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Pro Wrestling Iowa Fantasy Booking Competition: Round Three!

  1. Book 7-10 matches for your card.
    1. Explain how each match came to be using about a paragraph.
    2. You can also write 2-3 sentences explaining the outcome of the match.
  2. You can book all of your  drafted wrestlers as well as anyone who is not signed to another roster. There will be a bit of suspension of disbelief as obviously certain people will be on every card, but remember, it’s fantasy.
  3. You MUST use the structure based gimmick you drafted after Round 2.
  4. You are only allowed to use your established championships.


CARDs DUE: Thursday January 4th, 2018 9:00 PM CST

VOTING CLOSES: Friday January 19th, 2018 9:00 PM CST



1st- Can steal 1 available talent from another roster and have immunity from anyone stealing from you.

2nd- Can steal 1 homegrown talent from another roster and have immunity from anyone stealing from you.

3rd- Immunity so no one can steal from you.

4th- 4 Contracts

5th- 4 Homegrown contracts

6th- 2 Contracts

7th- 2 Homegrown contracts



1st- Must Release 2 Non-Homegrown Contracted Competitor

2nd- Must Release 1 Non-Homegrown Contracted Competitor

3rd- Must Release 1 Homegrown Contracted Competitor

4th- 2 Contracts

5th- 1 Contract

6th-7th Present Final Show as a Combined Roster Double Shot. Can share rosters for the final round.



Hell House Wrestling

“New Year’s Curse”

December 5th , 2017

New Orleans, Louisiana


Tag Team Match:


Steve Manders and Bayley “The Hugging Hawkeyes” vs. Holidead and Abyss


How This Match Came to Be


Bayley asks Steve Manders for help after her previous tag team partner abandoned her as the place “creeps her out”. Manders take most of the abuse (mostly from Holidead) before Bayley comes in to get the pin. Afterward, Su Yung comes out to tempt Bayley to ditch Manders and join her. Bayler refuses, helping her tag team partner to the back.




Sarah Logan vs. Priscilla Kelly


How This Match Came to Be


Brand new to the locker room and unsuccessful in her first match, Sarah Logan is eager to prove herself in her second, calling out one of the most senior veterans in the place. But it proves fatal as Priscilla Kelly not only beats her, but continues the carnage after for good measure. Sarah is sent to the back with a good dose of color.




Candy Cartwright vs. Eddie Machete


How This Match Came to Be:


Cartwright is desperately trying to leave Hell House, but The GM stated that she was not allowed to forego her contract unless she beat Eddie Machete. She hurls insults at him until he gets angry enough to grab a chair. He chases after her, swinging it. But she jumps behind the ref. Machete hits the ref with the chair for an instant DQ. Priscilla Kelly comes out at the end to mock him for his incompetence.  



Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Valentine Loca


How This Match Came to Be:

Crazy Mary Dobson walks out with her chain saw and declares an open challenge to anyone in the crowd that wants to go up against her. Loca, in the crowd, readily accepts and jumps into the ring. The Southwest Spitfire manages to avoid the swinging chainsaw long enough to kick it out of Dobson’s hand and land a submission with her classic 217.


No DQ:  

Mason Beck vs. Su Sung


How This Match Came to Be:

The Undead Bride takes revenge on Mason Beck for interfering in her championship match, demanding a No DQ match as revenge. Beck agrees, bringing weapons and using his side to his advantage. Halfway through the match, the lights go completely out. When they come back on, Mason Beck is lying prone in the middle of the ring, unconscious with Su Yung standing over him smiling. She sits on his chest while the ref counts the pinfall.


Match for the Elm Street Championship


Allison Kay vs. Xander Killen


How This Match Came to Be


After asking to join “The Family” Aleister Black informs Killen that he’ll be welcome… if he is the Elm Street Champion. Killen challenges Kay, who takes the champion. Kay nearly has the win, until Jessicka Havok appears to interfere, distracting the ref and giving Killen the win.


Kennel From Hell


Aleister Black vs. Nikki Cross


How This Match Came to Be

Nikki has been repeatedly playing pranks and jumping out at members of “The Family” and Aleister Black is determined to put her down. With the hell hounds nipping at the steel cage, Aleister lays down a severe offense. He throws Nikki Cross out of the cage, watching as the beasts come after her. But after a moment she has the dogs eating from the palm of her hand. But when Black attempts to walk out, he’s greeted with vicious snarls from the blood thirsty creatures. Nikki instead decides to walk back in to the ring. Black pins her, but is trapped in the cage until security can come to release him. Meanwhile, Cross skips out of the cell, still laughing.  



Regal Wrestling Corporation




-Show Open-

Clips of the previous Show play and then showing clips of activity between shows


Drew Macintyre: “Tonight I get one last shot, when myself and the Anti-Army Win WarGames.

I get Rollins in the ring again, and Adam Cole don’t think that I forgot about you.”


Seth Rollins: how many times Drew? How many times do I have to beat you down before you just go away? You think you and that little band can defeat the Black & Brave Army? The worst part is the army has only gotten stronger as now, I have the Zombie Princess by my side and I’ve got another surprise up my sleeve.


“Woken” Matt: YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! Naito you and Your Ingobernables have tried to destabilize House Hardy for too long. But now with the Killerz of Ohio as Partners In the Games of Great War. You will be. . . DELETED!!!



-Fade in to Arena as the WarGames Cage drops over the two rings.-


Match 1

WarGames Match

House Hardy (“Woken” Matt & Brother Nero) OI4K (Dave & Jake Crist) and ???


