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Fantasy Booking League: Round Two!

  1. Book 7-10 matches for your card.
    1. Explain how each match came to be using about a paragraph.
    2. You can also write 2-3 sentences explaining the outcome of the match.
  2. You can book all of your  drafted wrestlers as well as anyone who is not signed to another roster. There will be a bit of suspension of disbelief as obviously certain people will be on every card, but remember, it’s fantasy.
  3. You CANNOT use structure based gimmick matches (Cage, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, Punjabi Prison, etc.) However, any and all other match types are allowed.
  4. You are only allowed to use your established championships.


VOTING CLOSES: Saturday November 25th, 2017 10:00 AM CST



The place you receive in Round Two will determine your spot in the Structure Draft to determine which structure you MUST USE in Round Three. Here are the structures you will be able to choose from:


Barbed Wire Cage

Blue Bar Classic Steel Cage

Elimination Chamber

Kennel from Hell

Punjabi Prison

Steel Cage

War Games



1st- 3 Contracts

2nd- 3 Homegrown Contracts

3rd- 2 Contracts

4th- 2 Homegrown Contracts

5th- 1 Contract

6th- 1 Homegrown Contract

7th- One of your wrestlers must wrestle as Doink the Clown on the next show.



No Submission



Regal Wrestling Corporation


Undisputed & Unscripted”

Show Open

Black & Brave Army Promo

Seth Rollins comes to the ring along with Conner Braxton, Joe Acer, Chase Holliday, and Braden McBride. Rollins says that as you can see and as he told everyone. He has spent his time building an army. Building THE army. Rollins also says that they are going to have his back tonight when he faces Brock Lesnar.

Conner Braxton gets the mic and says that the men in the ring are Black & Brave’s best and the ones that fell in line. He says Deonn Ruseman was a weak link and that is why he wasn’t included, and Braxton laid him out and no one will see him ever again. . .

Ruseman’s MUSIC HITS!!! Ruseman walks into the stage and says that he didn’t “fall in line” because he has integrity and there is actually a whole group of guys who don’t just blindly follow Rollins. He is then joined by Travis Titan, Dante Leon, and Sage Cannin. Ruseman says that they are the elite of Black & Brave and they are gonna prove it.

Match 1

8 man Tag Match

Black & Brave Academy Explosion

Conner Braxton, Joe Acer, Chase Holliday, & Braden McBride vs Deonn Ruseman, Travis Titan, Sage Cannin, & Dante Leon

McBride insists that he start the match and proceeds to get destroyed by all four members of team Ruseman, finally a Tag gets made to Chase Holliday who doesn’t fair much better and gets hit with some awesome Sage & Dante double teams. Double tags get made to Ruseman and Braxton but as soon as Braxton sees Deonn he immediately tags Joe Acer. After a showcase of Ruseman’s power and Titan’s Technical precision. The Braxton team finally gets an advantage using some underhanded tactics to cut off Sage. Team Braxton then isolates on Sage for an extended period of time, after a long time in the ring Sage Finally makes the tag to Dante and the match kicks into high gear with all 8 guys getting involved and hitting big moves. A lot of hot and blind tags go back and forth and all four men start to brawl. Sage & Dante hit amazing dives that take out all of team Braxton they throw McBride into the ring. Titan hits McBride with multiple German Suplexs then rolls through on the last one and pops Braden McBride up right into a vicious spear from Deonn Ruseman for a 1. 2. 3!!!!


Deonn Ruseman, Travis Titan, Sage Cannin, & Dante Leon

After the match Conner Braxton sneaks in to try and hit Ruseman with a Big Boot, Ruseman ducks and comes Off the Ropes. SPEAR!!!! Ruseman spears Braxton and leaves him laying in he ring.

Match 2

RWC Open Invite Scramble Championship Title Match

Zackery Wentz vs Matt Fitchett vs Davey Vega vs Rey Fenix vs Drago vs Palmer vs Robin Steele vs “Switchblade” Jay White vs Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay vs Kota Ibushi vs Kushida


After the success of the Scramble match at the first show the folks in charge at RWC decided to add a Scramble title and picked some standouts from the previous show, a rookie getting an ultimate opportunity, and 4 of the very best High Impact wrestlers from around the world to be in this match.


Just like in the first match this is an absolutely insane match with nothing but action. There are bodies flying and people brawling all over the building. We see some of the friendships take hold in the early going as guys try to get an edge but there is so much going on in this match that partnerships are always short lived. Highlights include Ospreay hitting a Sasuke Special onto a huge pile and after several men brawled through the crowd, Zackery Wentz does an insane front flip dive after climbing up the entrance rigging and falling about 20 feet into a pile below. Then after everyone gets to their feet Ibushi has climbed up. DOUBLE FLIP MOONSAULT BY IBUSHI. This left Kushida, Scurll, and Ospreay. Marty goes for a chicken wing but Kushida reverses it into the back to the Future Driver. 1. 2. NO! Ospreay breaks up the Pin. OsCutter on Kushida!!! 1. 2. 3!!!!

