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Pro Wrestling Iowa Fantasy Booking Competition: Round One

  1. Book 7-10 matches for your card.
    1. Explain how each match came to be using about a paragraph.
    2. You can also write 2-3 sentences explaining the outcome of the match.
  2. You can book all of your 10 drafted wrestlers as well as anyone who is not signed to another roster. There will be a bit of suspension of disbelief as obviously certain people will be on every card, but remember, it’s fantasy.
  3. You CANNOT use structure based gimmick matches (Cage, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, Punjabi Prison, etc.) However, any and all other match types are allowed.
  4. You are only allowed to introduce 3 championships at this time. (Tag/6-Man Championships count as 1.)


VOTING WILL CLOSE Thursday, September 28th, at 9:00 PM CST.




1st Place- 3 Additional Contracts for your roster and a 4th championship.

2nd Place- 2 Additional Contracts for your roster and a 4th championship.

3rd Place- 1 Additional Contract for your roster and a 4th championship.

4th Place- A 4th championship.

5th Place- 2 Homegrown Contracts for your roster.

6th Place- 1 Homegrown Contract for your roster.

7th Place- We don’t kick you out of the competition.




Hell House Wrestling

“Black Christmas”

December 5th , 2017

New Orleans, Louisiana


Sarah Logan vs. JT Energy

How This Match Came to Be

The “Sweetheart of the Swamp” takes on “The Six Star Booty” for a chance to join the Hell House roster. JT Energy wins with a submission. But as the locker room comes out to greet him, “the sleaze you can’t wash off” decides that this place “creeps him out” and refuses to accept the GM’s offer to join the roster. Sarah Logan is offered the job instead.


Ruff Crossing vs. Joeasa

How This Match Came to Be

The visiting wrestler Joeasa insulted anyone that lived in the rural conditions of Louisiana or “any other bumfuck backwoods trash heap”. Ruff Crossing took insult to that and went after Joeasa. But Joeasa grabs the pinfall.

Tag Team Match:

Candy Cartwright and Bayley vs. Crazy Mary Dobson and Holidead

How This Match Came to Be:

Candy and Bayley are brand new to Hell House and trying it out. Crazy Mary Dobson and Holidead, tried and true veterans, are angry at the newcomers and decide to take them down.

Bayley gets the pin on Holidead, but not before Crazy Mary Dobson chases Candy around the ring for awhile with a chainsaw in hand. She comments to the interviewer afterward, “It was the scariest moment of my life!”


Priscilla Kelly vs. Eddie Machete

How This Match Came to Be:

Eddie wanted to shut up “Hell’s Favorite Harlot”, who had been badmouthing Aleister Black, the head of “The Family”, the resident cult group. Eddie wins by DQ, as Priscilla bites him hard enough to draw blood. Eddie declares she’s insane and demands a no-DQ match in retaliation.


Mason Beck vs. Nikki Cross

How This Match Came to Be:

Mason Beck had come out to tout the benefits of “The Family” when he was suddenly jumped by a crazy Nikki Cross. The GM called for an impromptu match. Mason Beck pinned Nikki Cross, who laughed maniacally all the while.

Match for the Elm Street Championship

Allison Kay vs. Jessica Havok

How This Match Came to Be

Previous partners come to blows, as Jessica tries to break into the Hell House roster. Allison Kay pushes Jessica Havok out of the ring. Havok tries to return, only to find that Nikki Cross, who had never returned to the locker room after her match, had hidden in the audience and tied the laces of Havok’s boot to the chair leg. In the time it takes for Havok to untie it, the ref completes the 10 count. Kay wins by DQ.

The Bloody Belt Championship Match

Aleister Black vs. Su Yung

How This Match Came to Be

The Undead Bride wants to take down the patriarch of “The Family” and reigning champion Aleister Black. Su Yung was about to make the pin, when Eddie Machete and Mason Beck come out to interfere. Aleister Black gets the pin. Su Yung vows that she’ll take everything he has.



Regal Wrestling Corporation

“This show is Rated. . . StaRs”

Match 1

Young Lions Scramble

Xander Killin vs Matthew Palmer vs Jay White vs Juice Robinson vs Dezmond Xavier vs Zackery Wentz vs Myron Reed vs Everett Conners

This match is built on the fact that RWC is going to feature young up and coming stars doing what they do best, and showcasing the insane up tempo style they are best known for.

This match is absolutely insane up tempo action that sees some very interesting developments in that in the early going the 8 competitors all work with another competitor in the match that they are known for until things break down after everyone dives to the outside, including a tandem over the ringpost dive by Killin & Reed

The match has a controversial ending as Reed hits a 630 on Palmer while Xavier hits a 450 on Conners, both men go for covers, but the referee only sees the Myron Reed cover and counts the 3


Myron Reed

After the match: Reed and Xavier have a stare down but both show respect and back down.

