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The Pro Wrestling Mothership: Episode 35

This week Dustin and Kevin are joined by our #GoodBrother Jeff Duis to talk all the big news in the world of wrestling. This week topics include: the firing of Jimmy Jacobs, Neville walking out of RAW, EVOLVE’s new GIF policy, thoughts on RAW, Smackdown and NXT, results from NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling and updates on Power Struggle and much more!

Get The Mothership by clicking this (or right click and save this shit!)

Jeff will be back Monday night to join Dustin and Darnell to break down the upcoming WWE 2K18 with a preview and review from Jeff who will have had a few days with the game!

Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffMcFlyIA and check out his stuff over at as well as his Twitch stream at

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Follow Kevin on Twitter @kevwilds

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