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The Brady A. Dezire Podcast: Episode 8 (or the One with the Pipebomb)

This is it ladies and gentlemen.  The most hyped, the most anticipated podcast from the Pro Wrestling Iowa Network in recent memory.  This was recorded on August 22, but due to legal reasons, we’ve been unable to post it until today.  Luke Raven returns to the Network to drop a pipebomb about how he feels about a certain personality on wrestling Twitter.  You most likely know this person, but if you don’t and your curious I’m sure a DM to Luke will clear that up.  To protect ourselves we’ve manipulated the audio to hide their name along with a few other names, but trust us…you don’t want to miss this episode! Luke’s call out plus much more and an announcement about the return of Hilarious Tinder Pick-up lines!

Click here to listen to the Brady A. Dezire Podcast (or right click and save)!

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