Match 2

Six Woman Tag

“Cutie Pie Club” (Laney Luck, Kiera Hogan, & Arya Blake) vsTeam “Totally Iconic” (Dana Brooke, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay)

This match comes from a series of web videos from Dana, Peyton, and Billie saying that not only they are the best females in the ring, but also the best at every facet of life.

They are countered by the “cutie pie club” who think that just because “totally iconic” has been around a little longer, they think they are better. But CPC is young, hungry, and everyone envys them.

The match is a great six woman tag, with all the ladies giving it their all, finish comes when Peyton and Billie hit the Iconic Knee for the win on Arya Blake


“Totally Iconic”

Match 3

The Miz vs Joey Ryan

Miz has of course been saying that he is the most “must see” athlete in the wrestling world but he is continually interrupted by the “King of Dong Style” Joey Ryan who says that “Miz isn’t must see, but Joey’s Dong is.”

The match is a back and forth affair where Miz keeps coming up short by injuring himself by coming in contact with Joey’s Genitals. The match ends after Miz tries to go for a low blow but gets his hand caught and Joey hits the Dick Flip and the YouPorn Plex for a 3 count.


Joey Ryan

Match 4

#1 contenders fatal-4way tag match

OI4K (Dave & Jake Christ) vs Rey Fenix & Drago vs The Besties in the World (Matt Fitchett & Davey Vega) vs Black & Brave’s Finest (Conner Braxton & Deonn Ruseman)

This match is for the #1 contender to the tag team titles that will be decided later in the night. It is a match that is taking 4 of the best and distinctly different tag teams in wrestling and putting them into one epic match.

This match is a great match showing off the different styles of all four teams. The B&B team dominate early by showcasing their power advantage, but are cut off by the excellent Lucha Libre moves of Fenix and Drago. The Besties & OI4K both show off the tag team precision that they are known for.

The match ends with Braxton and Ruseman setting up for a spear & Big Boot Combo on Dave, but Jake pulls him out of the way and OI4K send Braxton to the floor, then hit the Killing Spree on Ruseman for he win.

Winners & #1 contenders

OI4K (Jake & Dave Christ)

Post match Braxton helps his partner Ruseman up as the fans cheer on their hard fought effort, and as Black & Brave’s finest go to leave, BRAXTON hits RUSEMAN with a big boot outta nowhere!!!! Conner then starts berating Deonn, screaming at him in anger. When Deonn gets back to his feet, Conner hits another Big Boot to knock Ruseman out, Braxton then leaves with a very angry look on his face.

Match 5

RWC Women’s Championship match

Leva Bates vs Alexa Bliss

In a match to determine the first RWC women’s champion, it is two ladies who couldn’t be more different.

In one corner “The Godess” Alexa Bliss a lifelong athlete who combines beauty, power, and killer instinct into what she calls “5 feet of Fury.”

In the other corner, the former “Blue Pants” Leva Bates, a lady who is more of a gamer and sci-fi nerd than she ever was an athlete. Leva who is known for cosplaying and fun, but can go in the ring.

In the build to the match, Alexa makes it know that she believes that a gamer and a nerd like Leva isn’t fit to be a champion and she will prove it to the world when she destroyes Leva Bates.

Leva Bates says that she may not have been a beauty queen and she may have played video games and read comics but she is just as intense a competitor as Alexa Bliss.

In the match Leva enters as the Dark Phoenix, and immediately attacks Alexa with a pretty intense barrage of strikes. Alexa gets beaten down for the majority of the match, but Leva goes for a splash into the railing outside the ring and Alexa moves, Leva injures her ribs hitting the railing and Alexa tosses her back in and hits a Twisted Bliss Splash for the win.

Winner and RWC Women’s Champion

Alexa Bliss

RWC Tag Team Title Match

The Hardys (“Broken” Matt & Brother Nero) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito & EVIL)

This match for the tag titles is best described as over the top, “Broken” Matt has taken issue with Naito and LIJ for not accepting his “Broken Brillance” and wishes to DELETE! Naito and his band of Misfits.

Naito and LIJ look at The Hardys as another group who wish to bring order to the world of chaos which they thrive upon. Naito says he will bow to know deities. . . even if there are seven of them.

The match is a heavy hard hitting affair, the Hardys get the early advantage thanks to the SPOT MONKEY stylings of Brother Nero, but then with a low blow Naito & Evil get an advantage and isolate on Matt. This goes on for awhile till EVIL goes for an everything is evil and Matt counters it into a side effect. Brother Nero gets the tag and cleans house until the match completely breaks down. The referee gets taken out when EVIL pulls The ref in front of a diving Jeff. Bush I then appears at ringside and sprays Jeff in the eyes with Black mist taking him out. Matt then hits a Twist of Fate on EVIL and is about to cover when the video screen comes to live and we see a room in the back. LIJ member Hiromu Takahashi is seen with his “cat” Daryl and they are playing with King Maxel. This distracts Matt and as he is looking at he screen Naito hits a Destino and covers Matt for the win.

Winners and RWC Tag Team Champions

Los Ingobernables de Japon

Super Grudge Hoss Battle

Keith Lee vs Brock Lesnar

Who is the biggest and the baddest?