Los Ingobernables de Japon

(Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, EVIL, Bushi, And Hiromu Takahashi)


Build: After the last two shows of LIJ playing mind games with the Hardys, and OI4K becoming involved after a Tag title loss. This boiled over at the end of the last show with a brawl that went all over the arena. The match was signed with The Hardys & OI4K being allowed to pick up a 5th partner.


Match: Per RWC officials, both teams are kept in the back to avoid any incidents outside of the cage. The first man out for LIJ is Hiromu, who looks at the cage like a kid in a candy store. The first person out for House Hardy is Dave Crist. Dave is all business and he jumps right into the cage. Hiromu attacks upon entry and both men go at it with rains stiff strikes. Jake takes an early advantage and starts to throw Takahashi into the sides of the cage before raking his face into it. They go like this for the first period and then the buzzer sounds. EVIL is the next man out as LIJ takes the advantage. Evil enters the cage and the two LIJ members begin to double team Dave Crist. The double team last for two minutes until the buzzer sounds and JAKE CRIST runs to the ring to help his brother. Jake hits the ring with a lot of fire and takes out Takahashi & Evil. Jake goes 2 on 1 for a moment while Dave recovers. Dave gets back into the fight and the OI4K boys take it to LIJ. The buzzer sounds and the third member of LIJ is the “Cold Skull” SANADA. Sanada enters the ring and brings his bat. He uses the bat on the Crist boys to regain the advantage for LIJ. LIJ uses the 3 on 2 advantage for the period until the buzzer sounds and the next entrant is “BROKEN” Matt Hardy. Matt Enters the cage and immediately hits a Twist of Fate on Evil, a side effect on Takahashi and then a 2nd rope leg drop to Sanada. The people are going crazy as Matt and OI4K even the odds and take the advantage. They beat down LIJ until the buzzer rings and Bushi enters for LIJ. Bushi blows green mist into the eyes of Jake and Dave Crist to flip the advantage back to LIJ. LIJ takes a slight advantage as there are people brawling all over the cage now. The next buzzer rings and entering the cage is JESSICA HAVOK!!! Havok enters and immediately starts to hit anything that is moving on LIJ and is now getting help from her fellow Killer Kult members OI4K. With Havok and “Broken” Matt leading the way it is all House Hardy at this point. The buzzer sounds and The final member for LIJ TETSUYA NAITO comes to the cage but takes his time getting into the cage, when he does he cheap shots Matt in the Knee and they go to work on him they eventually get all of the members of team Hardy down and are looking to isolate on Matt. When the buzzer finally hits the final member of team Hardy is “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy. Jeff sprints to the ring and climbs the side of the cage. Jeff leaps into a huge Swanton Bomb that takes out all the members of Los Ingobernables. After a moment where all the people in the ring are down. The two teams get up and there is a brief stare down before a full on brawl develops. The teams brawl all over the two ring cage and it is absolutely vicious. Bushi tries to blow the toxic black mist into the eyes of Jeff but Jeff moves and the mist hits Sanada, Sanada then gets taken out Havok locks a rear choke submission to Bushi as the other members of the Hardy’s and Killer Kult hold the other three members of LIJ at bay as Bushi finally taps out.



The “Broken Hardys and the Killer Kult.


Match 2

Dezmond Xavier & “Hot Fire” Myron Reid vs Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Riley


Build: this match is a direct result of the last event where after an amazing singles match between Xavier & Reed, they were jumped by the members of the “Undisputed Era.” As a result of the attack Xavier and Reid agreed to become a team and demanded a match against the team known as “ReDragon”


Match: Dezmond Xavier & Kyle O’Riley start the match out respectively for their teams and after a brief feeling out it escalates into a heated striking exchange. Fish tries to enter the ring to help his partner and he is cut off by Myron Reid. Xavier and Reid send ReDragon to the floor, Myron Reid then does a dive over the ring post to take ReDragon out. Xavier then does a springboard shooting star press to the outside and takes out ReDragon again. Xavier and Reid use some amazing high impact fast paced offense to have the early control. But then after a quick shortcut with a knee in the back of Reid. O’Riley and Fish get the advantage and use their superior matt wrestling and strikes. After a lengthy beating of Myron, Myron uses his speed and gets a tag to Dezmond Xavier who comes into the match with a lot of fire and as the action amps up. All four men enter the ring. Xavier hits a 450 on Fish but O’Riley breaks the count. Xavier Myron Reid misses a springboard clothesline and gets sent to the outside and this finally allows Fish and O’Riley to hit the Chasing the Dragon on Xavier for a pinfall victory.


Winners: “The Undisputed Era” Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Riley


Match 3

Alexa Bliss, Scarlett Boudreaux, & Leva Bates vs “Totally Iconic” (Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, & Dana Brooke)


Build: At the last event Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss defeated Peyton Royce in a one on one contest and after the Bout she was jumped by all three members of Totally Iconic. Scarlett Boudreaux ran in but it was still 3 on 2. Then shockingly, Leva Bates who has had her issues with Little Miss Bliss ran in and cleared the ring of Totally Iconic. After the match Leva tried

To talk to Alexa but Alexa told her to stay out of her business. However, RWC officials saw fit to make this issue into a 6-Woman Tag Team Match.


