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SCW Season’s Beatings Results

Saturday, December 16, 2017
Walcott Coliseum, Walcott, Iowa

Latin Thunder defeated Eddie Machete

Vicious & Delicious defeated Shane Bender & Robin Steele

Mason Beck defeated Ronnie Burton

JP Finger defeated Sensei Bock – due to this loss, Bock must compete dressed as a baby in the Prestige Rumble

SCW Quad Cities Cup Fatal Four Way Match
Champion Steve Manders defeated Xander Killen, Deonn Ruseman and Krotch

Johnny Wisdom defeated Travis Titan via interference from Mark Storm

Sage Cainan & Dante Leon defeated Zeke Andino & Brandon McBride

SCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Champion Connor Braxton defeated Joe Acer

SCW returns in 2018 with Prestige (featuring the Prestige Rumble) on January 6, at the Walcott Coliseum, and Genesis from the historic Col Ballroom on January 20!

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