Lesnar (through his advocate Paul Heyman) comes to RWC and says that there is no man who can stand eye to eye with the beast incarnate. This is immediately answered by the giant Keith Lee. Paul is confused and says, “excuse me sir, who are you?”

Keith Lee doesn’t say anything but rather immediately attacks Lesnar and after a few punches send him to the floor. Lee then hits a tope con Hilo over the top rope and then gets back in the ring. Heyman gets Lesnar to back off. Keith Lee gets the ic and says, “I am Keith Lee, I’ve been working my ass off for years. Now that I’m here Brock, you will. . . Bask in my GLORY!!!!!!

This match is exactly what these two men are known for and is a true war from the opening moment as both men show their power and try to get an advantage. Lesnar hits two German Suplexes back to back but Lee jumps right up and hits Brock with a dropkick. It goes back and forth like this until Lee gets caught coming in and hit with an F-5. Amazingly Keith Lee kicks out at 1. Brock is shocked and tries for another F-5, but Lee kicks out and fight him off, after more back and forth Lee shows an amazing feet of strength and gets Lesnar up and hits a spirit bomb, but Lesnar kicks out at the last moment. Both men are spent at this point, they battle back to their feet and trade shots. Keith Lee tries for another Spirit Bomb but Brock blocks it and lifts Lee up to his shoulders. Brock Spins and hits a massive F-5!!!! 1. . . 2. . .3!!!


Brock Lesnar

Brock then rolls over and lays on the mat, exhausted from an epic battle as Brock rolls out and heads up the aisle. Keith Lee gets to his feet and he and Brock stare each other down.


RWC Championship Match

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre

This match is to see who will lead RWC into the future. “The Man” or “The Choosen One?”

Going into this match both men have a lot to say about the other. Rollins says he has nothing but respect for McIntyre, but that he has had shots before and then blown them. Drew points out that Seth has been on top before but it was always with the help of others. Both men claim that they are the present and the future, and the top guy.

The match is back and forth with neither man gaining a real edge for some time. They go back and forth until Seth hits a running knee strike and then hits a dive on the outside. Seth works over Drew’s knee and tried to ground the taller man. As the match progresses Seth hits a Phoenix Splash for a 2 count. Seth then grabs Galloway and goes for the ripcord. McIntyre ducks the knee and comes off the ropes. CLAYMORE!!! IT HIT THE REF!!! The referee is now knocked out. Drew tries to wake the referee, Seth grabs him for another attempt at the ripcord, but Drew hits a Future Shock DDT. However there is no referee to make the count. All of a Sudden, XANDER KILLIN comes running to the ring and tries to come off the top rope onto McIntyre, Drew dodges him and hits him with a Claymore, as Drew gets up he gets hit with a big boot out of nowhere from CONNER BRAXTON!!! Xander wakes the ref and Conner helps Seth to his feet. Killin & Braxton slide out of the ring and Seth then hits a Pedegree. 1…2…3!!!

Winner and the First RWC Champion

Seth Rollins

After the match Braxton and Killin enter the ring and celebrate with their trainer Seth Rollins, Rollins gets a mic and after looking down at McIntyre, he says, “Drew, you said that I couldn’t do it on my own. . . What you didn’t realize, is that an architect, always has a team behind him. For the last 3 years I’ve been building more than just a team. . . I have built, AN ARMY!!!! The Black & the Brave Army!!!! And we just won, THE WAR!!!!!

-Fade to Black-




Show opens with…. ME, walking out to the stage , gaudy ass outfit.

“Welcome to… CONTEST WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS! I am the Gamesmaster! I have… procured some of the greatest wrestlers in the world to fight for my amusement and yours!”

Lights pop on 10 elimination chamber style chambers around the barricades, was I introduce YOUR CHAMPIONS! Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, Bobby Roode, Johny Morrison, Charlotte Flair, Candace LeRae, Chainsaw King and Jon West.

Now sit back and relax, as our champions fight both each other, and a few surprise guests for your amusement!


“American Nightmare” CODY RHODES


“American Nightmare” JON WEST


First off, you two have the SAME GIMMICK NAME.
Cody, you have the familial claim, your father was the American Dream, you gave up your last gimmick to become the American Nightmare, an act that raised your status in the wrestling world enough for me to bring you here.
Jon, it’s true, Black Wrestlers Matter. You’re a black man in wrestling who doesn’t shuck and jive, who isn’t a criminal, or a stereotype of any kind. You are in fact, the american nightmare, a smart black man who just wants a chance. Welll….. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

As each pod opens, the contestants are walked down to the ring by guards.

The two have a great back and forth with Jon and Cody both scoring nearfalls, a real barnburner.
WINNER: CODY “AMERICAN NIGHTMARE” RHODES by ref distraction heel cheat.  




Ooooooh, wasn’t that fun, ladies and germs? Next up…. I have not one, but TWO special guests.