Match: right from the get go it is very clear that Alexa Bliss and Leva Bates are not on the same page. As they argue over who gets to start the match and Alexa gets jumped from behind. Alexa makes a comeback but Leva slaps her in the back with a blind tag to tag herself in. When Leva goes to tag out next she refuses to tag Alexa and tags Scarlett instead. Scarlett is desperately trying to play peacemaker between Leva and Alexa and the distraction allows Dana Brooke to attack Scarlett and take control of the match for Totally Iconic. Totally Iconic take turns isolating on Scarlett but thankfully Leva and Alexa break up several pinfalls. Scarlett finally makes a comeback and gets a tag to Leva, Leva comes in and is cleaning house until she gets tagged on the back by Alexa who then comes in and takes over. Alexa goes for a Twisted Bliss on Peyton but Billie stops her and pulls her down off the top rope. All the women continue to brawl and finally Bliss hits a drop down DDT on Dana as Leva hits a Critical Confirmation on Billie and the ref counts both for the three count.


Winners: Alexa Bliss, Scarlett Boudreaux, and Leva Bates


Post Match: Alexa is celebrating with Scarlett. Leva grabes Alexa and the two have a stare down. Leva points at the RWC Women’s title and motions around her waist. Leva then backs out of the ring and up the ramp.



RWC Open Invite Scramble Championship Match

Champion Will Osprey vs Kushida vs Marty Scurll vs Kota Ibushi vs Mustafa Ali vs “Switchblade” Jay White vs Shain Bender vs Robin Steele vs Alex Shelly vs Chris Sabin vs DJZ vs AR Fox vs Kitamura


Build: After Will Osprey won the open invite Scramble Championship at the last event he vowed that he would defend the belt on ever show. And he threw out the challenge that he wanted the best in the world. And he wanted to give opportunities to the best of the best for a chance of a lifetime.


Match: this match is exactly what a Scramble should be, crazy, hard hitting and high flying. Interestingly in this match we see a lot of pairings working together as Sabin & Shelly, Steele & Bender, Ospreay & White, Ali & DJZ, and Kushida and Kitamura all work together in teams in the early going. This leaves Scurll and AR Fox as the only two going it alone and it seems that a lot of strategy revolves around taking out Scurll because he has no one to team with. Another strategy is a lot of people trying to target the Champion Will Osprey. At one point Osprey goes for the Oscutter on Steele but he is caught by Jay White and hit with a Switchblade. Jay White turned on his CHAOS partner Will Osprey. White then gets taken out from behind by Scurll who then locks in the chicken wing on Robin Steele for a tap out.


Winner and NEW RWC Open Invite Scramble Champion

“The Villain” Marty Scurll


Match 5

Brock Lesnar vs Lars Sullivan


Build: Keith Lee has been calling out Brock Lesnar saying that he can beat him if he is given another opportunity. Brock and his advocate Paul Heyman have continued to ignore the challenge. Heyman says that at “All Out War.” Brock is going to send a message to Keith Lee to stay away. Brock calls out the biggest competition in the RWC. The monster Lars Sullivan.


Match: this is two giants going at it and right from the start it is heavy punches and two bulls just smashing into each other. Both guys through heavy shots back and forth. The first advantage though comes when Lesnar hits Sullivan with three German Suplexes. Lesnar then goes to work and takes the match to the outside. Lesnar charges at Sullivan but Sullivan moves out of the way and Lesnar goes crashing through the ringside barricade. Sullivan throws Lesnar back into the ring and picks Lesnar up. . . FREAK ACCIDENT!!!! 1…2…NO!!!! Lesnar kicks Out!!!! Sullivan can’t believe it and he picks Lesnar up and he is gonna go for it again. Lesnar fights him off and ducks a running big boot. Lesnar counters and picks Sullivan up on his shoulders. . . F5!!!!! 1…2…3!!!!!



Brock Lesnar



The members on Los Ingobernables de Japon are seen backstage. Naito is yelling at Bushi in Japanese. Obviously angry that Bushi messed up and caused his team to lose. Out of nowhere “Broken” Matt and “Brother Nero” attack and go after LIJ. OI4K quickly follow and the fight is on again. Bushi & Sanada get taken out and Evil and Sanada are put on Tables. Nero and Dave Crist climb ladders they pull out and go crashing through Naito and Evil on the Tables. The men look at LIJ as Matt laughs, “YYYYEEEESSSS The Ingobernables of Japon have been. . . DELETED!!!!”


Just as he says it Matt and Jeff are hit from behind by steel chairs and then the chairs hit the OI4K. Kyle O’Riley & Bobby Fish not stand over all the people around them and hold the chairs up.


“We don’t care who’s incorrigible, we don’t care who is Broken or any other crap. Because the Undisputed Era is in charge now.”


Match 6

Adam Cole vs Keith Lee


Build: Keith Lee wants Brock Lesnar but Lesnar still has not answered his challenge. Keith Lee then says he will take on anyone and is put into this match with Adam Cole. Cole protests the match saying that he is the #1 contender and should not have to face Keith Lee in this match and should get the night off. However RWC Officials inform Cole that if he doesn’t take the match he will be stripped of the #1 contender spot.