Winner and FIRST RWC Scramble Champion

Will Ospreay

Match 3

Dezmond Xavier vs “Hot Fire” Myron Reed


this is a match that comes about from the end of the Scramble match at the first show where Xavier and Reed both had pins but the referee only counted Xavier’s pin. Both men showed respect to each other and wanted to find out which one of them was better. They both requested the match and it was granted.


Great back and forth with both men showing off their amazing speed and athleticism. Neither man gets an advantage till Myron hits an over the post dive and then gets several near falls after several super high impact moves. Dezmond fights back and again using his slight power and experience edge he gains the advantage. Both men end up on the top rope where Myron goes for a Spanish fly. Dezmond blocks it and hits a 450* splash for the pin.

Winner: Dezmond Xavier

After the match, Dezmond and Myron shake hands and embrace.


Cole, Fish, And O’Riley are here, they are laying out Xavier and Reed. After the beat down  Undisputed Todd Reed and Xavier out of the ring.

Cole says, “It’s time for Story Time with Adam Cole BAY BAY!!! You all heard the news and you knew that we were coming. We are now here and we have changed the game once again. And tonight I am putting myself into a #1 contenders match with Drew Macintyre. I don’t care who wins tonight between Lesnar and Rollins, but I am the future champion because I am. . . ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!!!!!”

Bobby Fish says, “Now that’s awesome, but ReDragon didn’t get a match yet so I think since we are the best tag team in the world. We don’t care who it is, but if you are in the back and you got the guts. Come down to the ring and we will show you why we are Undisputed.

Music Hits: It’s The Club!!!! Gallows & Anderson have arived!!!

Karl Anderson says, “Hey Good Brother, looks like we got a couple of tiny guys who think they are the best just because they show up and take out a couple guys and talk a lot.”

Doc Gallows, “You Guys say you’re the best. But we have proved it all over the world. From Japan to America to Nigeria. You guys want a fight, you just found one NERDS!!!!”

Match 4

The Club (‍‍Gallows & Anderson) vs ReDragon (Kyle O’Riley & Bobbi Fish)

The Club take an early advantage using their power advantage but it is short lived. O’Riley and Fish use their strikes and matt based grappling to get an advantage then isolate on Anderson, working over his arm. Anderson makes a hot tag to Gallows. Gallows comes in and takes out both Fish & O’Riley. After going one on two

for awhile Anderson tags back in and the Club sets up O’Rileh for the Magic Killer, but Fish makes the save, takes out Gallows with a clip to the knee, throwing him to the outside. O’Riley and Fish then hit the Smash Machine O’Riley then puts Anderson into a cross armbreaker. Anderson taps because of his already injured arm.



Match 5

“BROKEN” Matt Hardy (w/Brother Nero) vs Hiromu Takahashi (w/Bushi)


This match comes because at the end of the Tag Team Title Match At the last show, Matt was distracted by a video of Hiromu who was playing with King Maxell. Matt became incensed after the loss and demanded a chance to DELETE the “Ticking Time Bomb.”


Hiromu plays mind games with Matt early on by ducking out of the way and smiling, Matt progressively gets more angry and when Hiromu ducks out again, Matt follows him to the floor and a brawl is on. Matt is absolutely all over Hiromu beating the hell out of him. Matt sends it back

into the ring and goes for the side effect but Bushi grabs his leg allowing Takahashi to slip out and gain the advantage. Takahashi takes it to Hardy, bending and breaking the rules whenever he can. Matt regains the advantage. Hits the side effect and is gonna go for a twist of fate. Bushi jumps on the apron to distract him and is attacked by Jeff they brawl at ringside and Bushi sprays mist into Jeff’s eyes. Bushi jumps back to the apron and goes to spray the mist into Matt’s eyes again. MATT DUCKS! The mist hits Hiromu in the eyes!!! Matt takes Bushi out and then hits the twist of fate on Takahashi for a 1. 2. 3!!!


“Broken” Matt Hardy

After the match Jeff comes around and hits Bushi with a twist of fate and a Swanton Bomb!!!

The camera follows the Hardy’s to the back and they come face to face with the other three members of Los Ingobernables (Naito, Sanada, & EVIL) Matt tries to go at LIJ but Security keep them seperared, Naito smiles and laughs as the Hardys are dragged away.