CANDACE LERAE (with Joey Ryan)


CHAINSAW KING (with Rosemary)


Candace LeRae hits the ballsplex on Chainsaw… BUT!! HE LIKES IT! IT MAKES HIM STRONGER!





Gamesmaster starts talking, how one of the Champions knew they would be there, they wanted to be there, they were for sale, and I bought his contract fair and square….

ROMAN REIGNS pod opens. No guards. He walks over to Gamesmaster and shakes his hand before walking to the ring.

We have a very special match for you….





Jack Gallagher gets a bit of offense in, but mostly is ragdolled around the ring by Roman, who has a good 100 lbs on him. It’s a real smear, Gallagher bloody and unconscious at the end, Roman with the cocky pin, one foot on his chest.



Roman finishes the squash match, and walks over to join the Gamesmaster in his little area of the stage.




Next match is another personal battle. For the past year, our first competitor has come down to the ring in a flashy robe, strutting  and basking in the glory as semi operatic music plays…. BUT, that entrance, that strut, that attitude is his opponent’s birthright, who is the real Natural one? WHO IS THE DIRTIEST PLAYER IN THE GAME?






The match is a real physical affair, both athletes throwing every dirty trick they know. Eye rakes, feet on ropes, anything and everything as these two scrap. Finally, Charlotte gets the Low Blow in behind the ref’s back.





John Morrison is called, as he walks to the ring, he does a parkour move, onto the barricade, slipping the guards and sprinting at the Gamesmaster, ready to attack.

Roman Reigns steps up and POW, Spear on the ramp! Johnny Staggers to his feet and BAM! Superman punch! John is busted open! Roman drags Johnny to the ring, and throws him in






This is a real match, as John overcomes the initial beatdown to get in some offense, despite being blatantly injured, he fights valiantly, but his initial injuries are too much….








TOMMASO CIAMPA (special guest)


Gamesmaster announces that even though he didn’t get the Sicilian Psychopath’s contract, he got him for one day! The match is exactly what you would expect from Balor vs Ciampa.




After the match, Balor turns to the Gamesmaster, kneels and pledges his loyalty to fight for him. Gamesmaster welcomes him to sit beside him with Roman as the crowd chants “YOU SOLD OUT YOU SOLD OUT YOU SOLD OUT!



Shinsuke Nakamura is called, and casually walks to the ring, giving his guards the stink eye. He gets to the ring and sits down, cross legged. “I WILL NOT FIGHT FOR YOU!” The gamemaster is angry, but controlled, he expected someone to do this. I have a special opponent who will MAKE you fight….





The Monster among Men walks down the aisle, Nakamura sits, defiant. He starts to beat on him, ragdolling him around the ring, it’s getting uncomfortable. Finally…. FINN BALOR STANDS! He smacks Roman with his chair and runs to the ring, dropkicking Braun and pulling Nakamura to his feet. Now that his old friend/rival Finn has shown his heel turn to be a ruse, the two of them pull out all the stops, and between them, vanquish the monster…




Show closes with Gamesmaster promising to make Finn fight Shinsuke next week.




The crowd is welcomed to the initial offering from the TFWA (Top Flight Wrestling Alliance) by commissioner Iron Mike Johnson. He says that this will be an organization built with the fans in mind, bringing talent from all realms of the wrestling world together for an impact unlike any other.


The first match of the evening is a tag team invitational match to determine who is worthy for the organization to bring in and contend for the first tag team championship. We felt the current roster deserved to see what tag team wrestling was out there, so this is a match made up of the best unsigned talent in the world. From GFW, we have Jake and Dave Crist, OVE! And from New Japan Pro Wrestling, Raymond Rowe and Hanson, WAR MACHINE!!! The match is a clash of styles as Dave and Jake clearly outmaneuver the bearded ones, but they quickly learn that the combination of speed and power is too much, as War Machine takes over and shows the youngsters who are the cream of the crop, hitting a crushing finisher and putting the TFWA roster on alert. Winners: WAR MACHINE


The second match is a chance for the TFWA roster to show the crowd their talent. Coming to the ring first, after a strong year of holding one of the championship belts in Iowa, and representing well in the Hall of Fame Classic, we have A.J. Smooth! And his opponent, one of the strongest wrestlers in the world, and a top flight trainer as well, Michael Elgin. This is clearly a match of brawn, with multiple tests of strength shown. Elgin is educating the man from Red Deer in the ways of the ring, when suddenly, the referee is distracted by a fan in the crowd, yelling and screaming that Elgin is a cheater. This gives AJ Smooth the opportunity to hit a low blow, roll up, and an unseen handful of tights for win. Winner: AJ SMOOTH. After the match, the fan in the crowd lowers the hood on his jacket to reveal that it is none other than Sami Callihan! He grabs the mic, and proceeds to yell at Elgin, saying “There is a difference between being strong and fighting strong. And big man…no one fights stronger than the Worldwide Desperado. See ya next show!”