Match: Adam Cole tries to stall in the early going, continuously jumping out of the ring to the floor and taking his time getting back into the ring. However when he finally gets back in the ring it is Keith Lee using his massive power edge to take an early advantage as he hits Adam Cole with several high impact moves and looks to overwhelm Cole for a quick finish. Keith Lee tries to go for a spirit bomb but Cole slides out and down the back of Keith Lee and hits a pair of superkicks that stagger Keith Lee but don’t take him off his feet. Cole then goes for a cross body but Keith Lee catches him and hits an overhead fallaway slam. Cole lands near the apron and rolls to the outside. Keith Lee follows him out to stay on Cole, but Adam Cole catches Keith Lee coming in and sends him fast first into the ringside steps. This gives Cole the advantage and he goes to work. Cole sends Keith Lee back into the ring and uses an offense that grounds Keith Lee and he continues to work Lee over. Cole climbs to the top and goes for a Panama Sunrise however he gets caught and Keith Lee flips Cole into a fireman’s carry and then screams the name of Brock Lesnar before hitting Adam Cole with an F5. Keith Lee picks up Cole after this and sets up Adam Cole for a Spirit Bomb. Lee picks Cole up. . . Someone grabs Cole and pulls him out from behind. . . IT’S Brock Lesnar!!!!! Lesnar attacks Keith Lee and the referee calls for the DQ.


Winner of the match as a result of a DQ Keith Lee


Post Match: Lesnar and Brock go at it as Cole hightails it out of the ring. The two men go back and forth as they fall out of the ring and crash to the floor. Lesnar clears off the announce table and grabs Keith Lee. He goes to lift Keith Lee onto his shoulder but Keith Lee blocks him. Lee hits Lesnar and grabs a chair and hits Lesnar over he back with it. Lee then grabs Lesnar and Powerbombs Brock Lesnar into the announce table!!! Lee stands over Lesnar and screams down at him, Next time!!! It’s You and Me!!!!


Match 7

Main Event

WarGames Match

The Black & Brave Army

(Seth Rollins, Jimmy Jacobs, Joey Mercury, Connor Braxton and Joe Acer)


The Resistance

(Drew Macintyre, Deonn Ruseman, Travis Titan, Sage Cannin, and Dante Leon)


Build: This started at the first event when Braxton turned on Ruseman, and the Black & Brave Army revealed itself by helping Seth Rollins screw over Drew Macintyre to win the RWC Championship. It continued at the second event when the Resistance first appeared to defeat the Army in an 8-Man Tag Match. Rollins then had his army screw over Drew in a match with Adam Cole costing him the #1 contender spot and leading to the insane brawl all over the arena. This match is then set up with the added stipulation that if the Black & Brave Army Win, Drew Macintyre will never get another shot at the RWC Title. If the Resistance Win, Drew will get a shot at Rollins whenever he wants it.


Match: The first two men into the cage are Travis Titan vs Joe Acer. The two Black & Brave grads go out right from the start as the battling Boriqua and the Suplex & Submission specialist both try to play to their strengths in the early going. Titan hits Acer with a German Suplex and then locks on the Crossface as the buzzer goes off and the first period ends. The next person into the match is Connor Braxton. This gives the Army a 2-1 advantage and Braxton immediately attacks Titan to break the crossface and allow Joe Acer to recover. Acer and Braxton then double team Titan and beat him down. Acer shoots Titan Off the ropes and Braxton hits Titan with a Big Boot. The buzzer goes off and the next entrant for the Resistance is Sage Cannin. Cannin comes into the cage likes a house of fire and hits and moves on both Braxton and Acer. Braxton and Acer try to double team on Cannin and shoot him off. Cannin ducks a double clothesline and hits a flying clothesline on both Braxton and Acer as Titan recovers and joins the fight as now all four men go back and forth. The buzzer goes off for the next entrant and it is Joey Mercury. The former WWE Tag Team Champion enters the cage and quickly turns the tide and using his veteran instincts and taking the role of a coach. Joey gives instructions to the two younger members of his team and it is clear that this was strategic to get the mind of Joey in the cage to keep the advantage. The army use their 3-2 advantage until the buzzer goes off and Dante Leon sprints into the cage. Leon runs across a ring and dropkicks Braxton and Acer at the same time. Leon then ducks a line from Mercury and hits a jumping knee to Mercury. This allows the other Resistance members time to recover. Cannin then climbs to the top rope and he hits a Moonsault to Braxton and Acer. Titan then hits a German Suplex to Mercury and the Resistance continue their control. The Buzzer goes off and the next man in is the leader of the Black & Brave Army RWC Champion Seth Rollins enters the cage. Rollins goes right after Titan, showing sound strategy by attacking the man who has been in the cage the longest. Leon tries to attack Rollins but he is cut off by Braxton and then gets fed into Rollins for a Ripcord Knee. The Army takes the 4-3 advantage and uses the strategy of separating the members of the Resistance. Using the two rings to their advantage. The buzzer goes off and the next man in is the powerhouse of the Resistance Deonn Ruseman. Ruseman enters the cage and immediately attacks his former partner Connor Braxton. He whips Braxton Off into a buckle and hits a huge splash on Braxton. Ruseman then starts going corner to corner hitting splashed on all of the members of the Army. The Resistance takes the control back behind Ruseman’s awesome power attack. The buzzer then sounds and the final member of the Black & Brave Army is the “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs enters the cage and pulls a metal spike out of his boot. Jacobs starts spiking the members of the and digs the spike into the forehead of Travis Titan cutting him open causing the crimson to flow. Once again B&B use the numbers game to their upmost advantage and control the period. The buzzer finally sounds and the final member of the Anti-Army is Drew Macintyre. Macintyre enters the ring and goes right after Seth Rollins but he gets jumped by the other members of B&B, but Macintyre will not be denied and he fights off all the members of B&B. Hitting a claymore on Acer and then coming back with an even more vicious attack on Rollins. The match goes back and forth in severe moments of brutality and several members of both team get busted open and are bleeding. Finally after a long back and forth Drew hits the claymore on Rollins, Ruseman hits a spear on Braxton. Cannin & Leon hold Mercury and Jacobs at bay. Travis Titan then locks the crossface on Acer. And Acer having been in the ring longer than the other members of his team passes out from the pain and the referee signals for the Bell.