Match 6

RWC Tag Team Title Match

“Los Ingobernables de Japon” (Naito & Sanada) vs OI4‍‍K (Jake & Dave Crist)


LIJ beat the Hardys to win the titles. OI4K outlasted three other teams to win #1 contendership. Naito has been very vocal about the fact that he does not believe OI4‍‍K are worthy challengers. Naito keeps claiming that he doesnt even know who the Crist brothers are. The Crist brothers & JT Davidson say that it doesnt matter because after the match the entire world will know that Ohio is 4 Killers!!!


Naito takes his usual time getting to the ring and getting ready to go, Naito and Dave start going move for move a bit until Naito taunts Dave and tags Sanada. Sanada and Dave go back and forth before OI4K take the advantage. OI4K Tag in and out going back and forth on Sanada, Until Naito hits Dave in the back and then Sanada goes to work on him. LIJ then Tag in and out working Dave over Dave hits the Superkick out of nowhere and makes the hot tag to Jake, Jake takes thenring and tears through Naito and Sanada, very quickly we have all four guys in the ring and it is back and forth. Lots of hard hitting moves by both teams. Jake and Naito brawl to the outside and Dave sets up for the springboard cutter on Sanada. Jake springboards up, but Sanada blocks the cutter and hooks Dave Crist in his patented ColdSkull Submission. Naito hold Jake at bay at ringside and Dave is forced to tap out.

Winners & Still RWC Tag Team Champions

Los Ingobernables De Japon

Match 7

Fatal 4 Way Special Challenge Hoss Battle!!!

Keith Lee vs Lars Sullivan vs Jeff Cobb vs Kitamura


After his war with Brock Lesnar, Keith Lee posted a video saying that he wants another shot at Brock, but since he has to wait. He is gonna put out a challenge to prove that he is the best Big Man in Pro Wrestling. The call is then answered by the Mad Man Lars Sullivan, the Olympian Jeff Cobb, and the Massive Young Lion from Japan, Kitamura.


Keith Lee is gonna start it out and Lars Sullivan demands that he gets the first shot. Right away the two huge men charge at each other and neither man gives an inch. They brawl and Lee shoots off the ropes for a huge diving shoulder tackle that takes Sullivan off his feet. Lars is shocked and makes a tag to Jeff Cobb. Cobb enters the ring and Kitamura begs Keith Lee for a Tag. Lee obliges and Kitamura enters super hyped and hits the ropes and comes for a shoulder they trade shoulders and no one goes down. Cobb and Kitamura then put on an amazing amateur wrestling style display with both men countering hold for hold. Until both men jump back to their feet for a stalemate and the crowd is on their feet in respect of both men. Lars Sullivan then blind tags Cobb jumps in and cheap shots Kitamura for the first advantage of the match. Lars Sullivan relentlessly beats down Kitamura until Kitamura hits a drop kick and makes a tag to Jeff Cobb. Cobb comes in and hits some shots and then an amazing German Suplex to Lars Sullivan, Sullivan rolls to a corner and is tagged by Keith Lee, Lee is in and they are going heavy. Cobb attempts a Tournof the Islands and it’s blocked. Sullivan then joins the battle followed by Kitamura. All men brawl and Cobb hits Kitamura with a Tour of the Islands. 1. 2. NO! Sullivan breaks up the pin. Cobb and Sullivan brawl and take each other over the top rope. Lee and Kitamura are in the ring and Kitamura nearly pulls the upset with a huge splash but Lee kicks out. Kitamura is set up for another Splash but Lee moves. Both men are getting up, Lee Grabs Kitamura, picks him up

SPIRIT BOMB!!!!!! 1. 2. 3!!!!!


Keith Lee

After the match Keith Lee celebrates looks right into the camera, “Lesnar, I want one more shot, Bask. in my glory!”

Match 8

RWC Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss vs Peyton Royce


Alexa Bliss defeated Leva Bates at the first show to win the title. Peyton Royce was victorious as a part of the team “Totally Iconic” at the first show. After that Totally Iconic started calling out Alexa demanding a woman’s title match and the match was granted the only problem was which member of Totally Iconic would get the shot. A random draw was held and Peyton Royce was the winner making the match official.


Peyton comes out absolutely vicious jumping the Champion before the bell and wasting no time trying to pick up a quick victory. Alexa fights back, no stranger to using an underhanded tactic, this is back and forth with each lady trying to use whatever means they can do get the win. Peyton Hits the PeytonPlex but Alexa kicks out at 2. Peyton goes for it again but Alexa counters into a Snap DDT. Alexa climbs to the top rope. TWISTED BLISS! 1. 2. 3!!!!

Winner & STILL RWC Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss

After the match Alexa is celebrating her victory only to be attacked by all three members of Totally Iconic. Alexa is getting triple teamed when Scarlett Boudreaux runs in out of Nowhere to make the save! But it’s still 3-2 and the numbers catch up again. But Leva Bates runs to the ring and now it’s 3-3 and Totally Iconic gets the tables turned on them and they take off from the fight. Alexa then realizes who saved her and leaves with a look of confusion on her face.

