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Fan Report: 3XW Spring Showdown

Thanks to Jamie Lynn for sending in this report from this past Friday night’s huge 3XW Spring Showdown!!

3XW Spring Showdown

by Jamie Lynn (@Jamzified)

The crowd was definitely not packed in as tight as they were at the last show, but thank god for that because it was hot up in there. Still a fairly excited and rowdy group, though.
Opening Contest was the Battle Royal to determine the Number One contender to the Pure Wrestling Championship. JD Riggs’ came out with his weird little manager. Cue weird little manager grabbing a microphone to declare that JD would be the winner. Three seconds later, the entire group joined forces to eliminate the giant. Everyone threw each other around. It came down to Brennan Galaxy vs. Johnny Ruckus and Flawless Brandon Wallace. Galaxy found a way to outsmart them both and we had a winner and new number one contender!
Winner: Brennan Galaxy.
The second match saw Duke Cornell vs. “Trouble” Bennett James. Pretty standard match with offense from both sides. Trouble used a little sheisty action and a finger in Duke’s patched eye to score the win.
Winner: Bennett James
The third “contest” was the Dance Party match up of Ricky Kwong vs. JT Energy vs. Iceman. Iceman started off the competition with some smooth jives. JT Energy did some filthy stuff, like he does. Ricky pulled out some sick 90’s dance moves and the crowd declared him the winner. The other two were quite unhappy and decided to team up on Kwong for a bit. Eventually that alliance broke down, as it always does, but just as the two were about to settle who would get the pin – out comes JD Riggs! And he’s mad that the men in the ring helped eliminate him from the Battle Royal earlier (JT Energy wasn’t even there, I’m just sayin’.) The two men in blue dipped fast and left Ricky Kwong to get demolished by the big man.
Winner: No one who had to watch that dance off.
The fourth match was Curt Gannon vs. Brian Blade. The ending of this match is fuzzy to me, so I honestly can’t tell you who won. I know they hit each other a lot, though.
Up next was a tag team match pitting Mad Dog and Jon West vs. Cuco Santiago and Hefe Barbosa. Hefe has his chest hair shaved into a martini glass. Solid athleticism from Jon West. Mad Dog and West eventually beat Hefe down for the count. After the match, Cuco has some confrontational words for his tag team partner. Just when he’s about to add violence to the mix, the Dezire boys show up and put an end to it. They knocked Cuco out and cut off some of his hair. Couldn’t really tell, though. Then B.A.D got on the mic to announce that on June 2nd, they’ll be facing Jack Manley and Remy Marcel, the Whirlwind Gentleman from Vegas! Exciting stuff.
Winners: Mad Dog McDowell & Jon West. Not the guy who had to clean hair out of the ring.
To take us into intermission, we had Xander Killen vs. “The Fittest Man In The World” Mark Sterling and his kettle bell. Sterling talked some trash on the microphone and Killen gave it right back to him. This match was intense. Sterling had the upper hand for most of it, displaying that Crossfit strength. After a good, long match, Xander pulled out the win with his awesome finisher. Killen brought Sterling his kettle bell after the match, and the two shook hands. Cool moment.
Winner: Xander Killen
Back from intermission, it’s time for the tag team championship match! The Bayside Bruisers vs. Sentai and Supafli. JC Slater comes out, but Jaysin Strife is nowhere to be seen. He tells the crowd that he brought their new friend, an Australian foreign exchange student – Robert Storm! Doesn’t seem to phase the MexiTai warriors one bit. Hard-hitting action got too real and the referee got knocked out. Storm and Slater attempted to use the tag belt as a weapon against their opponents, but Storm ended out knocking out JC on accident. Robert decides to toss the belt at Supafli and lay down, classic Guerrero style. The referee comes to and rings the bell. I don’t understand what the game plan here was.
Winners: The Bayside Bruisers by DQ, but the MexiTai warriors hold onto the belts.
The second to last match of the night was Rory Fox vs. Chainsaw King. Rory Fox came out running his mouth to the fans. Chainsaw King came out to have a good time. Rory gave a few attempts at taking the big man down. Chainsaw gave Fox a kiss for his efforts. The big dude toyed with Rory for a long while, but ultimately, the referee was distracted as several weapons were snuck into the ring. Rory Fox ended up using Chainsaw’s chain (heh) to take him down and get the win.
Winner: Rory Fox. And the crowd, when the referee attempted to help Chainsaw King up and he yelled “STRANGER DANGER!”
The main event.
Marek Brave came out first with Violet Parker and Todd Countryman in tow. The crowd was unsure what to think until he started talking. Then they started booing. Hype Gotti came out and tried to well, hype everyone up. He grabbed a microphone and began naming off pretty much anything he could think of to get cheers. National Beer Day. The Hawkeyes. Bad puns. {That last one didn’t work.} Marek played a little cat and mouse, rolling into the ring and then out once more to talk some trash with the audience. Eventually the Fashionista held up the referee while his “body guard” softened Gotti up. Then he officially got in and the match began. Super fast contest between the two. At one point, Marek attempted to tag in audience members and began stealing their accessories. With some help from “Violent” Violet Parker living up to her name, Marek was able to hit the Pedigree and retain his 3XW Championship.
Winner: Marek Brave (even though I’m pretty sure that audience member is still the legal man, so did the match even end?)
It was an awesome night. The crowd died down a lot by the end, but the matches didn’t waver in caliber. Every one involved put on a great show.
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