It is now time for the women of TFWA to put their skills to the test. Coming to the ring first, a woman who has dominated all levels of independent wrestling, and a star of impeccable pedigree, Tessa Blanchard. She takes the mic and say that there is no one who can put together a match like her. She has fought all styles, all sizes, and no one can keep up with her. Cue the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka coming to the ring. Taking the mic, she says, “You’ve fought everyone? Great. NO ONE…has beaten…ASUKA!” Bell rings, and these two take off into a flurry of moves. Tessa tries to finish it off with a flying crossbody block, but Asuka is prepared and turns this into an Asuka lock. Tessa has no choice but to submit. Winner: ASUKA


The lights go down, and the fireflies come out. Coming to the ring is Bray Wyatt. He begins to educate the crowd on the darkness that has overtaken his heart, and notes that the eater of worlds mission is to rid this world of all good and light. He offers the ring up to anyone who wants to show him otherwise. With that, the familiar music of midwest wrestling favorite, James Jeffries hits. He comes to the ring, and Bray begins to belittle him. James shows no signs of backing down, and the match begins. Moves traded back and forth, but Bray is clearly taking it to James, hitting him with the Sister Abigail for win. Winner: BRAY WYATT. Bray takes the mic and tells the crowd this path of destruction will continue until all that is left is darkness, and the Eater of Worlds. Follow the buzzards!


The music hits, and the crowd is greeted by the one and only Battle of Los Angeles 2017 champion, the King Ricochet! He takes the mic and tells the crowd there has been a lot of strength shown, but it is time for some speed and skill to be shown. He initiates the All Hail the King challenge, open to any flier that thinks they can take him down. A familiar song hits, and one of Ricochet’s greatest competitors of the last few years, Will Ospreay, heads to the ring. The feeling in the building is electric, as videos of matches between these two have gone beyond viral. The crowd is not disappointed, as a flurry of moves greets them at every turn. Finally, Ricochet hits the Benadryller kick in the corner, setting up for a picture perfect 630 Senton and the win. Winner: RICOCHET. He notes that this challenge will stay open as long as the competition remains as strong as this match was. Crowd is exhausted from keeping up with this action.


In an opportunity for commisioner Iron Mike to view some more new talent, he has signed a mixed tag match bringing together some of the top finishers from the most recent competitions out there. In one corner, the team of 2017 Battle of Los Angeles finalist Jeff Cobb, and his tag team partner, Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane. And in the other corner, Mae Young Classic finalist Shayna Baszler, and her tag team partner, newly crowned Progress champion Travis Banks. The match is heavily contested with fast tags and big hits, but ultimately, as in the MYC, Baszler succumbs to the Insane Elbow and the pin from Sane. Winner: Jeff Cobb and Kairi Sane


It is now time for the main event of the evening. TFWA is ready to crown their first ever champion with the winner of this match will carry this belt forward. Coming to the ring first, a champion in multiple organizations, from Tacoma Washington, The King of Swerve, Shane Strickland. And his opponent, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the IWGP US Heavyweight champion and newest signee of the TFWA, Kenny Omega! There is no shortage of action in this match, but in the end, Omega gets Strickland up in the Katayoku no Tenshi (One Winged Angel), and drops him into a perfect pinning combination. Your winner and the first ever TFWA Heavyweight champion, KENNY OMEGA!!! The crowd is ecstatic and applauds both wrestlers for an amazing show. The future is bright for this fledgeling organization, the TFWA, after this initial event. From commissioner Iron Mike Johnson, Good night, and stay TOP FLIGHT.


Crowd: This is awesome. CLAP CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP.




Pro Wrestling America Presents Labor Day Wrestling Spectacular at the Memphis Tennessee Flea Market *proceeds go to support the local union during their strike*

Bucky Collins vs Enzo Amore

The show starts with Bucky Collins dashing to the ring as only he can, mean mugging the audience as he makes his way to the ring. Enzo comes to the ring with mic in hand. He delights the crowd with his usual verbal antics. When he gets to the ring he starts proclaiming that he is the real bucknasty. Bucky attacks him during this and the match is off. They go for a handful of minutes with Bucky on top before Enzo moves during Bucky’s second rope senton and Bucky falls through the ropes. Enzo hits a front flip senton from the apron. He rolls Bucky inside, goes for his second rope diving ddt. Bucky throws Enzo off as he attempts to latch on and delivers a rat trap for the win.

Zach Sabre Jr vs Hideki Suzuki – PWA Technical Championship

This is just a wrestling match between the flag bearer for british technical wrestling in 2017 and the Billy Robinson trained flag bearer of Japanese technical wrestling in 2017. Suzuki goes over following his double underhook suplex.

Neville vs Kalisto – PWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

This match goes 17 minutes of back and forth until Kalisto hits the Selina Del Sol.