Match 9

RWC Heavyweight Championship #1 contenders match

Adam Cole vs Drew McIntyre


McIntyre was screwed out of the Title at the previous event. Having been a victim of the scheme of the Black & Brave Army. McIntyre has been filled with rage and desperate for another shot at the title. Adam Cole showed up earlier and was immediately given a #1 contender’s match.


Slow start as both men try to feel each other out, neither man wanting to make a mistake. Both men wanting to gain an advantage. McIntyre takes the early advantage due to his size and uses his power to ground and pound Cole. Cole then takes the advantage and uses his speed, excellent strikes and some underhanded tactics to maintain an advantage. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise Piledriver but McIntyre counters into a Celtic Cross for a two count. McIntyre takes the advantage and hits some big spots before going for a future shock DDT. Cole counters the future shot and hits a pair of Superkicks. Cole then tries for the Shining Wizard and Drew counters into a powerbomb. Drew goes for a cover 1. 2. The referee gets pulled out by Braden McBride. Drew KO’s McBride with one punch. Drew jumps back on Adam Cole and hits a Claymore but before he can go for a pin. Conner Braxton and Joe Acer both jump up on the ring apron distracting The referee and Drew McIntyre. While they’re distracted Cole Hits a low blow and then a shinning wizard for the pin.

Winner & #1 contender

Adam Cole

After the match Cole quickly gets out of dodge while smiling and laughing. Drew gives chase to the Black & Brave Army. But they get away a camera catches up with Drew as he starts tearing apart things backstage. Drew says, “God damnit!!! I am tired of constantly being screwed over and over again around here. I don’t care what I have to do. But I am gonna get my shot at Seth Rollins. Now, as for you Adam Cole, don’t worry. I’m coming for you too, and you will both find out that it is very bad to end up in my crosshairs.”

As Drew walks off and the camera lingers for a moment we here footsteps and then hear a female voice. “Alexa!!! ALEXA!!!!”

The camera spins around and we see Alexa Bliss and Scarlett Bordeaux walking and it’s Leva Bates that is chasing them down.

Alexa stops turns around and says, “I don’t know why you came out there, I didn’t need your help. I had my friend Scarlett here and we could have handled it. I don’t know what your Angle is but we don’t get along. So stay out of my business.”

Leva gets an angry look on her face and replies, “Alexa, I saved your ass out there tonight and you know exactly what I want. I want another shot at the Women’s Championship. As far as why I saved you. You beat me fair and I respect that, I don’t respect Totally Iconic. I want to get my hands on them and the way I see it. We have a common enemy.”

Alexa, looks like she is going to say something, but then says, “ Ugh!!! Let’s go Scarlett.”

Scarlett and Alexa leave Leva who just glares as the other two walk away.

Match 10

Main Event

RWC Championship Match

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar


Lesnar beat Keith Lee at the last event to earn the shot. Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre with the help from the Black & Brave Army to win the title. In a series of Pre-match videos both men explain why they are the one who is going to be victorious. Brock says that there is no way Rollins can handle his power. That at the least show he overpowered Keith Lee, a man who is much larger and stronger than Seth Rollins. Rollins says that he has an army backing him up, and that he is the premiere athlete of the future. And that he has the speed and athletic ability to counteract Lesnar’s power..


Rollins is in trouble right away as Lesnar is on him with heavy punches and strikes. Rollins takes 3 massive German Suplexes and Lesnar goes for an F5. Rollins slides out the back and out of desperation clips the knee and takes the match to the floor. Lesnar comes running at Rollins but Rollins moves out of the way and Lesnar slams into the steps Knee first. Rollins then attacks Lesnar’s knee slamming it down on the steps and stomping on it. Rollins throws Lesnar back into the ring. Lesnar sets Lesnar up and hits a frog splash to the knee of Brock Lesnar. Rollins goes for a cover but Brock kicks out at 1. Rollins looks shocked as Brock fights back to his feet and as Rollins charges in. Lesnar catches him and hits an F5!!! Lesnar can’t get over right away though because he is clutching his knee. He makes the cover but only gets 2! Lesnar hits a couple more German Suplexes essentially on one knee before Rollins escapes to the ring apron. Lesnar will not allow it though as he goes to pick up Rollins over the ropes and into an F5 position. As Lesnar gets him up, Lesnar’s knee gives out and Rollins lands on his feet and comes off the ropes for a curb stomp. Rollins hits the curb stomp and goes for the cover 1. 2. NO!!! Lesnar fights up again and Rollins is gonna go for another curb stomp. Lesnar catches him coming in though. He’s gonna hit the F5. But Lesnar can’t hold it and Rollins lands on his feet he grabs Lesnar. . . RIPCORD KNEE STRIKE!!! Cover 1. 2. 3!!!!!