The Resistance

(Drew Macintyre, Deonn Ruseman,Travis Titan, Sage Cannin, & Dante Leon)


Post Match

As the Resistance celebrates and the Black and Brave retreat. Drew Macintyre grabs the mic and shots, “Seth Rollins!!! This isn’t over. Now I know Adam Cole is the #1 contender and I don’t care. I’m not gonna wait for the next in line spot. I owe Adam Cole a beating the same as I own you. So I don’t care if I have to take you both out. It’s gonna be Drew Macintyre vs Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins. . . In a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!!!




I walk out into the arena, welcoming everyone to the show

I inform the audience that I will now be known as “Mr. Games” following a copyright claim on the name “Gamesmaster” from the Mighty Thor.

ROMAN REIGNS comes out and sits by my side.
“As only one of you has shown the proper loyalty…. Only one of you will sit at my side as champion! The rest of you will face a GAUNTLET TOURNAMENT! The winner will face ROMAN in the main event!”

Candace Le Rae vs Charlotte Flair

Winner: Charlotte on the clean pin




Winner: Finn Balor after an instant classic




Winner: Bobby Roode off a ref distraction low blow





Winner: Cody Rhodes pins Chainsaw King



Winner: Finn Balor, doesn’t want to fight, but Charlotte goads him into it.




Winner: Cody Rhodes




After a long, grueling match FINN BALOR comes out the winner


Roman runs down to the ring, SUPERMAN PUNCH, breaking Finn Balor open. Finn staggers to his feet, bleeding, exhausted, only to hear “HOOOOAHHHH” as Roman spears him!





Ladies and gentlemen, the Top Flight Wrestling Alliance is back in action. We were on a hiatus while our commissioner Iron Mike Johnson took care of some personal affairs, and our wrestlers had a busy holiday season, but we are back and the time is right for us to ring in the new year right.


The music hits, and coming to the ring is the TFWA heavyweight champion, Kenny Omega. He speaks to the crowd and says that he is proud of this title, and proud of the talent the TFWA has to offer, so he wants to put that on the line tonight…against the whole organization. He calls Iron Mike back to the ring and asks for a one night, TFWA tournament. The winner of the tournament will face Kenny in the main event of the evening! The crowd definitely loves this idea.


So, Iron Mike sets up the tournament to determine the #1 contender with an instant payout at the end of the night. On to our first match!


Tourney match #1-Sami Callihan vs. Bray Wyatt


Sami Callihan comes out first and shows that he fears no one in the organization, ready to face his opponent. With that, out come the fireflies, and Bray Wyatt to the ring. Back and forth battle between the two, with a lot of hard hits flying. As Bray gets ready to hit the sister Abigail, Sami hits a low blow unseen by the referee who is in a bad spot. Bray drops, and Sami is able to get the roll up win.

Winner: Sami Callihan


Tourney match #2-James Jeffries vs Ricochet


Ricochet comes out first, and learns that he is facing off with another talented youngster that he has not had the opportunity to face in his career, James Jeffries. The crowd erupts as the sounds of “Party in the USA” rings through the arena. Each guy shows off some great flight, some strong comebacks, and the crowd is eating it up, as no one wants to see either of them lose. Finally, Ricochet goes for a kick, James ducks it, turns right into a reverse headlock, setting up for the sliced bread out of the corner and the huge upset of the legendary King.

Winner: James Jeffries


Tourney match #3-AJ Smooth vs Shane Strickland


AJ Smooth is out to the ring first, still riding high from a strong performance in the last PPV, albeit in a losing effort. “Ain’t Nobody…”the king of Swerve Shane Strickland heads to the ring. AJ tries to overpower Strickland as he clearly has the strength advantage, but the varying moveset of Shane Strickland is no match for AJ. Shane hits a huge storm cradle driver in the corner, jumps to the top rope, and nails a 450 splash. 1…2…3

Winner: Shane Strickland


Tourney match #4-Newcomers bracket


Iron Mike announces that he has two newcomers to TFWA in the fourth match of the first round. Coming to the ring first, the greatest man who ever lived…Austin Aries! He says to bring on anyone that they want to come out. A hush falls over the crowd, before…a countdown appears on the screen. The fans lose their minds as Chris Jericho steps through the ropes. He grabs the mic and says to the crowd “If there is one man who wants to get his hands on Kenny Omega, it’s me!” He turns and hits Aries with the mic before the bell rings. Ref starts the match and we are off. There are no pulled punches in this one as each man is out to prove he is the man to rule here in TFWA. After some severe action, Jericho goes for the lionsault when the middle rope is pulled down. The crowd looks to ring side and the face of Bad Luck Fale greets them. Aries grabs the stunned Jericho, sends him off the ropes, and hits the discus fivearm. The ref slaps the mat and we have a winner.

Winner: Austin Aries


During intermission, Iron Mike announces that there will be some new competition coming in for our women’s champion Asuka at the next show, so the fans should prepare themselves for some ferocious action.