Joey Janella vs Danny Havoc – Joey Janella House of Fun Match

This match came about after following the backstage incident between Joey Janella and Devon Moore over money being stolen from Janella’s wallet backstage. Danny Havoc neither defended nor accused Moore and Janella couldn’t take and told Havoc that him showing support for Moore during this time was more than he could accept. The following weekend a vignette showed up on Janella’s youtube channel. It featured Dink the Clown showing up at Danny Havoc’s door with an invitation. Danny Havoc may be a deathmatch legend who has rolled in glass and slammed onto thumbtacks countless times, but Dink was all it took to get his goat. Danny was running around the house from Dink who held out the invitation. Eventually Danny tripped on his scythe that was laying on the floor and Dink extended the invitation and said “From Mr Janella”. Danny Havoc showed up to the match tonight with his fists taped and a kendo stick looking as if he didn’t know what to expect. *the lights go off* Glacier enters to the ring. Danny is completely bewildered. He walks over to the announcers and comments that this is what he deserves for leaving the family farm in Iowa to become a deathmatch wrestler. Danny and Glacier go mono a mono in a striking contest at first, but Glacier starts to break him down. Danny rolls to the outside and grabs four light tubes. He and Glacier proceed to have a martial arts battle with the tubes where neither connect with any impact. They reach a stalemate and the crowd goes to applaud and Danny headbutts the lighttube into Glacier’s face and tries to pin him. The ref doesn’t count. He said the match is between him and Janella. Havoc gets on the mic and tells Joey to come out. *the lights go off* The Dungeon of Doom’s theme begins to play. Out comes Meng, Barbarian, Kevin Sullivan, and The Giant. Havoc proceeds to run outside the ring and frantically dump every weapon he can find in the ring. He greets Meng and Barbarian on the apron with salt that he dumps in their eyes and gives a running dropkick to Sullivan who is pushed off the apron. As The Giant gets onto the apron Havoc throws his mightiest right hand. No effect. He bounds off the opposite ropes for a stiff running forearm shot. No effect. The Giant enters the ring and stares havoc down. Havoc nervously reaches down to grab a light tube and notices no movement from the Giant. He gives his mighties thud with the tube and The Giant just roars at him. At this point Barbarian and Meng attack Havoc from behind and pummel him down. Sullivan drags a light tube cabin into the ring. Meng and Barbarian continue to bombard Havoc with creative strikes. Giant finally does the deed and puts Havoc through the light tube cabin with a chokeslam. Sullivan gets on the mic and says “JANELLA. WE HAVE YOUR MAN.” Janella comes to the ring and pins havoc and hands Sullivan a wad of cash.

Lashley vs Riddle – PWA Strong Championship

These two went at it back and forth for 13 minutes until Riddle  managed to choke out Lashley from behind.

Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto and Yuji Okobayashi) vs Da Hit Squad (Monsta Mack and Dan Maff)  – PWA Tag Team Championship

Two giant teams going at it for gold. Strong BJ win in 9 minutes after Sekimoto hits the bridging german suplex on Monsta Mack.

John Cena vs Kazuchika Okada – PWA Heavyweight Championship

The two defining wrestlers of this generation. They’d only been in the same promotion for a number of months. Every time either was near each other it turned into a showboating bout. And now the biggest match in wrestling happens. Okada wins in 28 back and forth minutes after a rainmaker. Okada and Cena honor each other after the match and Okada said Cena gave a battle that earned a rematch.

Jah-C vs Jerry Lawler – Winner’s Partner Returns

This feud started off as a battle for tag team championship gold. Lawler and Bill Dundee were the newly crowned tag team champs and JT Energy and Jah-C their first challengers. Energy and Jah-C would win via the use of the tainted liquid in Energy’s spray bottle. They would retain via a low blow on Lawler. When Vicious and Delicious would defend against Strong BJ, Lawler and Dundee came out during the match and distracted them. This led to a loser leaves town match between Bill Dundee and JT Energy. Jah-C made his way to the ring and attempted to interfere but Lawler followed him out. A four way brawl ensued and the match was thrown out. Commissioner Dave Brown said that both men were banned from the promotion until a match between Jah-C and Jerry Lawler is held to determine which wrestler is allowed back in. Gyasi hit the ring with mic in hand telling the audience that this is the day he rids professional wrestling of the old stars of yesteryear for good. Jah-C said its time for hot young acts like him and JT Energy to become the face of PWA instead of putting old saggy faces like Jerry Lawler’s on the poster. Lawler comes out and tells Jah-C that his face wouldn’t draw on a poster unless it said “Come one, come all, beat on the Tennessee jackass.” The crowd roars even though the joke stinks because it’s Jerry Lawler in Memphis. The two go for twelve minutes. Lawler dominates at first, but Jah-C gets the upper hand after Lawler misses his fist drop. They end up in a striking battle near the end which Lawler comes up on the upper hand. Jah-C reverses Lawler’s piledriver and backdrops him before going for his version of the headlock driver. Lawler shoves him off the ropes and pulls a chain out of his tights to his Jah-C and take the win. The crowd rejoices as Bill Dundee emerges and the two hug in the ring. Then Bill Dundee grabs the chain from Lawler’s hand and hits him with it. He gets on top of Lawler and pelts him with it repetitively. He gets on the mic and tells everybody watching that he’s tired of having Jerry Lawler fight for him. He said that he only has one thing to do in wrestling and that is end Lawler’s career and he only needs one more chance to do it. He said that he wants Lawler at the next show, no dq, and it will be his final match.