Winner & Still RWC Champion

Seth Rollins

After the match Rollins is celebrating when Drew McIntyre hits the ring and attacks Rollins!!! McIntyre is all over Rollins. Black and Brave army hit the ring and now they’re beating on Drew McIntyre. Deonn Ruseman, Travis Titan, Sage Cannin & Dante Leon are here to even the odds. It is an all out brawl. All of a sudden Los Ingobernables, the “Broken” Hardys & OI4K are all brawling in the entranceway!!! IT IS TOTAL ANARCHY!!!

-Fade to Black-




I walk out into the arena, welcoming everyone to the show

I inform the audience that I will now be known as “Mr. Games” following a copyright claim on the name “Gamesmaster” from the Mighty Thor.

ROMAN REIGNS comes out and sits by my side.
“As only one of you has shown the proper loyalty…. Only one of you will sit at my side as champion! The rest of you will face a GAUNTLET TOURNAMENT! The winner will face ROMAN in the main event!”

Candace Le Rae vs Charlotte Flair

Winner: Charlotte on the clean pin




Winner: Finn Balor after an instant classic




Winner: Bobby Roode off a ref distraction low blow





Winner: Cody Rhodes pins Chainsaw King



Winner: Finn Balor, doesn’t want to fight, but Charlotte goads him into it.




Winner: Cody Rhodes




After a long, grueling match FINN BALOR comes out the winner


Roman runs down to the ring, SUPERMAN PUNCH, breaking Finn Balor open. Finn staggers to his feet, bleeding, exhausted, only to hear “HOOOOAHHHH” as Roman spears him!





No Submission



No Submission



No Way Out



           Starting things off General Manager Foley comes to this ring and announces a tournament will be held tonight to determine a new Intercontinental Champion. There will be 3 matches to qualify all 3 winners will later compete in a triple threat match to determine a new Intercontinental champion.



  • World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles (champion) VS Samoa Joe.



          After Summerslam General Manager Mick Foley determined that after defeating Jay Lethal at SummerSlam that Joe deserved to be the new No 1 contender. On the Monday night Raw before No Way Out Both Joe and Styles went at it during the contract signing. Joe hit Styles with the Muscle Buster and Raw went off the air with Joe holding the title high as he stood over Styles.    


         Spoiler: the match was a brutal back and forth contest. Styles was able to escape Joe’s coquina clutch and hit him with the pole kick setting him up for the Styles Clash! Styles hits it and rolls Joe over for the 1…2….3.. and retain the world title!


Post Match: Joe recovers and see A.J. celebrating and goes for the attack. Joe hits two muscle busters then puts A.J. in the coquina clutch forcing A.J. to pass out. Joe then walks off with the world title in his hand.


  1. Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (champions) VS Rory Fox and Ryan Slade


      Despite coming in on the losing end at SummerSlam and having a couple arguments about it following the ppv Fox and Slade begged General Manger Foley for one final rematch against The Young Buck, this time allowing the Young Bucks to use their high flying and top rope moves. In the weeks leading up to No Way Out Fox and Slade saw their far share of differences leading many to wonder if the two could co-exist long enough to get to the match. The week before No Way Out they appeared to set their differences aside to attack The Young Bucks multiple times throughout Monday Night Raw, Finally ending with Fox and Slade standing over them in the ring holding the championship belts high.


      Spoiler: It appeared that Slade and Fox weren’t on the same page as many of us were led to believe. Nick and Matt were going for a double leg drop off the tope rope on Slade while Rory was busy arguing with the ref about his officiating. By the time the ref turned around Matt was making the cover on Ryan while Nick ran and attacked Rory to get the win.


     Post Match: After The Young Bucks got done celebrating their win, Slade and Rory were in the ring continuing to argue with each other. Rory gave Ryan a kick to the knee and continued to beat on the knee. He then went and grabbed a chair and started to put the chair on his leg and was about to jump off the middle rope crushing his leg when officials finally came down to stop him. Rory left the ring walking down the aisle screaming at the camera “I WOULD HAVE WON THAT MATCH! RYAN SLADE YOU’RE SELFISH!”  


  1. Women’s Championship: Carmella (champion) VS Ember Moon VS Shanna Blaser.


    After defeating Sasha Banks at summerSlam and continuing to taunt her after the match, Ember Moon came down to chase Carmella off. The next night on Raw Ember beat Sasha in a No 1 contender contest to face Carmella at No Way Out.


    Spoiler: Despite numerous attempts by Carmella to run away from Ember, Ember was able to get Carmella away from the referee long enough to land her silout scoop slam setting her up perfectly to land her Eclipse on Carmella to become the NEW Women’s Champion.


