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BALLOT: 2017 Pro Wrestling Iowa Network Year End Awards

——The Pro Wrestling Iowa Network 2017 Year End Awards——

For the first time ever we are proud to present the Pro Wrestling Iowa Network Year End Awards for 2017.  This will be voted on by YOU! The listeners of the Pro Wrestling Iowa Network.  We’ve spent hours discussing categories and nominations and now it’s in your hands.  Please make sure to have your completed ballot returned to us via email by Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.  You can send your selections to, and please only one ballot per person.  Feel free to just list your selections, copy and paste this ballot, however you see fit — but make sure you get these in to us in time for your voice to be heard!

We will be announcing the winners of the Year End Awards at the Pro Wrestling Mothership Fallout Shelter Capitol Wrestling Watch Party on Friday, December 29, 2017 which you are all encouraged to attend! This will be taking place at Cal’s Fine Food & Spirits in Norwalk, Iowa, from 4pm until 11pm.  If you can’t make the event — no worries! We will be streaming the announcements live on Facebook Live!

As a quick note — The Wrestling Revolver was not included in the nomination process as they have run shows outside the state of Iowa, and we wanted the focus to be on the four incredible home grown promotions we have in Iowa: 3XW, CEW, IPW and SCW.

If you feel we have left something off, feel free to write-in your selections, but please keep in mind the Male/Female/Tag Team of the Year Nominations must have worked for one of the four Iowa based promotions this year and they CANNOT be signed to a promotion with national television coverage. (i.e. Beer City Bruiser is not eligible due to being on Ring of Honor television).

Last thing, please take note at the header of each category as we want you to pick more than one selection for each category (i.e. select five for Male Wrestler of the Year, etc.).

And now for the nominations……

Male Wrestler of the Year (Pick Five)

Rory Fox • AJ Smooth • Ryan Slade • Chainsaw King • Marek Brave • Redwing • Connor Braxton • Mason Beck • James Jeffries • Supafli • Shawn Nautilus • Matty Star • Ray Feuring • Tony Sly • Tony Storm • Tim Rhodes • Tyler Jones • Ugly • Malice • JT Energy • Steve Manders • Joe Acer • Jah-C • Sage Cainan • Dante Leon • Jon West • Maddog McDowell • Brandon Wallace • Devin Carter • Donnie Peppercricket • Duke Cornell • Bo Gott • JC Slater • Robert Storm • Jaysin Strife • Brandon Espinosa • Brady A. Dezire • Austin Fouts • Johnny Ruckus • Lars Metzger • Clay Cooper • Nathen Edwards • Eddie Machete • Xander Killen • Aaron Von Baron • Justin Decent • Sparrow • Nate Alsin • Ricky Love • Willy Sweet • Joey Anderson • Aaron Masterson • Ricky Kwong • JD Riggs • Chefe Barbosa • Deonn Rusman • Tank Roberts • Johnny Wisdom • Krotch • Travis Titan • Jared Thumb • JP Finger • Nevin Knoxville • Steven Youngblood • Vilhelm Amory • Bobbi Dahl • Raveboy • Ross Reznik • Sentai • Sensei Bock • Latin Thunder • Ronnie Burton • Dalton Cooper • Anthony Draven • Devin Cutter • Mason Cutter • Nicky Free • Kraig Keesaman • Brenan Galaxy • Cuco Santiago • Preston Maxwell • TJ Benson • Mark Sterling • Randy A. Dezire • Matt Cage • Knight Wagner • Petey Brown • Airwolf • HAVYK • Thunder Lizard • Curt Gannon • Bennett James • Hyoe Gotti • Ajax Adams • Snowflake • Zach Thompson • Yellow Dog • Eddie Rose • Jimmy Rockwell • The Big Picture • Mike Heights • Justin D’Air • Numero Uno • JJ Garrett • Shad Satu • Jake Garvin • Bam Bam Buster Stone • Shain Bender • Chase Holiday • Jamie Hall • Brandon McBride • Robin Steele

Female Wrestler of the Year (Pick Two)

Angelus Layne • Ms. Frankie Jay • Brooke Valentine • Violet Parker • Valentina Loca • Kiandra • Sierra Avery • Laynie Luck • GiGi • Lucy Mendez • Rahne Victoria • Paloma Starr • Miss Natural

Tag Team of the Year (Pick Three)

The Fight and Flight Connection • Vicious & Delicious • The Legend Killers • The Cowboys from Hell • The Stud Club • The Mex Tai Warriors • The Huang Chung Warriors • The Bayside Bruisers • Big ‘N Tasty • The American Bulldogs • Ground & Pound • Midwest Blood • The Hooligans • The Dezire Boys • The Whirlwind Gentlemen • Sage Cainan & Dante Leon • Guns & Beer • The Hard Foundation • Downtown Neon • Johnny Wisdom & Knight Wagner • Feel Good Inc. • Steven Youngblood & Vilhelm Amory • Thumb & Finger

Manager of the Year (Pick Two)

Jason Michaels • Mark Storm • Axel Greece • Chefe Barbosa • Violet Parker • Skylar Pierce • Todd Countrymen • Selina Garcia

Promotion of the Year (Pick One)


Central Empire Wrestling

Impact Pro Wrestling


Match of the Year (Pick Four)

The Dezire Boys v. The Whirlwind Gentlemen (3XW “Downtown Destruction 8” 6/2/17)

3XW Heavyweight Championship Match: Rory Fox © v. Chainsaw King (3XW “12th Anniversary” 7/14/17)

Midwest Blood v. Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel (3XW “Halloween Horror X” 10/27/17)

JT Energy v. Xander Killen (3XW “12th Anniversary” 7/14/17)

