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NXT: Who’s Next?

by Victor Parenza (@ParenzaBooks)

No this isn’t a declaration from Goldberg saying he is going to spear the entire NXT locker room. In fact, this is about as far from Goldberg as possible.  We’re talking about wrestlers with actual talent.

With Roderick Strong making his official NXT debut last week along with the recent signings of three more independent talents (Tommy End, Big Damo & “Crazy” Mary Dobson), you can’t help but think about who is most likely to get the call next? I’m going to give you my thoughts, but I will admit up front that I have no knowledge of their contract situations, or even what their immediate goals are.  So these talents may not be anywhere near a WWE contract for all I know.  But hey it’s fun to speculate.

1. Ricochet


I think it’s fair to say that Ricochet is probably the most famous independent wrestler in the world right now. Whether in the United States or Japan, the crowd wants to see Ricochet.  He’s won all the tournaments and championships that he could possibly win, and I feel it’s a great time for him to move on and see what he can do in WWE.

2. Candace LeRae


The “women’s revolution” wouldn’t know what hit it if Candace showed up. If I had to put money on it, Candace is the toughest person pound for pound in wrestling, male or female!  She also may not be as pure of babyface as Bayley, but she comes pretty close.  That’s quite a combination of skill if you think about it.  Since her husband, Johnny Gargano, already is in WWE, one would think that this isn’t much of a long shot, unless she doesn’t want to go there.

3. The Young Bucks


Not much more needs to be written about these guys. WWE could definitely use another top- flight tag team since the brand split decimated the tag division.  They may be pretty happy with their Japan deal though, you know since they pretty much run the place- or so they say.  Granted I thought the same thing about AJ Styles, and look where we are now.

4. Michael Elgin


Elgin is a unique talent. In a world where the high-flyers are taking over, Elgin is a powerhouse that will kick your face in.  The fans also love him for it.  Much like Ricochet, Elgin has done just about everything, and is ready to move up.

5. Kenny Omega


I don’t even know how to describe Omega. Athletically he is incredible.  I’ve witnessed many match of the year candidates involving Omega.  However sometimes he is so over the top goofy with his shenanigans that I want to strangle him.  I think that may be the point.  Omega may look like the prototypical wrestler of today, but he is a breed all unto himself.  His charisma cannot be denied.  He’s on top of the world in NJPW right now, so I don’t foresee him in WWE in the immediate future, but no doubt will be there one day.

Honorable Mentions:

The Motor City Machine Guns, The Addiction, The Briscoes, Jay Lethal, Adam Cole, and reDragon


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