Tourney semifinal #1


Sami Callihan and James Jeffries face off in the ring. James appears to tell Sami he is a huge fan, but that will not stop him from taking it to Sami. Sami responds with a kiss and a straight right hand. He proceeds to beat down the young Jeffries, brutality that James is not used to. Sami is driven to get this final, and does not let up until he hits the Cranial Contusion (a double underhook piledriver) and gets the win in an unplanned beating.

Winner: Sami Callihan


Tourney Semifinal #2


Shane Strickland and Austin Aries begin beating on each other before the bell even starts. Aries is still trying to show Iron Mike that he is worth the money he signed for, and Shane trying to show he is the true King of Swerve. The ref tries to stop them so the match can start, but there is no separation. The ref is eventually pushed to the side and has no choice but to throw out the match.

No contest


Iron Mike comes out and says that this has to stop, so he says that the next show is going to feature a no DQ, no countout falls count anywhere match between Shane Strickland and Austin Aries.


And, since the semifinal was thrown out, it is announced that Sami Callihan will face off with Kenny Omega for the championship…RIGHT NOW


Sami Callihan comes to the ring first. He is then met by Kenny Omega, joined at ringside by two of his Bullet Club brethren, Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga. Sami does not like these odds, and tells Kenny that he has some backup of his own, a couple of guys who were on the first TFWA show. Out to the ring…Hanson and Rowe…WAR MACHINE. So the battle lines are drawn and even. Kenny and Sami square off. Each guy is not afraid to take this in and out of the ring. Sami gets a solid piledriver on the ring apron, but Tonga is able to help Kenny back into the ring before the 10 count. Kenny gets Sami outside the ring, the hitting a suicide dive on him and War Machine together. Again, back and forth until Sami tosses Kenny outside. War Machine and the Bullet Club both come running over and it breaks out into a ringside brawl. Coming out of the midst of this, Kenny tosses Sami back into the ring, and gets ready for the One Winged Angel. But the ref has been tied up in the brawl, and from the crowd, Chris Jericho runs in, hits a code breaker and pulls Sami Callihan on top. The ref makes his way back into the ring, and 1…2…3.




Jericho stares down Omega and the Bullet Club as he backs up the ramp, mouthing the words “Not over yet,” as Iron Mike thanks the crowd for an amazing evening. And, we will see you at the next show. Good night and stay TOP FLIGHT.



No Submission



Breaking Point



  • Intercontinental title: Pentagon © VS The Miz


            After winning a number 1 contendership tournament on Raw a few weeks ago Miz was crowned Number 1 contender after defeating Christopher Daniels and Jay Lethal. The weeks leading to Breaking Point things between Pentagon and Miz got extremely heated, Miz made multiple attempts to take off Pentagon’s mask. The week before Breaking Point The Miz had a Pentagon mask and set it on fire claiming this is what would happen to Pentagon on Sunday after he defeats him and shows the world his face.


       Spoiler: After much back and forth and multiple attempts by Miz to steal Pentagon’s mask throughout the entire match Miz picks up the victory to become the new Intercontinental Champion with the Mizard of Oz. Despite the victory Pentagon still kept his mask as he made his way to the back.


  1. Tag Team championship: The Young Bucks (c) VS The Addiction Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

          Heading into Breaking Point The Young Bucks have beat everyone in the tag team division and had no one to face for the show. The Bucks issued an open challenge to anyone for their Tag Team Championship….The Addiction answered the call.


         Spoiler: The match was very fast past both teams battling it out with extremely close pinfalls throughout the entire match. The Young Bucks though continued to prove why they’re dominating the tag team division getting the victory after hitting Daniels with The Meltzer Driver.


  1. Women’s Championship: Ember Moon © VS Brooke Valentine VS Miss Frankie Jay

       General Manager Foley announced the addition of two new females to the roster, Miss Frankie Jay and Brooke Valentine. Foley wanted to waste no time in getting them involved and said he wanted to the fans to see what he saw in the girls and gave them both a title shot.


      Spoiler: Having caught Ember off guard with two new female wrestlers she was not prepared for this match at all. Valentine and Frankie Jay took full advantage of that eventually both taking Moon out of the match entirely. When it came to Brooke Valentine VS Frankie Jay Valentine got the better of her and picked up the victory to become the NEW Women’s Champion.


  1. Rory Fox VS Supafli

   Rory Fox came out on Raw after No Way Out being extra cocky after taking out his former tag team partner Ryan Slade sidelining him for a few weeks not making him ready for Breaking Point. As Rory continued talking about how he put Slade on the shelf the lights went out and Supafli appeared challenging him to a match at Breaking Point.


    Spoiler: The match got going quickly with and Supafli was out for revenge against Fox for what he had done to Slade last month. Rory tried everything in his power to make sure sure that didn’t happen however in the end Supafli picked up the victory continue Fox on the losing end of his matches.


  1. Braun Strowman VS Jay Lethal

    Jay Lethal came out to the ring and the General Manager Foley told him he had a special surprise opponent for him tonight and proceeded to call that erson to come to the ring. Out comes the monster known as Braun Strowman.


   Spoiler: Lethal tries making the most out of this but doesn’t get far and Bruan picks him up for a running slam for the easy 1,2,3.


  1. Marty Scurll VS Flip Gordon

   In what General Manger Foley called a Special Attraction match he decided to bring The Young Bucks friend Marty Scurll to face Flip Gordon.