   Post Match: While Ember is celebrating her victory the lights go out in the building, when they come back on it’s none other than Shayna Baszler who attacks Ember. Baszler quickly put Ember in the Kirifuda Driver. Once she gets Ember to pass out she leaves the ring with the Women’s title in hand.


  1.     I.C Title Qualifying Match: Jay Lethal VS Christopher Daniels


Lethal went to General Manger Foley asking to be in this tournament after beating EC3 on Raw Monday night he felt he earned and Foley agreed but said he would face a mystery opponent in round one, that person turned out to be Christopher Daniels.


          Spoiler: Jay Lethal gets the win to move on to the triple threat match to determine the new IC champion. Daniels missed a Fallen Angel and Lethal set up the Lethal Injection to get the one, two, three.  

         Post Match: Lethal and Daniels both get to their feet and stare each other down before finally shaking hands and walking to the back.


  1. I.C. Title Qualifying Match: The Miz VS Frankie Kazarian


       Miz earned his spot by defeating EC3 at Summerslam last month according to General Manager Foley. Miz told Foley he will be the greatest Intercontinental champion this company has ever seen. Foley said while you may be you will be facing Frankie Kazarian.


    Spoiler: With the ref being distracted by Bo Dallas at ringside Miz gives Kazarian a low blow hitting the Reality Check to pick up the win.


   Post Match: Both Bo Dallas and Miz continue the attack on Kazarian. Miz applying the Figure Four leg lock on him while Bo continues to beat him down. Down comes Christopher Daniels to chase off Miz and Bo.


  1. I.C Title Qualifying Match: Pentagon VS Rey Mysterio

     General Manager Foley put this match together as his personal dream match. Mysterio with a huge win over Gran Metalik last month and Pentagon just barely lost to Styles last month Foley felt he needed to be in this tournament.


    Spoiler: Pentagon wins with the Fear Factor and advances to the finals of the I.C. Title tournament.


  1. Triple Threat I.C Title match: Pentagon VS Miz VS Jay Lethal


    All three men having been threw brutal qualifying matches rightfully earned a spot to be in this triple threat match.


     Spoiler: Lethal hits Miz with the Lethal injection, While Lethal is doing this Pentagon dives to the outside and takes out both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, as Lethal turns around Pentagon gets back in the ring and  hits the Pentagon driver pinning him one, two three to be crowned the NEW intercontinental champion.


     Post match: Miz finally recovers from the Lethal injection and pulls a chair out from under the ring. Miz slides back into the ring as Pentagon is celebrating with the title and slams the chair into the back of him and continues to beat him down with it. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel get back into the ring and help continue the attack on Pentagon with Miz. Miz grabs the mic and the Intercontinental title and says “This isn’t the last you’ve seen of me, I’m coming for this belt” and throws the belt down at Pentagon before finally leaving the ring.




ROUND TWO: Strength in Numbers




Survivor Series Rules Match

“Welcome to THE CLUB”

Marty Scurll, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Randy Orton versus Dean Ambrose, Chuck Taylor, Jake, and Dave Crist

How this match came to be: For the last several months, it has been all over social media that The Bullet Club was ACTIVELY recruiting new members. Marty Scurll announced on Twitter that a new member would be joining the ranks come Round Two. One person who was particularly sick of all of this club talk was Dean Ambrose. In the new era of territorial indies, he was not able to bring together his brothers in The Shield. Ambrose put out a notice for anyone crazy enough to join his ranks. The first to answer his call was Crazy Chuckie T. Then some old friends from Ohio wanted to join the fray. Now, Scurll announced his team would be Gallows and Anderson, two original members of The Bullet Cub. For his last member, he announced a potential recruit would be joining their team, Randy Orton.

The Match Itself: The match started with Marty Scurll and Dean Ambrose beating the crap out of each other. The fight went outside the ring, and ultimately, both men got counted out. Chuck Taylor fell victim to Gallows and Anderson cutting off the ring perfectly. The Crist boys were unable to get in until Taylor was eliminated. Next, we saw great tag team technique from Jake and Dave which allowed them to steal an elimination on Karl Anderson. Now, it’s down to four. Gallows looks to Orton and asks him if he wants to prove he belongs in The Club. Gallows hits Jake with a low blow getting himself intentionally disqualified. Orton hits Jake with an RKO and gets the elimination. Now, it is down to Randy Orton and Dave Crist. They have a pretty competitive back and forth, but ultimately, it’s an RKO out of nowhere that brings Dave to his demise. Orton is celebrating being the sole survivor when Scurll, Gallows, and Anderson return to the ring. Scurll takes the microphone. “Randy, I promised a new member of The Bullet Club tonight…It’s not you.” Gallows and Anderson jump Orton from behind and beat the already worn out Orton to a bloody pulp. Who IS the new member of The Bullet Club?


