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Victor’s December Power Rankings


  1. It will be based exclusively for the listed month.
  2. And on how much I enjoyed their promos, segments, and/or matches of that particular month.
  3. It could also be purely speculative.


AJ Styles



Last month: 1

        Styles finishes the year atop my list.  Although I didn’t enjoy his summer feud vs. Owens, the combo of Owens and Zayn taking it to Styles is interesting.

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe


Last month: 2

Much like Styles on Smackdown, Joe continues to be the MVP on Raw.

Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon



Last month: N/R

I don’t know why, but I’ve really been intrigued by the feuding managers of Smackdown; something that I normally hate.  Does this lead to a Daniel Bryan match?  Logic would dictate no, but I find myself doubting that logic at times.  And honestly that’s a good thing!

Sami Zayn/ Kevin Owens



Last month: 7

As previously mentioned, these guys are feuding with WWE champion AJ Styles.  It’s also tied into the Bryan/Shane feud.  Smackdown has been really good lately, and I feel it dates back to Owens head-butting Vince.

Johnny Gargano



Last month: N/R

I never expected Johnny Wrestling to be number one contender for the NXT championship.  But it was a really cool moment, and I look forward to what is upcoming.  Does Ciampa return to cost him the championship?  Or, does Johnny win the title and Ciampa comes out and attacks him afterwards, and holds up the belt to end the show?  This is just speculation on my part, I have no idea where Ciampa is in his recovery, and I try to avoid spoilers.  This is just my fantasy booking.

Smackdown Tag Division



Last month: N/R

Even when Smackdown was at its worst during the summer, the tag team championship matches usually delivered.  These matches were pretty much exclusively New Day vs. the Usos.  It culminated with a tremendous HIAC match in October.  But since then we’ve seen Gable and Shelton on the rise, and turn heel in the process.  Then, inexplicitly Rusev became arguably the most over guy on the roster, and his tag team with Aiden English have become highlights of the show.

The Undisputed Era

Undisputed Era


Last month: 8

NXT closed out the year with O’Reilly and Fish winning the tag team championships.  I had predicted this in last month’s rankings because I felt it was the right time.  Now the boys have set their sights on Aleister Black.

Drew Gulak



Last month: 5

Quite frankly I’m still shocked that I’m still this amused by Gulak.  Last month I called him the current MVP of 205 live, and honestly it still rings true.  I’m starting to wonder if Gulak is going to face Enzo at WrestleMania.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems this story is headed that way.  If not WrestleMania then some big time match.  The story between the two has been really good.

Pete Dunne



Last month: 10

Dunne and Bate had their rubber match to end the year 2017.  It was so good they let it overrun the allotted NXT 60 minutes.  And that’s really impressive considering it’s a taped show!  Yes it takes two to tango, but Dunne is just the man plain and simple.  Put the NXT belt on him too for all I care.  Dunne is money.

Hideo Itami



Last month: N/R

So Hideo lands in 205 Live.  My love for Hideo is well-documented, and of course I want 205 Live to succeed as well.   Breaking Kendrick’s face on Christmas wasn’t the best thing to happen to him, but let’s hope that’s the last hiccup on his road to success.  Also I hope this doesn’t prohibit the use of the GTS.


Half year rankings:

I started these power ranking in June. So here are the accumulate points for the top ranked wrestlers for those six months.

  • AJ Styles 53 points


AJ narrowly beats out Joe for the number one spot. Styles didn’t land a number one ranking until November, but obviously was always in the mix.

  • Samoa Joe 48 points


Had Joe not been injured post-Summerslam I’m sure he would have taken the number one ranking. Joe had a great year overall, being positioned as one of the monsters in the main events of Raw.

  • Kevin Owens 32 points


Owens came on strong after a lackadaisical first few months. He was definitely the highest riser of anyone from the start of this period.

  • Aleister Black 30 points


Black was another high riser, and almost beat out Owens. My MVP of NXT for sure.

  • The Undisputed Era 23 points


These guys had a brilliant debut, and have been entertaining ever since.

  • Hideo Itami 22 points


I’m sure most folks think I over-rank Hideo each month, but hey we all have our favorites.

  • Roderick Strong/ Sami Zayn 21 points


Two former indie darlings share the lucky number seven spot. Strong had a really nice year overall, and Sami did nothing for most of the year before ending the year strong.  (No pun intended.)

  • Shinsuke Nakamura 14 points


Nakamura has been hit or miss since coming up to Smackdown, but I’m predicating big things in 2018.

  • Drew Gulak 12 points


I still can’t believe it.

  • Jeff Hardy/Chad Gable 11 points


I thought momentarily that Jeff Hardy was going to get a singles push, which is the reason he outranks Matt despite Jeff missing the last few months of the year. Chad Gable had quite an interesting year.  Started out as a tag champ, lost them right before WrestleMania, did nothing for months, suddenly was then having great singles matches against AJ and Rusev, lost his partner to Raw because he’s revealed as Angle’s kid, and is now teaming with the returning Shelton Benjamin.

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