Lucy Mendez v. Laynie Luck (3XW “12th Annivesary” 7/14/17)

3XW Pure Championship Match: Redwing the Barbarian © v. Beer City Bruiser (3XW “Winter Wars 2” 12/1/17)

CEW Championship Match: Rory Fox © v. Tim Rhodes v. Supafli (CEW “A New Era” 11/18/17)

CEW Tag Team Championship TLC Match: Big N’ Tasty © v. Guns & Beer (CEW “A New Era” 11/18/17)

Donnie Peppercricket v. Beer City Bruiser (CEW 9/30/17)

Angelus Layne v. Ms. Frankie Jay (CEW 4/1/17)

CEW Tag Team Championship Match: Guns & Beer © v. The Flight & Fight Connection (CEW 6/3/17)

Supafli v. Jaysin Strife (CEW 1/14/17)

Des Moines Death Match: Clay Cooper v. Dalton Cooper (IPW Des Moines 9/16/17)

Steel Cage Match: Malice v. Ugly (IPW Des Moines 7/15/17)

The Legend Killers v. The Flight & Fight Connection (IPW Des Moines 1/21/17)

IPW Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match: Ms. Frankie Jay © v. Sierra Avery v. Brooke Valentine (IPW Marshalltown 7/8/17)

IPW Tag Team Championship Match: The Legend Killers © v. The Stud Club (IPW Des Moines 8/19/17)

Tyler Jones v. AJ Smooth (IPW Des Moines 4/15/17)

Valentina Loca v. Brooke Valentine (SCW “Hawkamania” 10/13/17)

SCW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Vicious & Delicious © v. Sage Cainan & Dante Leon (SCW “Hawkamania II” 12/2/17)

Matt Cage v. Dante Leon (SCW “Heartbreak” 2/18/17)

SCW Championship Match: Marek Brave © v. Krotch (SCW “Prestige” 1/21/17)

SCW QC Cup Match: Steve Manders © v. Joe Acer (SCW “Hawkamania II” 12/2/17)

SCW Championship Street Fight: Connor Braxton © v. Nevin Knoxville “14th Anniversary” 8/25/17)


Rivalry of the Year (Pick Two)

Rory Fox v. Chainsaw King (3XW)

The Bayside Bruisers v. The MexTai Warriors (3XW)

Marek Brave v. Redwing (3XW)

Jaysin Strife v. Supafli (CEW)

Guns & Beer v. Big ‘N’ Tasty (CEW)

Rory Fox v. The CEW Fans (CEW)

Ms. Frankie Jay v. Brooke Valentine (IPW)

Malice v. Ugly (IPW)

Dalton Cooper v. Clay Cooper (IPW)

Tony Sly v. James Jeffries (IPW)

Black & Brave v. SCW Originals (SCW)

Eddie Machete v. Deonn Rusman (SCW)

Steve Manders v. Joe Acer (SCW)

Vicious & Delicious v. Sage Cainan & Dante Leon (SCW)

Breakout Star of the Year (Pick Three)

JT Energy • Jah-C • Sage Cainan • Dante Leon • Clay Cooper • Nathen Edwards • Austin Fouts • Tyler Jones • Brooke Valentine • Valentina Loca • Robert Storm • Lars Metzger • Johnny Ruckus • Steve Manders • Joe Acer • Sierra Avery • Dalton Cooper • Airwolf • Chefe Barbosa • Deonn Russman • Jaden Roller

Shocking Moment of the Year (Pick One)

Dalton Cooper defeats Clay Cooper and exiles him from IPW in Des Moines

Rory Fox unmasks Supafli at CEW “A New Era”

Marek Brave announces retirement

Selina Garcia turns on the Stud Club and helps Ryan Slade retain IPW Championship

Bo Gott wrestles Duke Cornell in his underwear at 3XW

Ring Announcer of the Year (Pick One)

“Iron” Mike Johnson (IPW)

Derek Mahr (3XW)

Alex McCarthy (SCW)

Jeff Alexander (CEW)

Commentator of the Year (Pick Two)

Timothy Regal (SCW) • Mark Storm (SCW) • Marek Brave (SCW) • Midnight Guthrie (IPW) • Jason Michaels (IPW) • Luke Raven (IPW) • Dustin Smothers (IPW) • Alex McCarthy (3XW) • Ajax Adams (3XW) • Jeremy Robb (3XW) • Brady A. Dezire (3XW)

Feel Good Moment of the Year (Pick Two)

Tyler Jones defeats Matty Starr to win the vacant IPW Vault Championship

Fight & Flight Connection defeat The Legend Killers to win the IPW Tag Team Championship

Chainsaw King defeats Rory Fox ton win the 3XW Heavyweight Championship

IPW crowns first ever Women’s Champion in Iowa

Sage Cainan & Dante Leon defeat Vicious & Delicious to win the SCW Tag Team Championship

Steve Manders wins the QC Cup in Iowa City at Hawkamania II

Connor Braxton defeats Marek Brave to win the SCW Heavyweight Championship

Tony Storm selected to receive Cauliflower Alley Club Men’s Wrestler Award

Promo of the Year (Pick One)

Tony Sly retirement speech at IPW Hall of Fame Show

Marek Brave relinquishes 3XW Championship and retires

Axel Greece “retires” from CEW

Matt Cage’s retirement promo

Jason Michaels prepares to wrestle in Algona

Asshole of the Year (Pick One)

Rory Fox


Remember — get your ballots back to us by sending them to before 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 and join us or tune in for the results on Friday, December 29 at Cal’s Fine Food & Spirits in Norwalk, Iowa!






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