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My Reaction to Your MITB Reaction


I wanted to update the title of this to “My Reaction to Your Reaction to My Reaction to Your MITB Reaction.” Too long. Oh well.

Let me start by saying I completely misinterpreted the outrage people had with the ending of this match.  Initially I was more upset that the women got what felt like no time to tell their story in comparison to the men. When I got on Twitter after the match it seemed to me that people were more upset at the story and not what it represented. I was VERY wrong.

Both men and women have come to me upset with the original article that you can see below. The reason I’m leaving it up is because I’m not hiding from it. It meant to poke fun in a hyperbolic nature at people’s reactions to what I see is silly. Before anyone jumps on that let me explain.

WRESTLING is silly. It is part soap opera and part choreographed sport with defined conclusions. I try not to put a whole lot of anger into what is in storyline. For me, wrestling is in the same vein as the movies, TV shows, and comic books that I consume on a regular basis. I constantly disagree with things I watch or read, but I try not to react until I’ve seen the whole story. I don’t stop reading a book because the first chapter sucks. For example, I was pissed when Randy Orton cashed in on Daniel Bryan, but I hoped that the end result would be worth my disappointment. But I’ve become, at least in part, numb to wrestling. I think it’s partly because I’ve been watching WWE for so damn long that I don’t expect them to do the right thing. That was part of what I was making fun of in my original article; that people are still get so upset at WWE. The company has a deep history of misogyny, racism, bullying, homophobia, etc. I expect nothing from them. Not even good wrestling most of the time. I’m actually more surprised when WWE makes the CORRECT choices. It was probably wrong of me to assume others are in the same boat as me. I forgot that others still put some meaning into what WWE says or does. I simply looked at people getting upset with a villain cheating and nothing more. It seemed to be the same thing as what Heyman did to Punk, Lita to Matt, Trish to Jericho, Bearer to Undertaker, etc. I saw it only as a character cheating. I posted too quickly. I did undercut that because I didn’t see how seriously some people would actually take what WWE does or doesn’t do. In all honestly, there are times I become so disillusioned with WWE and wrestling in general I will take periodic breaks because I start to dislike it.

Let me be clear: What WWE did with the finish of the women’s Money in the Bank match was beyond stupid. There are other ways for Carmella to win without James Ellsworth literally climbing the ladder to retrieve the briefcase for her. My initial thought was, “Wow. That just made Carmella the most hated woman on Smackdown.” Now I realize it makes Ellsworth the bigger villain in the women’s division which doesn’t make sense since he has a Y chromosome. Building up something you create to be historic only to cut it off at the knees is deflating. Especially to the women who you’ve basically told, “Hey! See what we’re doing! We are finally treating women as equals after years of demeaning you!” Women and men alike were anticipating something special. Many women were putting extra meaning on the match because of the build and it being the first of its kind. So when that was taken away from them I probably can’t imagine the hole that left in them.

That’s because I am not a woman. I do not know the everyday plight they have, nor will I. I want to and I try to, but there’s simply no way as I can not put myself in their position. During a LENGTHY conversation on Twitter about what I wrote I started to get a sinking feeling. What I wrote was dumb. It was meant to be dumb, but it came off as the wrong kind of dumb. Feel free to find me on Twitter and look at my Tweets & replies with (Christy) @smarkinfestedwaters. I’m sure I come off as more of an ass there which is why I took to our site since 140 characters at a time can be tiring. (Side note: I don’t know much about her aside from our interaction, but she runs @NJPWgifs which is awesome.) I agree with her assessment of what and how the finish hurt the division, the wrestlers, and fans. If what I wrote came off as, in any way, promoting inequality, sexism, misogyny or that I somehow find humor in it then for that I am sorry. That was not the intention.

I could go on a long rant about what I was trying to do, but I’ll keep it simple. I misinterpreted the original outrage when I posted. I made a joke that some people liked and some didn’t like. That happens. It was a little tone deaf because I didn’t see how serious some people would take a WWE match or the symbolism behind it. I also didn’t realize that people wouldn’t view it as symbolism in storyline, but more as a micro chasm for sexism in WWE and society as a whole.

What I wrote was a bad joke. I’m not going to apologize for that part. If you’ve read any of my other articles I make a lot of dumb jokes so I can’t say that it won’t happen again. I can’t say that I won’t offend people for some reason or another because I probably will. We have free reign here at Pro Wrestling Iowa to write about literally whatever we want. We don’t want to censor each other. Whenever a reader disagrees with something written we will always extend an invitation for rebuttal. We also give ourselves enough rope to hang ourselves with which is what happened here. However, we can also rectify those mistakes. What I wrote left itself up to interpretation. It put words in my own mouth that I don’t agree with. I upset some people in the wrong way. Trust me, I’ll keep upsetting people. Don’t worry about that. I still won’t care who reads my stuff. I don’t get paid for this. It’s a hobby. It’s an outlet. However, in the future I’ll just make sure to do it in a more clear way. If you read what I wrote as a promotion of what WWE did then please read this too: I fucked up.


I wrote both articles on my own free will. No one asked/told me to do this because if they had I probably wouldn’t have done it. I’m a prick that way.


****Original Post****

Villains cheat. Get the fuck over it.


-Luke Raven (@ravenluke)

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