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Open Letter Thanking IPW & 3XW

I love professional wrestling. Wrasslin’, Sports Entertainment, whatever you want to call it, I’ve always loved it. Even when I was known as a baseball player, I always loved the art form of professional wrestling more. When I was a kid, I tied bandanas to my legs and wrists and pretended I was Ricky Morton of the Rock N Roll Express.  As a young adult, I always threw up the “2 sweet” made famous by the nWo (but of course done by the Kliq first, stolen from Bret Hart) at any given moment, even crossing it over into baseball at one point. I always wanted to be a professional wrestler.
Open Letter 2
I never chased that dream, for one reason or another and I watched, from afar, the chance to do something I always loved pass me by.
It didn’t make me any less of a fan, I’ve forgotten more about professional wrestling than most people have ever known.
But, it’s been amazing watching my girls fall in love with it too. Thanks to Impact Pro Wrestling, 3XWrestling and performers like Chainsaw King and James Jeffries, my girls have a passion for this great art form.
I took them to a show a few months back, on a whim, just to see if they’d like it. They’ve been hooked since the opening bell. They’re hooked on the most pure form, independent wrestling.
Tonight was a great night for them as Chainsaw and James were in the same building, at the same time.  They work for different promotions in Des Moines and they have quickly become Payden and Sydney’s favorites. On the way to tonight’s 3XW show, Payden asked “do you think James will be there?” I explained probably not. But wouldn’t you know it, a few minutes into the show, in walks James. My girls immediately ran to him. James could’ve just said hello and walked away, but he didn’t, he spent a few minutes talking with them and gave them high fives. The looks on their faces as they scurried back to their seats was priceless. During intermission and several times throughout the show, the walked over, gave high fives and just let James know they were happy he was there.
Open Letter 5
In tonight’s main event, the character of Chainsaw King, lost a heartbreaking main event Battle Royal, watching the 3XW title slip through his fingertips. My two little girls, who he had handed part of his entrance gear to for them to hold on to for “safe keeping” during the match, were on edge the whole time hoping he would leave with the gold.
After the show concluded, they wanted to do two things, say goodbye to James, of course, and tell Chainsaw they were proud of him. For the third time tonight, their night was made as Chainsaw said he heard them cheering the whole time and told them they helped him make it so far in the match. The pride on their faces told the whole story.
During intermission they playfully heckled young up and comer JT Energy, but ended up buying several pieces of his merchandise. Same with Jaysin Strife, who nearly stole the show with his theatrics tonight.
These are regular guys, with regular jobs and regular lives, but on Fridays and Saturdays, they’re heroes or villains to kids and adults alike. People who followed and are still following their dream, to maybe one day be a hero or villain on the grandest stage of them all.
But to two little 8 year olds, they’re already heroes and they’re already on the grandest stage.
Open Letter 6
To promotions like Impact and 3XW and to performers like Chainsaw, James, JT, Jaysin, Ryan Slade, Mark McDowell, the Fight and Flight Connection and so many others who entertain my girls so much, I just want to say thank you. Thank you so very much for bringing smiles to my girls faces, thank you for being such masters of your art and taking the girls on such an emotional roller coaster, that I saw tears in their eyes when Nathen  and Clay lost their titles, when Ryan appeared to be hurt again and tonight’s finale, when Chainsaw didn’t quite get the title. Thank you for always having a moment and a high five ready. Thank you for always being willing to take a picture.
Most of all, thank you for showing my girls the art form I love so much…..the right way.
Chris Manning
Twitter: @manningchris19
Instagram: @manning2379

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1 Comment on Open Letter Thanking IPW & 3XW

  1. Jason Michaels // June 7, 2017 at 2:48 pm // Reply

    I had the chance to speak to Chris’s children before our last Des Moines show for IPW. They do not like the greatest manager on planet earth, but they do enjoy talking to him about the shows. I love those interactions with all our fans, Chris appreciated this moment, and I thank him for showing his kids the beauty that is pro wrestling. Good kids, great fans, even better family.


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