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Beautiful Brutality

There are stories, matches, wrestlers, and moments that can change the course of a promotion. Those indelible times while a fan is watching wrestling when the feel something new. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s almost immediate when that mix of fear and excitement hits your brain like a wall of snow during an avalanche. IPW has been in the midst of a possible renaissance of extreme wrestling in Iowa with two men being at the center of it all: Malice and Ugly.

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This duo of hardcore havoc have been engaged in a war of epic proportions dating back to the fall of 2015 with each clash being more brutal than the last. Yet for all of the violence between them they are actually not as different as you might think. Both are ill-intentioned deviants out to prove to IPW, their fans, and each other who is the most extreme person in the company. Both men are willing to hurt themselves as long as it hurts the other just as much. To Malice and Ugly the scars that they’ve walked away with during this feud are just proof they’ve taken the worst from each other yet managed to walk away. Their biggest similarity, however, is their inability to back down.

This has lead to some very memorable and hard-hitting matches. Within the last year they have fought in a cage, inside & outside the Forte center, and with dog collars wrapped around their necks connected to each other by a metal chain. They’ve used everything from table to the Ugly Stick and everything in-between. They’ve lifted IPW fans to their feet and made them run screaming while throwing each other around at the merch table during intermission. Malice vs Ugly has been so brutal yet innovative it has caused many IPW fans clamoring for an entire division to be created for these types of matches to continue. An extremely attractive idea to many around the Iowa wrestling scene.

This is quite literally a blood feud. It is a hate filled rivalry leading to a possible massacre on January 20th at Hardcore War. The crescendo between these two is a two out of three falls match with each match having a different stipulation. “The rivalry ends here!” is the tagline for this match, but for it to end Malice and Ugly must endure one more night of beautiful brutality.

Written by Luke Raven (Twitter: @ravenluke)

Photos by Chris Manning (IG: @photosbymanning)

Videos by Midnight Guthrie (Youtube:

IPW Presents Hardcore War on 1/20/18

at the Forte Center in Des Moines!







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