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The Pro Wrestling Iowa Top Ten: Impact Pro Wrestling – December 2016

Impact Pro Wrestling has been on a tear with shows in 2016. Month after month, IPW has consistently had some of the best talent putting on the best matches in Iowa. This marks the beginning of a monthly series of articles examining the top ten male, female and tag teams in IPW with a few that are on the precipice of cracking the top ten. Let’s begin!

Juuuuuuuust a Bit Outside

The Big Picture / @IPWTheBigPic


TBP did not waste any time when he made his return to IPW by quickly injecting himself in Tony Sly and James Jeffries’ title match this past October. Though he did not walk out of Des Moines as IPW Heavyweight Champion that night, you can bet his sights are still locked onto the gold.

Sierra Avery / @miranthropist


A relative newcomer to IPW has made quite the impression. This up-and-comer has the ability to shake up the women’s division that has seen Kiandra and Miss Frankie Jay entrench themselves as the top talent. Avery looks to make a name for herself on 12/17 as she takes on both Kiandra and Jay in Des Moines.

Tyler Jones

Possibly one of the most athletic young talents on the IPW roster. Jones has all of the physical attributes one needs to be successful in such a cutthroat industry. This kid may be one mean streak away from getting into the top ten.

Top Ten: Here we go!

10. The Fight & Flight Connection / Clay Cooper & Nathen Edwards

This dynamic young tag team consisting of Clay Cooper & Nate Edwards are already wowing audiences. Their frenetic energy grabs your attention and doesn’t let ago until the final bell rings. In October, F&F scored their biggest win after an upset victory against…

9. Legend Killers / Matty Star & Sparrow / @mattystargjp


Matty Star & Sparrow are two of the most entertaining wrestlers in IPW. The crafty veterans work extremely well together which has made them consistently two of the top talents in all of Iowa. They’re good and they know it. They’re brash, loud, and don’t mind getting in the face of their opponents. Nine times out of ten it works for the Legend Killers who might have underestimated Fight and Flight just a bit.

8. Malice / @malicecuddles


Malice is not human. There is no way he could be because humans cannot possess the same strength and quickness this man has shown in a ring. While being from parts unknown, Malice can spear his opponents through a brick wall, get up, dust himself off, and then laugh. We should all feel bad for whatever poor soul stands across from the manic, untameable beast that is Malice. On December 17th, it’ll be Ugly. Let’s all start a collection for Ugly’s medical expenses now.

7. The Stud Club / Austin Fouts, Ray Feuring, Anthony Draven w/Jason Michaels / @jmikes93, @realaustinfouts, @rayfeuring, @anthonydraven

Yes, that’s right. The ENTIRE Stud Club. “Relentlessly Sexy” Ray Feuring, Anthony Draven, “The Cougar Hunter” Austin Fouts, and “the greatest manager who ever lived” (his words, not mine) Jason Michaels do whatever they can to keep up their lifestyle. Money, drinks, fast cars, and even faster (and in Fouts’ case, older) women are daily musts for the Stud Club. Michaels is so confident in his group’s abilities that every time Feuring steps in the ring there is $10,000 in cash on the line. These individuals have been compiling an impressive list of victories in IPW under the tutelage of Michaels. It won’t be long before they turn their away from the green of cash and towards the gold of championships.

6. Miss Frankie Jay / @msfrankiejay


This skilled competitor says whatever she wants and fears no repercussions. In October, with the Chicago Cubs down two games to one in the World Series she walked out in front of the Des Moines crowd dressed as Steve Bartman. Let’s just say this did not endear her to the crowd that night. Her words are just as brutally effective as her kicks and chops. This month she looks to put her words where her mouth is in a Triple Threat against Kiandra and Sierra Avery.

5. Ugly


There is nothing ugly about being Vault Champion. Ugly knows how to win. Whether he is out-maneuvering his opponents or using a less than attractive (see what I did there?) means of victory this veteran knows what he’s doing in the ring. On December 17th at Baratta’s in Des Moines he will need to put all of his knowledge to good use against the “Man-Thing” Malice.

4. Ryan Slade / @sexyryanslade


A Des Moines mainstay with years of experience under his belt. Slade is embattled in a Hatfield and McCoy type blood feud against tag team champions Crazy, Sexy, Cruel who have done everything in their power to keep Slade from any success. Slade was able to secure a championship match of his choosing recently that he will put to good use going after the tag champs with the help of Nate Alsin. Speaking of the tag champions…

3. IPW Tag Team Champions Crazy, Sexy, Cruel / Justin Decent, AJ Smooth & Aaron Von Baron / @ajsmoothgjp & @thejustindecent

Operating under the Freebird Rule, Justin Decent, AJ Smooth, and Aaron Von Baron are no stranger to keeping gold. Each of these men have held singles championships at various points in their careers, but it wasn’t until they came together that they became the dominant force that we see today. Calling these men outspoken and underhanded is like calling the ocean “kind of wet.” These three men will do ANYTHING to keep their titles and if that also happens to make Ryan Slade’s life a living hell then it’s all the sweeter to them. Decent went as far as dressing up in a gorilla costume and sitting in the crowd before attacking Slade. They know no shame and they do not care.

2. “The Intellectual Punk” Tony Sly / @intellectualsly


Does Tony Sly have one more bullet in the chamber? Coming to what might be the end of his career, Tony has been scratching and clawing for the opportunity for one last shot at the IPW Heavyweight title. He had the chance in an elimination Triple Threat against current champion James Jeffries and The Big Picture. Although Sly was the first eliminated it was not without controversy as the referee did not see The Intellectual Punk’s shoulder clearly off the mat. Sly took the loss, but was granted a rematch. This time, however, he gets the champ one-on-one. Sly has gone as far to say he’s either leaving with the title or he’s leaving his boots in the ring.

1.  IPW Heavyweight Champion James Jeffries / @therealjdouble


The IPW Champion is everything you want in a champion. He’s athletic, charismatic, charming, and everyone’s favorite. He’s high-flying, bright colors, and all smiles. He’s also the champion for a reason. Jeffries is able to put his intelligence, athleticism, and speed to good use time and time again. He’s made himself the best IPW has to offer through hard work that turned to skill that turned to championship gold. He’s a top caliber talent with top caliber attitude.


There we have it, folks! The first IPW Top Ten list is complete. Agree? Disagree? Let me know on Twitter @ravenluke and/or @prowrestlingia. Please come check out Impact Pro Wrestling on December 17th at Barrata’s in Des Moines for some of the BEST wrestling our great state has to offer and check back here for an updated IPW Top Ten list!


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