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Two Puppies and a Panda

I’m going to first apologize if this writing is rambling or incoherent. Normally when I approach a subject I am very fired up. I go and do some research to make sure I have all of the information. Then I pour myself some scotch, light a fire in the fireplace, stroll barefoot across my bearskin rug, wistfully look at the moon through my window, then sit down to write. Ok. That part is bullshit. Usually I write during my lunch break at work or at home while drinking a few beers. Either way I usually have a definite stance regarding the subject. Today, however, it is not that easy.

We here in Iowa (and more specifically Des Moines) have had great companies like IPW and 3XW run shows for a long time. We got to see our wrestlers once a month slugging it out for our enjoyment. Guys like AJ Smooth, James Jeffries, Chainsaw King, and Rory Fox keep us walking in the doors every month. We have had two great independent wrestling promotions supply us with countless hours of our favorite entertainment. Then indie wrestling started doing something a little different. Super indies started to become more and more prevalent. These are promotions (many times ran by top indie talent themselves) who run shows by flying in the best indie wrestlers from all over the nation and sometimes the world. PWG, AAW, Evolve, and many more were now on our radar. Iowans wanted this. We needed this. Not to long ago we finally got this.

Wrestling Revolver is a super indie that debuted in Iowa. They have ran the majority of their shows in Iowa. They have gotten better every single show they’ve put on at Seven Flags. Hell, they’re giving us a freaking death match. I’m giddy just thinking about it. So when Revolver announced they were making their return on October 28th I immediately checked the calendar as I’m sure many other wrestling fans did.

Shortly after Revolver announced their October date both IPW and 3XW announced theirs; both on October 27th. Yup. Iowa’s two mainstays were going head-to-head on a Friday evening. This was pretty big news as it did not happen often. Then the arms race began. 3XW which has a working relationship with Revolver started announcing their card using many of the talents Revolver uses. IPW is way more storyline driven, in my opinion, and I can tell you they have a lot up their sleeves with possibly a big name coming in. I don’t want to oversell this, but has anyone seen Sophie’s Choice?

Everyone here at PWI were talking about who was going to what show just to make sure we were completely covered. Then it happened. During the two WWE house shows last weekend they announced NXT would be making its return on October 27th. THE SAME DAMN DAY AS IPW AND 3XW! Once again Facebook and Twitter began to flood with questions of what was going to happen with three big shows running on the same night at the same time.

There is no easy answer here. No one solution. IPW and 3XW running the same night was competitive enough as a lot of the same fans go to both promotions. I don’t know this but I can only assume both promotions were running Friday since Revolver was running Saturday. From what I’ve been able to tell no one is rescheduling their Friday shows. Now that NXT is also on Friday, what is a wrestling fan to do? Well, I’m actually not writing this strictly to the fans. I am writing it to IPW and 3XW as well.

So to the brass at IPW and 3XW I say: PLEASE DON’T RUN DURING NXT!!!! Myself and all of the other wrestling fans want to go to all of these! Please find some way around having these shows compete with each other AND NXT. This is coming from a completely selfish standpoint, I know. But it doesn’t do anyone any good by making fans choose between you and a WWE branded show. We get to watch NXT live maybe once a year. This is only their second time here. Run on Thursday or Sunday. Or even do a late night show after NXT. We are all going to be liquored up, enjoying ourselves, and wanting more wrestling. Stand outside Hy Vee Hall and flyer the hell out of us. Just don’t make us choose.

If someone were to come to you with two puppies and said choose. You get to keep one and God knows what happens to the other. Then right before you choose which puppy you want a freaking panda is thrown into the mix, but you can still only choose one. It was already hard enough choosing between two beautiful baby dogs. Now there’s a panda!? You want to keep them all, but if you can only choose one you’re obviously going to choose the one you never get to see. Please guys. Don’t make us kill puppies. We love puppies, but we also love pandas.

Written by Luke Raven (@ravenluke)

2 Comments on Two Puppies and a Panda

  1. Hey Luke. This is bob meiners. I run into you at some local shows and always enjoy our conversations. I know this is quite the problem with all these shows running but I do have a solution. For now I’m planning on going to 3xw and revolver. I might go Thursday night to nxt in spencer. I know it’s work the next day but the clay county regional events center can hold up to 2500 people and there is bleacher seating. The hyvee hall would just be floor seating and might not see as well. That’s my plan. So if you are willing to go a day earlier spencer is not a bad place for nxt.


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