Survivor Series Rules Match

“EVEn the Playing Field”

Bianca Belair, Brooke Valentine, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay versus Isla Dawn, Jessica Havok, Nikki Cross, and Valentina Loca

How this match came to be: One of the major criticisms online from the first AGE show was a lack of female talent. For a company that prides itself in evolution, it was foolish of them not to recognize female talents as the future of the business. It was agreed upon that a women’s division would be expanded beyond Becky Lynch and Toni Storm, but there was a significant amount of debate on what the women’s division would look like. Two different tag team matches were proposed. One featured The Iconic Duo taking on Bianca Belair and Brooke Valentine. The other featuring Isla Dawn and Nikki Cross against Jessica Havok and Valentina Loca. Ultimately, it was decided that all eight women would be brought in for a Survivor Series style match.

The match itself: The match started with Jessica Havok inviting any woman from the other team to stand toe to toe with her. Brooke Valentine, the largest, but least experienced woman from the other team accepted the challenge. The two women exchanged blows and both showed impressive power, and neither woman stood down. However, Nikki Cross stole a blind tag which aggravated Havok. The Havok Death Machine attacked her own partner, allowing Valentine to get a roll-up! Cross, furious that she was eliminated, drug Havok out of the ring and took her out. She was now counted out. Isla Dawn and Valentina Loca now faced four on two odds. Loca applied her variation of the black widow to submit Valentine. Belair hair whipped her all across the ring though and eliminated the Black and Brave graduate. In a three on one situation, Isla Dawn fought Belair the entire time. So far, neither Peyton nor Billie had entered the match. Royce and Kay saw both of the women in the ring as the impressive specimen they were. Kay distracted the referee as Royce grabbed a chair and waffled Dawn. She threw the chair to Belair before the referee turned around. He disqualified Belair, and Dawn was out cold. Peyton and Billie both come in to pin Dawn and be the sole survivors.


Debut Match

Lars Sullivan versus Sami Zayn

How this match came to be: The decision to sign Sami Zayn to an exclusive contract with AGE was NOT a unanimous decision. There were some who felt he was too old. There were some who felt he was too small. There were some who felt he didn’t represent the aesthetic desired for AGE. One man who represented all of the things they were looking for was Lars Sullivan. It was determined that he would be the first opponent for Sami Zayn. There were even rumors that he had been paid to take Sami out…for good.

The Match Itself: This match proved to everyone on the executive committee at AGE how good Sami Zayn was. It also proved that they should do everything in their power to get Lars Sullivan under a contract as soon as possible. The big man did a number on Zayn, but Sami never quit. Sullivan hit Zayn with a spinebuster on the cement floor and rolled into the ring. The official tried to stop him from doing more damage on the floor, and while he was holding Sullivan back, Kevin Owens came out and yelled “You don’t belong here, Sami.” before delivering a superkick. Sullivan won by disqualification.


Collaborative Artists Championship Match

Scott Dawson and Johnny Wisdom versus Sage Cainan and Dante Leon

How this match came to be: Scott Dawson and Johnny Wisdom spent a lot of time talking about the differences between themselves and Sage and Dante. They said Sage and Dante weren’t tough. They said they weren’t men. They implied that Sage and Dante had never been in a fight before in their lives. Also, Dash Wilder was trying to get his spot back from Johnny Wisdom. Sage Cainan said they would never back down from a fight. They would fight Scott and Johnny anywhere any time. Camera crews met Sage and Dante on a dirt road where the teams had agreed to have the fight before the fight. An pick up truck shows up with Dawson, Wisdom, and Wilder. Dash Wilder opens the door, and Johnny pushes him out. He slams the door shut before Sage and Dante beat Wilder bloody. Wisdom and Dawson say they only fight for money.

The Match Itself: It was definitely a clash of styles as these two teams went head to head. The more experienced team tried to keep their opponents grounded while Sage and Dante tried to bring the flash and flair. Wisdom and Dawson manage to cut the ring in half and really work over Leon. He tries and tries to get to Cainan, and eventually, he does. The Ragin’ Cajun comes in with a house of fire. He takes both men down, but Wisdom takes out his knee with a chop block. He hits him with repeated lariats. Wisdom pins Cainan to win the Collaborative Artists Championships, Then, Dash Wilder walks on stage with a zipped up leather jacket. He unzips his jacket to reveal a Bullet Club t-shirt. Marty Scurll, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson walk on stage with ‘F*CK THE REVIVAL” t-shirts. All three men attack Wilder as Wisdom and Dawson exit through the crowd. Scurll, “We’re adding a new member tonight…It’s NOT YOU!”


