hits a scoop slam, but he only gets a two count. Bodie goes to the top, but Xander throws his feet up stopping him. Xander takes control back with a big lariat. He clotheslines his better looking ex partner to the floor. There’s a spectacular suicide dive to the floor from Killen which causes the first two rows to spill out of their seats. Morrow actually gets up from the table to follow the action. Xander rolls into the ring, and it looks like he could get a count out victory. That would certainly rub Donahue the wrong way. Bodie rolls in at nine. Killen is letting the trash talk flow now. There are a plethora of reversals now which again goes to show how well these two men know each other. Bodie hits a Falcon Arrow, but Killen gets his foot on the rope. The crowd is shocked. They get back up, and Killen chokes Bodie on the rope before hitting his patented snap bulldog finish. He gets the victory. Match of the night.

Connor Braxton comes out to find out who his opponent is for the main event. Brave introduces Connor’s opponents. It’s going to be JT Energy and Gyasi Dwayne in a handicap match. The bell rings, and Braxton hits Dwayne with a bicycle kick for a three count. That’s not a case of missing spots or bad notes. It was that quick. Brave then informs Braxton that it’s going to be an elimination handicap match. Energy jumps Braxton and dominates early. I’ve also decided Gyasi Dwayne is the lovechild of Carlton Banks and Koko B. Ware. #WheresFrankie? Energy cuts off Braxton who’s trying to take control of the match. He applies a sleeper. He actually has a very good sleeper, and it almost put Braxton away. The referee dropped his arm twice, and that’s why I said almost. Braxton escapes, but Energy manages to reapply it. Braxton hits a big lariat and a spinebuster. He lifts him up for a gutwrench, but Energy reverses it into a neckbreaker. He manages to get a two count on the big man. Energy goes for a rana, but Connor throws him off. He hits the big bicycle kick, and he gets the victory. Brave now gets into the ring. He says he’s a man of his word, and Connor Braxton will get a shot. He then says he’ll give it to him right now and hits Braxton with a superkick! Braxton kicks out. Connor rolls Marek up for a two. Gyasi distracts the official, and Energy blasts Braxton with the SCW Championship. Brave hits the superkick, and “The Fashionista” retains.

If Raveboy and Bobbie Dahl are “Feel Good, Inc.”, I think Brave, Dwayne, and Energy are “Look Good Inc.” in their own minds. Brave says this proves he is a fighting champion, and he instructs JT and Gyasi to hold Connor up for some extra punishment. Braxton hits both men with a bicycle kick, and Brave retreats.

I really enjoyed this show a lot. I actually like the two hour format in the smaller venue. I’m not saying I don’t love the Walcott Coliseum shows, they’re great, but I think seeing these smaller shows with some newer faces makes me appreciate the Walcott shows more, and it gives me a preview of guys I maybe didn’t know I wanted to see more of. Unfortunately, my job as a Theatre Teacher will keep me from being at the entire show in Walcott on November 19th, but I will be there as soon as I can. I will still report on however much of the show I’m able to see. Next weekend, I’m off to Des Moines for Pro Wrestling Revolver: Iowa Goes Lucha and IPW’s Halloween show. Those shows are basically my vacation for the year, so I won’t be reporting on them. I will definitely promote my experiences on social media, so follow me on Twitter and Instagram, @AlexMc7489.

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