  1. Main Event for the World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles VS Pentagon


After both men winning qualifying matches to get to the vacant world title match things between the two got extremely heated. Both men kept attacking each other in various backstage interview segments security had to pull them apart. Pentagon had a chance to capture tag team gold with Sami Zayn but AJ would end up costing them the match by distracting pentagon. AJ was on the verge of a major win over Samoa Joe but was defeated due to Pentagons music causing a distraction.

Spoiler: AJ wins with a Styles Clash.


  1. Vacant Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks vs Carmella

Both girls entered a battle royal a few weeks ago with the hope of coming out the new Women’s champion. It came down to Sasha, Carmella, Ember Moon, and Emma. Sasha eliminated Ember while Carmella eliminated Emma. After Emma was eliminated Sasha ran to eliminate Carmella but both fell out of the ring at the same time leaving no choice but to set up a one on one match.

Spoiler: Carmella wins with the Carmella buster. After getting the pinfall Carmella stood over Sasha shoving the belt in her face. Having seen enough Ember Moon came running down the aisle to chase Carmella out of the ring.

  1. Tag Team Titles: The Young Bucks (champions)vs Ryan Slade and Rory Fox

After defeating Slade and Fox in a TLC match last month Slade and Fox wanted a rematch this time with no gimmicks, a straightforward wrestling match.  Backstage both Fox and Slade said the young bucks are nothing but high flyers who can’t really wrestle. Fox and Slade then challenge the bucks to not do a single move off the top rope.


Spoiler: Despite thinking they outsmarted the young bucks by taking out their high flying moves, the young bucks were able to overcome it and retain their tag team gold with a double sharpshooter while screaming “we can’t wrestle”.


  1. Jay Lethal vs Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe


When Zayn finished his tag team match with pentagon on the losing end, on his way to the back he was attacked by Jay Lethal. Lethal screaming at Sami during the attack that he didn’t belong in a wrestling ring. The next week Zayn was attacked by Lethal again and Samoa Joe. General manager Mick Foley then announced a Triple threat match for Summer Slam.


Spoiler: Joe wins after Lethal attempted to hit the Lethal Injection and Joe put him in Coqunia Clutch forcing Lethal to tap out.


  1. Moose vs Braun Strowman


Moose came down to the ring furious he didn’t have a match booked and issued an open challenge. Strowman answered the call in a true battle of the big men.


Spoiler: Moose wins after giving Strowman 3 go to hell finishers.


  1. EC3 vs The Miz


Things started out good during a recent MizTV but quickly ended badly for EC3 when he said some things Miz didn’t agree with. Miz threw his head into the MizTron. After getting his head cleaned up and staples in it EC3 ran down during Miz vs Rey Mysterio on a recent live event chasing him out of the ring causing him to lose by countout. EC3 would finally catch up to him backstage giving him a beat down and challenging him to a match at SummerSlam.


Spoiler: EC3 gets the victory with the One Percenter off the middle rope.


7: Rey Mysterio vs Gran Metalik


After losing a Cruiserweight title no 1 contender match Gran Metalik stormed backstage and the first person he ran into was Mysterio. Despite being nowhere near the ring during the match Metalik blamed Mysterio for his loss. Metalik said if he can’t be in a title match that his dream match is against Mysterio. Rey accepted for Summerslam.


Spoiler: Mysterio wins with a 619. After the match Rey goes to shake Metalik’s hand to which Metalik takes exception to and slaps Mysterio in the face and leaving the ring.






Scottish Rite Temple

Kansas City, Missouri


Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament

Round One

Kevin Owens versus Tomohiro Ishii


How this match came to be: AGE prides itself in being a company that brings in the best talent in the world. One person believes himself to be the absolute best in the world. As the first man signed to AGE, he believed he should be handed the championship. He said there was no man in the world who could equal him. AGE management wanted to find one of the meanest, grumpiest, and gruesome veterans in all of the world to put him in his place. They found Tomohiro Ishii. In a match that should be a downright brutal hoss fight, these two men will go to war to determine just who will advance in the Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament.

The match itself: This match was the intense battle everyone would imagine it would be. Owens proved to be ruthless, but Ishii didn’t back down. Ultimately, Owens took a short cut behind the official’s back to get the win.


Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament

Round One

Pete Dunne versus Johnny Gargano


How this match came to be: ‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne is one of the fastest rising stars in the world today. Johnny Gargano is considered by many to be one of the most underrated stars in the world today. It was no surprise when Pete Dunne wanted to make an impact in AGE that he targeted Gargano. Now, Johnny Wrestling may have been considered by some to be an easy target for Dunne, but he wanted to prove he was anything but. Now, there is only one spot in the Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament for one of these men to advance, but the heart of Johnny Gargano will certainly bring a lot of fight.

