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Victor’s Power Rankings


  1. It will be based exclusively for the listed month.
  2. And on how much I enjoyed their promos, segments, and/or matches of that particular month.
  3. It could also be purely speculative. (Spoiler: Chad Gable is a perfect example of this.)  


1. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe

Last month: 1

I was concerned that a loss for Joe against Brock would relegate him back firmly in the midcard. Thankfully I was wrong and has still been a monster firmly entrenched in the Raw main events.

2. Hideo Itami


Last month: 4

The heel turn is completed. He’s now what I like to call “KENTA the Killer!”  He and Ohno teased us with a warm-up match on NXT.  Let’s hope they get to have a war at Brooklyn or at some point.

3. AJ Styles


Last month: 2

The Styles vs. Owens feud hasn’t lived up to its lofty expectations. (Honestly Owens on Smackdown hasn’t really been that satisfying in general.)  People are calling his match at Battleground the “worst AJ Styles match ever.”  I’ve been doing an AJ deep-dive lately and can promise you there are worse matches than Battleground.  I would still take “bad” Styles over just about anything else on WWE though.

4. Hardy Boyz


Last month: N/R

The Hardyz are coming off of a really good Iron Man match with the “evil” kilted duo, and always bring fun, excitement, and nostalgia to a somewhat stale and oftentimes boring Raw TV show. Their upcoming feud with the Revival should be really good as well.

5. Chad Gable


Last month: N/R

A blind man can see that this Jason Jordan “angle” (pun intended) is going to backfire and end up having the fans reject Jordan. But I’m more interested with Gable.  I understand Vince’s fascination with Jordan, but I feel Gable has the stronger, more natural charisma in the ring.  I really believe he can be a solid singles star.  If only he can get a fair chance, I think he’ll do well, and I’m excited for him.  Unfortunately even Smackdown has been having guys get lost in the shuffle lately.  (Luke Harper anyone?)

6. Roderick Strong

Roddy Strong

Last month: 3

Roddy slipped a bit this month, but that’s how it tends to work with NXT and their limited TV time. You are pushed hard for a bit, then have to be put on the back-burner for some new acts to get some screen time.  I do think he has clicked with the WWE fans now, and should be just fine.

7. Shinsuke Nakamura


Last month: N/R

I’m not as down on Nakamura’s booking as of late, as most seem folks to be. The feud with Corbin, while not extraordinary, has been decent and most importantly made sense.  His initial feud with Ziggler felt forced, and quite frankly a bit strange.

8. Baron Corbin


Last month: 10

Like I just mentioned, he was a much better suited opponent for Nakamura. The threat of cashing in at any time ups the intrigue for Mr. Corbin even more.  Should he cash in on Mahal, he’ll become the biggest babyface in the company.

9. Neville


Last month: 6

Neville had a down month in all actuality. But the times he showed up, I was engaged.  The other night as I was falling asleep I thought to myself, I could see Neville as a credible world champion. I’m not joking either.  I don’t know why it took my subconscious brain to bring this to my attention, but it’s true.  THE NEVILLE LEVEL IS REAL PEOPLE!  Look for him to move back up in no time.

10. Alexa Bliss


Last month: N/R

Cyrus put it best when he said Alexa has a “great bitch-face.” Now before anyone gets up in arms, that is a compliment.  She is a heel wrestler after all, and has that certain facial expression(s) that makes her look like the biggest bitch on the planet.  And much like Neville, I believe every word she says.  She constantly gets the best of the stupid crowd hecklers (no small task), and even maintained her composure during that awful “this your life” segment.  I don’t think many could have handled the latter as well as she did.  Granted that wasn’t in July, but I’m just proving my point that there is valid proof why Alexa is Vince’s new “Charlotte.”  Alexa doesn’t even need to wrestle to entertain me, she’s just that strong of character.  (Granted I have no problem when she does.)  Unlike Naomi who needs to wrestle to entertain me, but she doesn’t seem to ever wrestle, and certainly doesn’t have the otherwise poise of Little Miss Bliss.  But that’s a different story for a different day.


Falling out of the top 10:

Austin Aries

I knew something was going on last month and prior to that, but I didn’t realize it was turmoil. Sadly Aries is no longer with the company.  At least he had a nice little run while it lasted.

Akira Tozawa

I want Tozawa to succeed so badly. But you can’t affiliate him with losers and expect him not to get the stink on him.  My dream is that he eventually knocks out O’Neil and wins the cruiserweight title when the time is right.

Aleister Black

Much like Strong, Black was put on the back-burner for the moment, but I think that fire is getting ready to reignite.

Brian Kendrick

I really enjoyed Kendrick mocking Gallagher at first. But a little of Gallagher goes a long way, and I want Kendrick to move on to something else.  The angle hasn’t seemed to be a priority as of late either, which hasn’t helped either of their causes.


Written by

Victor Parenza (@parenzabooks)

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