Descendant of Darwin Championship Match

Triple Threat: Pinfall or Submission Only

Tomohiro Ishii versus Pete Dunne versus Chad Gable

How this match came to be: The members of the executive committee deemed another championship needed to be created that really honed the values of Evolution. Now, we had evolved to a society of rules and procedures, but they felt there needed to be a sort of tribute to a more barbaric time. These men did not choose to compete for this title. They were chosen. They wanted to put these men in an environment where only the strong could survive. They failed to capture the crown. Now, these bitter men will be sent into a three way war for total domination

The Match Itself: This was a match that brought all of the men involved outside of their comfort zone. Dunne recruited Gable to help him go after Ishii, and they threw him all over the ring. Things were not looking good for the legend of strong style. They threw him to the floor, and they began to have a very technical match. Things went back and forth until Ishii came in with a chair. He attacked both men. Dunne got busted open. He tried to get right back in, but medical officials came for him. They’re trying to tape him up as Ishii hits Gable with a brainbuster and gets the pin.


Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament

Round Two

Kevin Owens versus Stephen Wolf

How this match came to be: “You got lucky, kid. Soon, you’re going to realize…You DON’T belong here.” Kevin Owens made it very clear how he felt about Stephen Wolf. He made it clear he thought Stephen Wolf didn’t belong in the second round. He said he had basically been handed his spot in the final, but that was fine. He deserved his spot. He should have been handed the championship. Stephen Wolf did not have much to say, but he planned on his actions speaking louder than his words. Will Stephen Wolf be able to overcome Kevin Owens, or will everything the Cocky Canadian said be proven true?

The Match Itself:  It was clear from the beginning of the match that Kevin Owens had no respect for Kevin Owens. He seemed disinterested in even locking up. Wolf brought the intensity and showed exactly what he could do. He eventually started to get the advantage, and Owens got frustrated. He takes a cheap shot and begins to pummel Wolf. He hits him with a plethora of offense, and it doesn’t look like Wolf has a chance. He hits him with a pop-up powerbomb, and he goes for the pin, but WOLF KICKS OUT! Owens is furious, and he yells at referee Johnny D. He throws him out of the ring. He and Wolf engage in a barrage of strikes. Wolf hits him with a big suplex. He then goes off the ropes for a shooting star press. He has the pin, but the referee is still down. Sami Zayn comes running down to the ring. He attacks Owens while Wolf tells him to get lost. Zayn says one more shot before the referee gets up. Wolf holds Owens, Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick, Owens moves, and he takes Wolf down! Owens throws Zayn over the top. He wakes up the referee and steals the victory.  Wolf gets up and looks at Sami with disdain.


Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament

Round Two

Killian Dain versus Johnny Gargano

How this match came to be: There was no beef between Johnny Gargano and Killian Dain, per se. The only beef between them was that both men wanted to be the Crown of Evolution Champion. They both wanted to rise to the occasion. They both wanted to know known as the best. Gargano is a master of submission with the Gargano Escape. Killian Dain is a master of total destruction. Only one of these men can advance to the finals. Which one will it be?

The Match Itself: This match started out with a great deal of intensity. Dain threw Gargano around the ring like a sack of potatoes. Things didn’t look good for the Cleveland native. However, Gargano never gave up. He worked over the arms of Gargano making the Gargano Escape a question mark. The big man tried to keep Gargano down, but he just wouldn’t stay down. Eventually, Gargano managed to get the Escape locked onto the big man. Gargano picks up the victory!


Main Event

Eve of Evolution Championship Match

No Countouts, No Disqualifications

Becky Lynch versus Toni Storm

How this match came to be: Becky Lynch hated the fact that Toni Storm won the AGE Eve of Evolution Championship because of a disqualification. She explained that she knew she broke the rules, but she wanted Toni to prove she deserved to be the champion by pinning her or making her submit. The championship committee agreed. They decided to hold up the Eve of Evolution Championship until a decisive winner could be decided. The two women agreed they didn’t want to have a shadow of a doubt who the true champion was. They wanted a match to prove who the best possible champion was. They agreed to settle the match in the middle of the ring. They agreed to have no rules. They wanted to see who the absolute best woman in AGE is.

The Match Itself: Both of these women brought everything they had to the table. Both women wanted to show exactly what they could do in the ring. It starts out very athletic and competitive, but neither woman seems to be able to get the advantage. Eventually, Lynch starts to show some frustration. She introduces weapons into the match. She unloads a lot of violence which leaves Storm looking vulnerable. Lynch tries to put her away, but to no avail. Finally, Storm shows a ruthless side of her own.They go back and forth. SUDDENLY, the lights went out. When they come back on, Marty Scurll, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson are in the ring. “All night, I’ve been promising a new member of The Bullet Club…IT’S YOU.” Scurll jabs the umbrella in STORM’S STOMACH. Becky smiles as Gallows and Anderson hold Storm down while Lynch gets the pin and becomes the undisputed Eve of Evolution Champion. The newest member of The Bullet Club too sweets her brethren as she stands tall over Toni Storm.



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