   Spoiler: Flip tried his best to compete with Scurll and The Young Bucks being at ringside did not help him at all. With the Young Bucks distracting the ref it allowed Scurll to grab the umbrella and knock flip out cold getting the 1, 2 3 and the win.


  1. World Heavyweight Title: AJ Styles © VS Samoa Joe Barb Wire Steel Cage match.

   General Manager Foley is calling the final battle between AJ and Joe, Foley made the announcement during Monday’s Raw that this will be Joe’s LAST chance to win the belt from AJ.  Foley took it one step further making this a Barb Wire Steel Cage match.


  Spoiler: The match was brutal from start to finish. At one point both men were climbing the cage and smashing their faces into the barb wire causing both men to be busted open. AJ thought he had the match won after giving Joe a Styles clash off the top rope, but Joe was able to kick out. The two continued to brawl and began climbing the ropes again. Joe picked AJ up for the Muscle Buster and hit AJ with it from the top rope knocking Styles out cold. Joe was able to roll over for the pin and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


  Post Match: Joe stood over a defeated Styles holding the title up high above his head as the PPV went off the air.









Chad Gable’s Open Challenge for America

Chad Gable versus ???

How this match came to be: Chad Gable has declared himself to be the most American American in the history of America. He says there’s no one more American than he is. He wants to defend America and show how great America is. He attacked legends like Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and The Patriot. He said at Round Three, he would prove he was the best.

The match itself: The AGE crowd did not like Chad Gable. They did not like him one little bit. One person they did like was the man who accepted his challenge. A Real American Hero. An Olympic Hero. A guy who won a gold medal with a BROKEN FREAKIN NECK!!! Kurt Angle accepted Gable’s challenge and proved he still had what it took. They had a very nice amateur exchange, and Gable’s youth and agility actually gave him some advantage. However, Kurt applies the Ankle Lock, and…CHAD TAPS! The crowd cheers for Angle who has saved the good name of America. BUT Gable grabs a chair and attacks Angle. He goes as far as snapping Kurt’s ankle in the chair.


Tag Team Match

Iconic Duo (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) versus Dakota Kai and Piper Niven

How this match came to be: The Iconic Duo were shocked that AGE didn’t want to sign them despite the fact they were victorious in the Survivor’s Match in Round Two. They said they were the best team on the planet in every sense of the word. They were the classiest, the sexiest, and most importantly, the best wrestlers. There was no team that could match them. When Dakota Kai and Piper Niven offered to step up to the plate, Peyton and Billie laughed it off.

The match itself: Billie Kay starts off with Dakota. She turns around to look at Peyton. They share a laugh. Dakota pushes Billie into Peyton knocking her off the apron. She follows up with a school boy roll up and gets the victory! The crowd is shocked by the miracle victory from Dakota Kai! Niven looks just as shocked as anyone! She gets into the ring clapping, and then, she LEVELS DAKOTA WITH A LARIAT! She proceeds to beat down Dakota, Billie, and Peyton before grabbing a microphone and declaring “This was supposed to be MY NIGHT.”


Collaborative Artists Championship Match

Scott Dawson and Johnny Wisdom © versus The Club (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)

How this match came to be: Scott Dawson and Johnny Wisdom were NOT happy when The Club got involved with their match at Round Three. Even though the champions managed to retain, the line was drawn in the sand for a big program. Johnny Wisdom wanted to prove that they could beat their biggest challenge to date going as far as trying to attack The Club on his own. Dawson tried to keep his eager partner in check before it was time to defend their tag team championships. The Club seem very confident about their opportunity.

The match itself: The match starts with Wisdom trying desperately to end The Club as quickly as he could. He was throwing strikes and almost being careless in the way he tried to take out his opponents. The only problem was he left himself vulnerable in The Club’s corner. The veteran team used this to their advantage as they worked him over a series of times leaving Scott Dawson in desperate desire to get the tag. Wisdom finally made it to Dawson, but a well placed kick to the head made it hard for him to do much damage. Gallows mercilessly taunted Wisdom as they bragged about the damage they were doing to Dawson. “Kiss those titles goodbye, NERD!” Wisdom then gets in the ring and kicks Gallows right between the legs! The official declares The Club the winners, but Dawson and Wisdom retain the titles. Wisdom shouts, “Who’s the NERD NOW, B*TCH?!” as he and Dawson exit with the championships.

Descendent of Darwin Championship Match

“I Quit” Match

Tomohiro Ishii © versus Killian Dain

How this match came to be: Tomohiro Ishii has been unstoppable since winning the DoD championship. He has brutally defeated everyone who came in his path, but he’s never faced anyone like Killian Dain. Dain has been showing just how brutal he can be since losing to Johnny Gargano in the Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament. He wants to prove he is the most dominant star in the history of AGE. One thing neither of these men seem capable of doing is uttering the words “I Quit”. This is why the powers that be have determined that they want to put the impossible to work and force these men into a situation where one of them must utter the words “I Quit”.

The match itself: This match brought the same level of intensity the fans would come to expect. It was hard hitting and the definition of strong style. Dain threw everything he had at the champion, Ishii, but there was no stopping him. However, Ishii had just as much trouble with Dain. After three brainbusters on a steel chair, Ishii lifted Dain for another before he said “I Quit”. After the match, Ishii offered Dain a handshake, and it was accepted.