The match itself: Both of these men brought everything they had. Dunne was absolutely ruthless as he delivered the damage to Gargano, but Johnny Wrestling never gave up. Ultimately, Gargano put Dunne in a crossface and scored the victory!


Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament

Round One

Killian Dain versus Chad Gable


How this match came to be: Chad Gable desperately wanted to prove he was more than a tag team wrestler. He wanted to prove he was capable of entering the squared circle in the single division. He said he would take on any challenger that was put in front of him. The answer to his challenge was someone who also wanted to prove his worth as a singles competitor. He wants to prove that he’s not just the muscle of a stable. Killian Dain wanted to be the Crown of Evolution Champion. Chad Gable, historically, made his fame as an amateur wrestler. He gained his victories in matches where men needed to be near the same weight. How will he fare in a match where he gives up over one hundred pounds.

The match itself: Chad Gable definitely had a spot stealing performance. He proved he had the technical prowess to be a very dominant star in the future. However, his tenacity was no match for the power of Killian Dain who threw him all around the ring. Dain’s dominance proved to be too much for Gable.


Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament

Round One

Opportunity Knocks Scramble

Curt Stallion vs Stephen Wolf vs Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak vs Myron Reed vs Travis Titan vs Jeff Cobb vs KLD


How this match came to be: For the last spot in the semifinals, management wanted the doors to be wide open for anyone. They wanted to find the hottest, youngest, and hungriest stars around. They brought in top cruiserweights such as Stephen Wolf, Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak, Myron Reed, and Travis Titan. They also wanted to bring in top heavyweights such as Curt Stallion, Jeff Cobb, and Kevin Lee Davidson. Which one of these up and coming stars will make it past the intensity of ROUND ONE?

The match itself: The experience of men like Jeff Cobb and Drew Gulak proved to be useful in the beginning of the match. However, the fast pace of Reed, Wolf, and Ali dazzled the crowd. Titan and Stallion brought a lot of intensity to the match. Titan and Stallion scored several near falls, but when neither man could get the victory, KLD took them both out. All of the cruiserweights came at the big man at 100 mph. Eventually, Stephen Wolf scored a Shooting Star Press for the victory.




Eve of Evolution Championship Match

Two Out of Three Falls Match

Becky Lynch vs Toni Storm


How this match came to be: AGE wanted to have a phenomenal women’s division. They wanted all of their women’s matches to be meaningful and feature some of the best women in the world. Becky Lynch and Toni Storm proved to be the most dominant women given the opportunity to be a part of AGE. The question that stood was “Which woman is the most worthy of being the Eve of Evolution Champion?” These women didn’t ask for opportunities to be handed to them; they wanted to take them. The only match worthy of crowning the first ever Eve of Evolution Champion was a two out of three falls match.

The match itself: Both of these women gave it everything they had. They showed great respect for each other.  Toni Storm managed to win the first fall which seemed to really frustrate Becky Lynch. She applies the Disarmer, but Storm doesn’t quit. Becky refuses to break the hold, but Storm gets the ropes. Lynch still doesn’t let it go.  The referee disqualified Lynch for not breaking. She got upset saying Storm shouldn’t be awarded the title on a disqualification. The referee awarded Storm the title, but the decision has since been announced to be under review by management.


Collaborative Artists Championships Qualifier Match

The Briscoes (Jay and Mark) versus Scott Dawson and Johnny Wisdom


How this match came to be: When the Collaborative Artists Championships were revealed, The Revival of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder declared themselves to be the top contenders. However, one man wanted to get the attention of The Revival. That man was Johnny Wisdom. He wanted to prove that he lived by the same moral code as The Revival; No Flips Just Fists. When he felt like they weren’t taking him seriously, he sent Dash Wilder out on in an ambulance. Surprised by the ability of Wisdom, Dawson insisted he take the spot of his partner against one of the best tag teams out there, The Briscoes.

The match itself: Johnny Wisdom proved just how tough and useful he was against The Briscoes, but as the match wore on, familiarity proved to be more useful. Johnny and Scott didn’t have the same fluidity as Jay and Mark. However, DASH WILDER came in to attack Johnny Wisdom allowed Wisdom and Dawson to win by DQ.


Collaborative Artists Championships Qualifier Match

Fatal Fourway

Sage Cainan and Dante Leon vs The Besties in the World (Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega) vs The Fashion Police (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) vs Cesaro and Sheamus


How this match came to be: There were no doubts that the two best tag teams in the world were The Briscoes and The Revival. However, when it came to picking another team, there were many more options. They presented the opportunity to four teams they believed would make the most of it. Which team is most worthy to take on the challenge of competing for the Collaborative Artists Championships.

The match itself: All four teams brought their absolute best. In the end, Sage Cainan picks up a sneak roll-up on Mat Fitchett.


Confirmed for Round Two

Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament Matches

Kevin Owens versus Stephen Wolf

Killian Dain versus Johnny Gargano


Collaborative Artists Championships

Scott Dawson and Johnny Wisdom versus Sage Cainan and Dante Leon


The Fate of the Eve of Evolution Championship



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