Eve of Evolution Championship Match

Tag Team Match (Only Lynch or Storm can score falls)

Becky Lynch © and  Marty Scurll (Bullet Club)  versus Toni Storm and Pete Dunne

How this match came to be: Becky Lynch was VERY proud of herself for being the newest member of The Bullet Club. She showed the AGE fans a very different side of herself from what they had been used to. An evil Becky Lynch. A dirty Becky Lynch. With Marty Scurll, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson at her side, Lynch was unstoppable. Scurll or a different member of The Club was getting involved in every match she competed in. Toni Storm was offered a rematch, but she knew she didn’t have a shot as long as Becky was in the club. She wanted a tag team match. She wanted to challenge Becky and Marty to a tag team match where the Eve of Evolution Championship was on the line. Scurll accepted the challenge and said there was no one Storm could find to topple the UK’s best duo. Pete Dunne begged to differ. He said he didn’t care about the Bullet Club. He didn’t care about the Eve of Evolution Championship. He did care about someone else calling themselves the best of the UK.

The match itself: The match starts with Pete Dunne beating up Scurll much to the amusement of the capacity crowd. However, Lynch uses this excitement to attack Storm. The match is not supposed to be tornado rules, but the referee has a hard time keeping the match under control. He finally regains control, but Lynch takes a shot at Dunne behind his back. Scurll and Lynch use quick tags to work over Dunne and do a lot of damage. Lynch applies the Disarmer, but Dunne manages to get to the ropes. He finally makes the tag to Storm who comes in with a house of fire. She takes Scurll and Lynch down many times. She hits Strong Zero on Scurll and goes for the pin. She gets the three count, and Lynch is furious she pinned Scurll to win the title.


Ladder Match

Winner Faces Kevin Owens in Round Four

Sami Zayn versus Stephen Wolf

How this match came to be: Sami Zayn kicked Stephen Wolf in the face and cost him an opportunity in the Crown of Evolution Championship Tournament. Sami apologized for kicking Wolf, but he said his main intent was to hurt Owens. Wolf looked understanding until he kicked Zayn in the face. He walked out. Sami and Wolf proceeded to have a few pull apart brawls before they finally agreed to a match. During their match, Kevin Owens showed up attacking both men. He grabbed a microphone and said they were both losers because neither of them could beat him. Finally, it was announced that they would compete in a Ladder Match for an opportunity to face Kevin Owens, possibly for the Crown of Evolution.

The match itself: Sami and Stephen were both pretty popular with the capacity crowd. The Leader of the Pack definitely had the home field  advantage, but Sami had lots of people who were there to see him. Both of these men showed an intensity that hadn’t been seen before. Chairs are introduced into the match and both men show exactly how tough they are. Both men stand at the top of the ladder fighting over the contract. Both men have a hand on it when they rip it down the middle as they fall off. The ring announcer declares the match a draw saying both men will have a shot at Kevin Owens in Round 4.


MAIN EVENT-STEEL CAGE: Pinfall or Submission Only

Crown of Evolution Championship

Kevin Owens versus Johnny Gargano

How this match came to be: For the last several months, a tournament has been going on to determine who would be the first man to wear the Crown of Evolution. Owens picked up victories over Stephen Wolf and Descendent of Darwin Champion Tomohiro Ishii. Gargano overcame the challenges of Pete Dunne and Killian Dain. Now these two men must do battle for the Crown of Evolution. Kevin Owens has no respect for Johnny Gargano. He hasn’t made any friends with his rivalries with Sami Zayn and Stephen Wolf. Gargano has made a name for himself defeating some of the best of the UK in Pete Dunne and Killian Dain. Now he wants to beat the veteran Canadian in Kevin Owens. These two men will have to put everything they have in the ring if they want to get the victory. Only one man can wear the Crown of Evolution. It appeared as if this would just be a standard singles match until Sami Zayn and Stephen Wolf both vowed revenge on Owens. This is why Kevin petitioned for his match against Gargano to be inside a steel cage. Gagano agreed to the stipulation knowing it would be an extremely dangerous, extremely violent match.

The match itself:  Owens dominates from the beginning of the match. He busts Gargano open within the first ten minutes of the match. He works over the back of Gargano dropping him on his back as much as he can. He delivers a plethora of kicks to the side and back which makes it harder to breath. Owens delivered a series of power bombs and goes for the pin, but Gargano kicks out. Owens does some more damage and tries to get the win again, but it’s no use. Gargano kicks out several times. Owens finally kicks the door of the cage and demands to be let out as Gargano is barely moving. The official reminds Owens he cannot win by escape. He throws the referee into the cage and power bombs him before taking the keys out of the official’s pocket. He opens the door and starts to go under the ring. SAMI ZAYN runs down and throws Owens into the cage wall! The crowd pops as Zayn beats the crap out of Owens before throwing him back into the cage. Gargano delivers a myriad of kicks to his larger opponent, and Owens seems to be nearly equally out of breath as Gargano from the grueling match and the beating by Zayn.  Johnny Wrestling applies the GargaNo Escape! The crowd pops as Owens taps out, but the official is still knocked out. Sami yells at the referee telling him to check on Owens when Gargano and KO ARE HIT BY A SHOOTING STAR PRESS OFF THE CAGE FROM STEPHEN WOLF!!! The crowd is shocked when Wolf relocks the cage to keep Zayn out before putting Owens on top of Gargano and reviving the referee. He climbs back to the top to watch at Kevin Owens is declared the victor over Johnny Gargano.



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